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   Chapter 51 Finding trust in you.

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Writer's P.O.V

Mia quickly ran out from under the rain to stand right in front of the restaurant under the roof. She wiped the water off her hands.

Jacob quickly walked out of the restaurant and stood close to Mia. He searched around with his eyes for any sign of Caden and at last when he did...he couldn't help but widen his eyes in surprise and so did Mia.

" Finally! " Jacob exclaimed as he turned his head to Mia.

Mia's smile grew wider as she raised her right hand for Jacob for a high five and which he gladly accepted.

"Good job Jacob! " Mia told him excitedly before they both turned to continue staring at Blayze and Caden.

Jacob put his left arm around Mia's neck.

"Honestly ex-bestie, when you told me about your plan to use me and make Blayze jealous, I doubted it would work but now...hats off to you genius." Jacob praised her which made her even smile more.

"Ja...I mean Steven...there is no need to praise my enormous and magnificent thinking...just praise the theory of the jealous husband. If there is anything that I've learnt from dramas then it's the fact that it always works...Caden is so going to thank me when she finds out...and kill me but no's worth it...I mean geez, their relationship is so complicated and frustrating. They're both in love with each other but yet they won't admit it to each other." Mia narrated as she still smiled and stared at Caden and Blayze kissing under the rain.

" Wow...I think Blayze has a thing for Caden but definitely not love...I can't believe this guy beat me up. I almost gave up on this plan because of that."

" Oh suck it in Steven! " She said as she hit him in the stomach.

" We're both doing this for a good cause."

" Ouch!?" Steven exclaimed at his pain from the way she had hit him.

" Trust me...they won't last. He's too possessive and got anger issues and Caden is just...too fun and nice. "

" That's exactly why they're meant for each other...have you forgotten the saying...opposites attract so there you have it...Caden and Blayze are perfectly meant for each other. " Mia explained to him excited at her success.

"Where's your opposite? " Steven asked as he stared at her.

" Ha ha! Very funny. " She told him sarcastically.

" Someday, I will find my opposite and he'll be the best. He'll love me so much that I'll need space from him, just you wait and see." She said hopefully and sternly.

"Yeah...I'll keep waiting to watch you dream on...But...what actually made you so sure that he loves Caden?" Steven couldn't help but ask the one question that seemed to have been bugging him.

" Weeelll...actually, I saw him at a flower shop buying the exact same flowers Caden always receives but then he decided to deliver the flowers through a delivery guy. I mastered the guy's face and he was the exact same guy that brought the flowers to the office...that alone gave me hope that my friend actually has a chance at happiness with her husband so I set up this plan with you involved...and also Blayze confirmed my assumptions earlier this afternoon when I headed back to the meeting room on realisation that I had forgotten my pen. Before I could open the door...I heard Blayze yell at Leslie that he loves Caden...see? My theories are never wrong Steven. " Mia narrated boldly and proudly at what she had achieved.

Steven sighed.

" Wow Mia! Just... wow! I feel like I've been used in a drama series. " Steven said in amazement as he took his arm away from Mia's neck and kept both of his hands on his waist.

Mia smiled to him.

" Come to think of it...since when did you become so smart? " Steven couldn't help but ask.

" Since I took it up on me to help my best friend. " Mia said proudly.

" I'm beginning to regret making you my ex-bestfriend." Steven told her which made Mia more happy.

" Exactly my plan. " She told him which left him speachless and staring at her.


We sat silently in the car as we rode home...the atmosphere was suddenly awkward between the both of us. I had to somehow take glances at him and I noticed he was doing the same when our eyes met once and we both quickly looked away.

I can't believe I actually got enough courage to kiss Blayze! I have to admit to myself...I have been dying to do that for some time now and finally...I actually did it!

I bit my lower lip as a smile crept up on my face and I stared down at my hands. I clearly remembered all Blayze had said earlier. All he had to do all this while was to tell me the truth but instead he just kept biting it through.

I can't believe Blayze was actually my real admirer all this while!


I suddenly feel like jumping up and down in excitement.


In so much excitement, I forgot about the fact that I was soaked wet from head to toe. I was beginning to shiver because of the cold and to top it all up, Blayze had put on the air condition. I do understand that he needs the air condition on so as to prevent the glass from looking cloudy and enable him to see the road clearly.

Caden Just bite it through...we'll soon be home.

I encouraged myself as I silently rubbed my hands together. Suddenly, Blayze drove to a corner and parked.

Why did he park? Is something wrong? I really hope not 'cause I don't want to go back under the rain.

I was about to turn to him and ask what was wrong but instead he kept his coat that he picked up from the backseat on me.

I couldn't help but look from the black thick coat he had kept on me up to Blayze.

" Use protect you from...cold." he said awkwardly without looking me straight in the eyes and without waiting for me to reply, he turned back to the staring wheel and very soon we were on the road again.

I smiled at his action. His first purposely, caring action towards me.

" Thank you. " I told him as I covered myself properly with the coat while still smiling sheepishly.

* * * * * *

I stood in front of the closed window in the staring out to the empty street. The people living in this estate sure do not like noise. Ever since I got here, I don't think I've met any friendly neighbour...I'm not even sure if real people lives in the mansion close to ours.

I sighed as I wrapped my hand around myself to feel a bit warm from the cold. I don't think this rain is about to stop any moment from now. It's neither pouring down heavily nor drizzling. It's just in the

" Here, hold this. " I told him as I stretched my hand with one balloon to him.

He stared at me.

" Why?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

So that we can both fly away on a romantic pace, now what do you think!?

" You'll soon find out." I told him with a smile and he hesitated before collecting it from me.

I turned back to stare at the view of probably the entire city in front of me.

" Isn't it beautiful? " I asked him after he turned to the view as well.

" I guess so. "

You guess so? Hugh Blayze...I guess there's more work to do on you than I thought.

"Doesn't it just make you wish you can fly?"

" Probably. " he asked after much hesitation.

Caden Just bite it in.

" The truth Blayze is can never be as perfect as we wish it to can never be a perfect view as such before us to know...I can sense that you seem to have a horrible past that's...that's blocking your future. It's restraining you from moving forward...what we're going to do is to take the first step to a better beginning...unless you let go of all that's disturbing you from your can never move forward. " I told him him sincerely after I turned to him.

He just stared at me without saying any word and neither did his expression I move forward? I guess so.

"'re going to write down all that is troubling you or the names of the people troubling you..." I told him as I tried to hand him a piece of paper and a pen but he refused.

" I'm not doing that. That's just childish...I have work to do." He said as he ignored me and turned to walk away.

" Please Blayze...please just least...for my sake." I pleaded to him in a humble voice.

After much hesitation, he turned back to me and collected the paper and pen.


I smiled to myself.

" Fine but there's no place to write."

" Oh there is...on my back. That way, I don't have to peep at what you're writing and neither will you." I told him as I bent a bit and tapped on my back.

" This is ridiculous...I can't believe I'm doing this. " he said irritatedly before he kept the paper on my back and began writing.

About a minute later, he was done.

" My turn! " I exclaimed at him as I tapped him on the arm.

He rolled his eyes away from me before he bent a bit as well and I had to stand a bit on my toes to properly write.

Okay....I have decided to give up any ill feelings that I might still have towards you Blayze. I forgive you for messing with my family and my life and hurting me several times. The end.

I quickly folded the paper.

"Now we tie it to the tread of the balloon. " I told him and that was exactly what we both did.

"Now, we take a deep breath of courage. " I told him but he seemed less enthusiastic about it.

" This is crazy. " I heard him kind of murmur which sort of got to me.

" Please trust me Blayze..." I told him with a serious face.

" me'll feel much better after this. " I told him and after much hesitation, he spoke.

" Fine." He said before he turned back to the view and took in a deep breath and that was exactly what I did except with a smile on my face.

" Now...we let go of them. " I told him refering to the balloons.

He first let go of his before I did the same.

There was a sort of silence between us before I broke it as I turned to him.

" Congratulations Mr Norman on taking your first step to a better life!" I told him as stretched my hand towards him for a handshake.

He turned and stared at me before my hand.

"My hand is kind of hanging here." I told him between closed teeth and still with a smile.

He stretched his hand and accepted my handshake and that's when I noticed a small smile at the corner of his lips.

" You're smiling, aren't you!?" I asked him excitedly and that's when he quickly stopped smiling and turned away.

" I have to go back to work." He said and began walking away.

" But I did see you smile Blayze...wait for me!" I told him as I quickly ran up to catch up with him.

I took hold of his arm in mine but he pushed me away and continued walking. I tried the second and this time...he was cool.

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