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   Chapter 49 Reverse for the 'j' word.

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Blayze's P.O.V

I stared at her as she stood at the door smiling sheepishly from ear to ear.

" Okay...I'll be going now." She said...for the third time and I just raised an eyebrow to her.

Finally...she turned and left my office.

I sighed as soon as she left.

I barely controlled myself from flowing along with her for too much. I can't believe that I actually went along with her and ate lunch and now I feel so full...

Geez! What is wrong with you Blayze!? You usually make decisions and stamp it final but when it comes to No starts to shake.

How can she have such a strong effect on me!? It's not possible, right? She couldn't have taken over my thoughts and decisions in less than two months that we've been married...or could she?


I feel messed up right now.

At least...I'm glad she liked those earrings. The woman that I usually buy those flowers from did not open today so I decided to get her something else.

If there was only one thing I know about's the fact that they like jewelries.

I shut my eyes for a minute and I remembered what happened between us last night.

I should probably talk to her about that kiss...I hope she doesn't begin to assume something else.

How do I explain everything to her?

"Good afternoon Blayze. " Leslie said as she walked into my office bringing me out of my thoughts.

I stared at her as she walked up to my table before having her seat.

" least Blayze, you could reply my greeting." She said after she crossed her legs.

I relaxed back on my seat.

" What are you here for Leslie? " I asked her going straight to the point.

"Sometimes talk like we're quarrelling. "

Well...are we not?

"State your purpose Leslie. " I repeated myself again in another manner.

" Actually...I came to invite you to have lunch with me."

"I've already eaten. " I told her being straight forward.

"What? But your secretary said you haven't left the office. " Leslie complained.

" I had lunch with you need anything else? "

" Blayze ate lunch with Caden and in here in your office. " she sort of asked.

" I know I wasn't speaking with water in my mouth so...if you're can leave." I told her before I began to sort a few papers.

She was silent for a while before she spoke up.

" Is this not your laptop? " She asked which made me raise my head up to her.

" Yes, Caden must have forgotten to return it." I answered after much deliberation as I collected it from her hand.

She stared at me blankly before she snorted. I ignored her as I opened the laptop.

"You know Blayze...I'm not as dumb as you think. " she started.

" I know that your marriage with Caden is a sham."


I raised my eyes up to her.

She stood up from her seat and began to walk around as she talked.

" Yeah...knowing you must have concluded that nobody will find that out...I'll marry the daughter of the owner of another company to boost my sales and interest...obviously, people like to hear about a love marriage between two companies so you diabolically connived yours...and as smart as you think you thought that nobody will ever find that out except either Caden or you...spills the truth. " She narrated before she stood behind me.

She bent a bit so her lips were closer to my right ear.

" Well gues what Blayze...this girl found you out." She whispered into my ear before she stood straight and walked back to her seat. She sat down.

" Hmmm...I wonder what will happen when this interesting information...gets to the ears of the press."

I glared at her hard and angrily. You wouldn't dare Leslie.

" Just imagine...the sales of your business begins to drop like water by day...imagine...flashlights, cameras following Caden everywhere, people taunting her for getting married to a man that she doesn't love...just...for money."She said with a sly smile at the corner of her lips.

" Why are you doing this Leslie?" I couldn't help but ask her that first.

"Is it not so obvious Blayze? I still love you and I still want you. Yes, I was stupid and I left without waiting for you but now I'm back and I'm ready to give you a chance. "

" I'm married Leslie..."

" For goodness sake Blayze! You're not really married! " She yelled angrily as she got up to her feet.

I can't believe this is happening.

She sighed before she took her seat back.

" Blayze...You don't love Caden and neither does she...she told me that herself. "


" I spoke to her two days ago and she cleared my suspicion. She told me that she does not love you and...she's ready to help me reunite with you...she promised me that."

I furrowed my eyebrows at her.

" Caden...said all that? " I couldn't help but ask as I felt a knack of disappointment at the back of my head.

" Yes...she proudly did so Blayze it would be best..."

" Leave." I ordered her as I cut her in.

She snorted after glaring at me for some time.

once, I don't see anything wrong with that.

" Yeah right. " Mia said in a carefree manner.

" I mean it Mia...the only problem I have now is that I don't know what he thinks of me...does he feel the same way as I do? Does he actually care?"

"I'm pretty sure he does. " Mia answered boldly which made me stare at her with furrowed eyebrows.

" How do you know that?" I asked her.

" Um...well...uh...well for starters...have you seen the way he stares at you..." she said as she walked back to her seat.

" I'm telling you Caden...that man has feelings for you. " She said the last sentence with a smile after she took her seat.

I smiled back to her.

" Thank you for listening Mia." I thanked her and she just smiled back.

Blayze's P.O.V

I walked gently without rushing down the hallway. It was already late and everyone has gone home. I just decided to walk around and clear my head a bit.

I can't seem to come to a specific decision. I can't seem to understand what exactly to do. Leslie has put me in a strange situation.

I walked past Caden's office but then stopped. I took a few steps back before I turned my head to the direction of her office.

She rested her head on the table with her eyes shut and with her eye glasses still on.

I snorted.

I can't believe that she's still here and sleeping on the table!

I could have left the building and lock everywhere down with the thought that she has already gone home.

I turned and walked into the office. I walked up to her and couldn't help but stop and stare at her sleeping face. Why would she fall asleep on her papers and with her glasses on?

I stretched my hand to push a strand of her hair behind her ear but then I stopped...I suddenly remembered all Leslie said earlier today...about her threats and...about her revelation of her discussion between Caden and her.

For a second there, I couldn't believe that Caden would say that but then...why don't I believe that? Why do I inwardly wish that Leslie is lying about everything she said? Why do I feel as if I already trust...Caden?

I drew my hand back.

Of course I don't trust her! Afterall, she's a human being and she's bound to be deceitful one way or the other. I shouldn't have expected...anything from her.

She turned her head as she slowly opened her eyes.

She smiled on seeing me with sleepy eyes as she properly positioned her glasses on the bridge of her nose.

" Blayze. " She called me as she yawned.

I looked away from her.

" Why are you still here?" I asked her without looking at her face.

" Well...uh...I was waiting for you. " She replied with a sound of amusement in her voice.

" I never asked you to and besides, you have a driver."

" Weeelll...I...I sort of asked him to leave without me. I thought that it...will be fun to ride with you..."

" Let's go. " I cut her short as I ordered her straight to the point before I quickly walked out of the office without still taking a look at her.

I swallowed hard as soon as I was out of her office. Why can't I bring myself to look at her straight in the eyes? The worst part is that I can sense so much hope...and joy in her voice which seems to be making things pretty impossible for me.

What do I do? Do I hurt Caden for her own good?

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