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   Chapter 48 My Bae

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Blayze's P.O.V

I slowly opened my eyes after I realised I haven't heard Caden's voice for a while.

I looked down at her and she was already asleep and soundly at that. She looked peaceful and even more beautiful. I shut my eyes for a second and I remembered how I had kissed her about a few minutes ago. I can't believe I ever did that and the funny part is that...I don't really seem to regret it. The few seconds my lips were hers were the most happiest moments of my life even though I know it wasn't supposed to be so but I still couldn't help it. I'm afraid that Caden is managing to penetrate into my heart.

I'm Blayze...I know what it feels like to be hurt from a relationship. I've seen that as an example from my parents and even my relationship with them. I've played on the safe side all my life...I'm not about to gamble with my heart at this's not wise but at the same time Caden is pushing me a lot to do certain things that I never thought I could do. I never thought that I would kiss her today. I always denied the fact that I was beginning to desire her presence and the urge to see her face.

I gently pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear as I stared at her face.

Please Caden don't do this to me...don't make me stake my heart out.

She shivered for just a second and that's when I realised that we were lying on the bare cold tiles. I gently stood up to my feet carefully so that I don't have to wake her up.

I gently carried her up into my arms bridal style and then found my way through the darkness, up the stairs and into our room. I gently laid her on the bed before I covered her properly with the duvet and she just turned on the bed.

I laid on the other side of the bed while staring at the ceiling. I suddenly couldn't find it in me to sleep. I felt so disturbed and restless. Maybe it's because I know that by tomorrow morning...I'll have to face Caden and the fact that I kissed her. There will definitely be questions from the Caden I know. She might not say it out rightly but she will put it into action somehow...someway or the other.

I turned on the bed to face her. I lightly stroked her cheek. If only things were easier than just thinking about them but no...they're not that easy especially for me. I can't seem to bring myself to a specific end conclusion. I don't see any reason why I should hurt myself with a fake belief.

I'm sorry Caden but maybe...maybe this time're right. Maybe we should just try as friends...then the next step will show its way.


I slowly and gently stretched on the bed without opening my eyes yet. I couldn't seem to wipe off the smile that seemed to have been stuck on my face since last night. I slowly fluttered my eyes open. I was very well in a good mood.

Blayze kissed me and each moment I remember that... feel like butterflies are tickling me in my stomach.

I gently sat up before I turned my head and saw that Blayze wasn't lying beside me on the bed...wait, on the bed...Blayze must have carried me here.

Awww! This is making me feel more and more happy.

I threw my head back on the bed while giggling.

Oh my goodness! I'm feeling like a teenager right now.

* * * *

" Blayze...Blayze. " I called after him as I checked everywhere in the room but still, there was no sign of him.

I was beginning to get a bit worried. I walked out of the room and down the stairs. I checked everywhere including his usual place which is his study room but still...nothing.

"Please excuse me madam." one of the maids that just walked into the house called my attention.

I properly turned to her.

" Mr Norman said that I should give you this when you wake up." The average heightened young woman said as she stretched out her hand to me in which she held a small dark blue box.

"Blayze? Um...okay...thank you. " I told her with a smile as I collected the box from her.

" Um...where exactly is Blayze? " I asked her before she could leave.

" Sir Blayze just left for work." She replied.

"Oh...okay. " I guess that I should have known that nothing can come between him and his work.

" But he asked us to serve anything you want for breakfast. "

Wait what?

" Blayze...said that? " I asked her to be sure that I was hearing c

seat before I began to unzip the lunchbox.

" Actually, I prepared lunch for you from home and I kept it with me till break...I've noticed that you don't go for lunch at all so I guessed that you probably don't like outside food so from now on...I'll prepare lunch for you from home." I told him with a smile as I brought out the food flask from the lunchbox and kept it on the table.

He just stared at me blankly.

I smiled at him before I drew closer while resting on his table. I pushed my hair behind my ears to showcase the diamond earrings he gave me.

" Thank you very much for do I look in them?" I asked him expectantly with a broad smile.

He just stared at me without saying a word.

My smile began to slowly disappear as I realised that there could be a possibility that the old Blayze is back.

I thought you said that we could be friends Blayze so please don't keep me hanging now.

" Okay. "

What? Did he just talk?

My broad smile came back again. He focused his eyes back on the screen of his laptop to avoid my eyes. I quietly hid my laughter.

I shut his laptop without his permission and he slowly raised his eyes up to me. I carried the laptop into my hands.

" You won't get these back until we're done eating. " I told him courageously before I kept the laptop on the other seat.

I'm glad...he was sort of flowing along.

I opened the food flask in front of him and the aroma just spread out.

" Mmm...smells delicious, doesn't it?" I asked him but not exactly expecting his reply.

I took hold of his hand and put a spoon in it.

" This is your spoon and this is mine. " I told him as I picked up mine as well.

" Taste it first..."

" I'm not hungry and I'm busy..." he tried to find his way out of everything.

"I know that Blayze but just taste it at least once...if you don't like it then you're free to stop eating." I told him sincerely while being sure of my cooking.

He stared at me for a second before he finally went for it.

He chewed without any expression on his face.

" So?" I asked him expectantly.

He stared at me before speaking up after much hesitation.

" It's...okay. "

"Yes!" I exclaimed a bit loudly and excitedly which I probably shouldn't have done as he stared at me.

" Don't mind keep eating. " I told him with a broad shy smile.

I can't believe Blayze is being nice to me...maybe not straightforward nice but...he's getting there.

Finally, we don't have to talk to each other as if we're fighting.

" Aren't you eating? " Blayze suddenly asked me jogging me out of my thoughts.

" Huh? " I asked him in a bit surprise.

" Um...yes of course. " I told him before I joined him.

I inwardly sighed.

I think Blayze and I are finally going somewhere.

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