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   Chapter 50 Confession

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Blayze still remained silent even as we got into the elevator together.

Is Blayze in a bad mood or something? He seemed to be extremely silent...oh what am I saying? Blayze is always silent. He rarely talks but still...he talks a little bit.

I took a look at him as soon as we were seated in the car, his face was still straight as well as his expression. I couldn't help but stare at him as he started the car and soon, we were on the road. Maybe he had a very long and stressful day and that's why he seems disturbed. Maybe it will help if we discuss about our day.

"You won't believe how much hectic today was or maybe...a little hectic. It wasn't easy at all for Mia and I to finalise our presentation and finally, it's taking place tomorrow. Just you wait and see, my presentation tomorrow is going to surprise you and the board members. This time around I am very sure of victory. We've delayed Mr Han's project enough and was your day?" I asked him after I was done with chatting away about my own day.

I waited expectantly with a smile for his reply but he just...ignored me. He kept on looking straight ahead on the road while driving and pretended I wasn't there and as if I never said anything. I found his action a bit strange because usually...he eithers yells at me to be quiet or he says something rude to me and, I'm getting nothing from him.

The rest of our journey home was in silence. I suddenly couldn't come up with anything to say or to brighten the mood. With the way Blayze is behaving...I am beginning to think that something is bothering him, something that seems to be draining his energy to speak or is it me...did I do something wrong?

As soon as we got home, he quickly got out of the car even before me then he walked past me into the mansion. As usual, he headed straight to his study room and I was left to walk up to the room still wondering what was going on with Blayze.

I couldn't find the appetite to eat after I had taken my bathe and put on my pyjamas. I layed on the bed facing Blayze's side of the bed. I suddenly wished more than anything that he would walk in here right now and share all his problems with me so we could find a solution together instead of always shutting me out. Why is this happening now? Just when I thought everything was becoming okay between Blayze and I...something, somehow just had to ruin it. Some force just had to cause a rift between us. What is going on? Is this some kind of sign that Blayze and I are definitely not destined to be together!? I can't tell anymore what to do and that's very unlike me.

I wiped a tear that rolled down the corner of my eyes with my palm as I sniffed. Crying can't become a sudden habit of mine. I can't always sit one place and cry about the way Blayze is always treating me.

I sat up.

I demand answers and I most of all demand to be treated right!

I quickly got down from the bed as I properly wiped my face and put on my flip flops. I walked out of the room, down the hall and then down the stairs. I walked towards his study room and without thinking twice, I barged into his study room and for the first time this evening, he took a look at me.

I stood in front of his table with my arms folded. I purposely remained silent for about a minute.

" Well...aren't you going to ask me whether I don't know how to knock? " I asked him as I finally spoke up. He just looked away from me and back to his laptop.

" Oh that's great...ignore me...ignore the over excessive chirping bird...why are you so angry Blayze!? Why are you ignoring me!? Did I do something wrong!? Did I say something wrong!? From what I remember, we didn't have any quarrels today so I'm pretty sure I didn't say any hurtful words and in any case I did...well tell me, let's talk about it and not you giving me the silent treatment! " I told him and yet...yet he didn't look up to me and there still wasn't any different in his expression nor reaction.

I stretched both of my hands and quickly shut his laptop then took it into my arms.

" If you're not ready to talk and would rather let me be miserable well you too will be miserable. I'll like to see you work without your laptop! " I told him angrily before I turned and walked all the way out of his study room without taking a look back, up the stairs and into our room.

I kept the laptop on the bed before I brushed my hair backwards with my left hand fingers and with my heart beating very fast.

"Don't worry Caden...he will surely come for his laptop...he will come and...and we'll talk. " I told myself while panting.

After a few seconds of standing and waiting for him, I began to pace to and fro in front of the bed.

He will come...I'm sure he'll come. Caden he will definitely come, okay? He will come.

I couldn't help but tell myself this as I paced to and fro and as I waited for Blayze to show up but...after almost thirty minutes of waiting...I realised that he's never ever going to show up...he probably found an extra laptop and continued his work.

I slowly and gently took my seat on the bed.

Sometimes...I don't even know why I try at all. It's very obvious and clear to me now that Blayze doesn't all about me. He doesn't care if I'm getting hurt by all his tactics and I don't know why I keep being stupid about him. I should have sticked to my very first mission in this marriage and that was to make him regret ever messing with my family but now...I think he's the one who has messed enough with my emotions.

I couldn't help but weep as I face palmed myself.

Blayze's P.O.V

I sluggishly walked into the dark room after opening the door. I sighed as I rested my back on the door after shutting it. I turned my head to the bed and saw that it was empty. I walked closer and switched on lamp on the side table. I took a look around and that's when I saw her lying on the sofa with her back facing me. She had left the laptop on the bed.

Why would she leave such a comfortable bed just to lie on a sofa that will make her feel cramped up?

I bent and gently and carefully carried her into my arms, bridal style before I turned and walked up to the bed. I gently laid her on the bed before covering her properly with the duvet. I sat down on the bed close to her.

I gently pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear while she was still asleep.

" I'm sorry Caden...I didn't mean to hurt you...I just...I just have a lot of things on my mind...I wish more than anything now that I never burdened you with this marriage...If only it were so easy for me to tell you everything but...I can't...I can't seem to trust you enough to talk...I hope that someday you would....please forgive me for what I'm about to do." I told her in a whisper before I lightly stroked her cheek. I drew closer and kissed her lightly on the forehead.

After staring at her sleeping face for some time, I got up and walked into the bathroom before sh

for the location of the restaurant on the Internet and when I got the address, I drove off.

I finally got to the restaurant just when the whether was becoming windy. I found a parking space, parked and got out of the car.

I walked right into the restaurant just as soon as it was beginning to drizzle outside. I stood and took a look around for any sight of Caden.

At last I sighted her sitting almost close to the transparent glass and that jerk was with her. Without thinking twice, I walked straight up to her. I took hold of her left hand.

"Let's go." I told her as I made her get up to her feet.

" Blayze...stop it..." she tried to get her hand away from my grip as she stalled but I wouldn't let her.

" You be quie! I said we're leaving Caden. " I told her again as I tried to drag her along but again she was proving stubborn.

" Let go of me Blayze! I'm not going anywhere with you..."

" You are and we'll talk about why you disobeyed me at home! " I told her as I tried to drag her along but she still proved stubborn and by this time people were beginning to stare at us.

" Listen Blayze, she said she doesn't want to..."

" Don't you dare interfere! Just be quiet and walk away! " I warned Jacob as he tried to interfere.

" Blayze you can't just walk in here and demand anything you wish from me..."

" Do you know what you're doing now is called adultery..."

" And you? What is what you were doing with Leslie called?"

" What are you talking about? " I asked her honestly confused.

" If I'm an adulterer well then you're an even bigger adulterer you jerk..."

" Okay Caden, you're not making any sense right now. When we get home, we'll talk! " I told her as I turned and tried to drag her along me...again...she refused to move.

" I'm not going anywhere with you! I came here with Jacob and I'm going to leave with him! "

Caden you're pissing me off right now!

"Listen man, just let her go..."

" You stay away from this! " I warned Jacob again.

" Blayze let go of my hand! " Caden ordered as she struggled to get her hand free from my grip.

I was becoming irritated, angry with Caden and the fact that she would rather remain here with this man that was deceiving her.

" Just let go of her Blayze..." Before he could finish his sentence, I immediately stretched my other hand and punched him in the face making him fall to the ground.

"Oh my goodness Jacob! " Caden exclaimed in surprise as she gasped as well as other people.

I shook my hand painfully and before Caden could bend to assist him, I turned and drew her along with me eve though she kept struggling till we were outside the restaurant.

"Let go of me Blayze! " She exclaimed as she drew her hand away just when we were almost close to the car.

It was raining heavily by now and we were literally getting soaked under the rain.

" You jerk! You big jerk! " She exclaimed at me as she constantly hit me on the chest.

It's okay to hit me Caden. I'll rather take it than let you be with that man inside.

" What is your problem Blayze!? Why can't you ever let me be happy!? Why do you have to always ruin everything!?" She exclaimed loudly through the rain that constantly fell on us.

" What...what happiness!? Are you trying to say that imposter makes you happy!?"

"He's not an imposter! He cares for me more than you could ever do!"

"What nonsense are you talking about!? He doesn't care about you! He's just after something that you and I don't know about..."

" How on earth do you know that Blayze!?" She yelled at the top her voice.

" All you ever do is try to push ne from one side to the other and then you hurt me...this is not the kind of life I want..."

" Are you trying to say the kind of life you want is with that imposter!?" I asked her irritatedly.

" If he's such an imposter Blayze then who on earth is my real admirer!? Who is it...."

" It's me! I am your real admirer! I'm the one who sends those white lilies to you every morning and sometimes I also get you chocolates! It's me, okay!? And not that crook inside there! " I told her the whole truth while panting.


She just stood staring at me silently without saying a word. I get it... I did something horrible by hiding the truth but don't do anything crazy Caden...

She suddenly came closer and brought her lips closer to mine as she put her hands around my neck. She kissed me passionately and although it took me by surprise, I couldn't help but accept it as I wrapped my arms around her and brought her closer.

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