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   Chapter 47 A step forward.

Devil for a husband By Mercy kalu Characters: 31917

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Blayze Norman as Nick Bateman

Caden Carter as Barbara Palvin

Richard Reeves as Ryan Gosling

Leslie Banks as Annalyne McCord

Mia Potter as Emma Stone

Leslie's P.O.V

I snorted as soon as I watched them get into the car.

I can't believe Blayze just blew me off in this manner and Caden...she just stood there and watched a perfectly first step of mine crumble to the ground. She had promised me two days ago that she would help me get Blayze back and that she understood where she stand in all this. What then just happened?

" Come...I'll drop you home." The man standing beside me that actually supposed to have taken Caden away said.

I couldn't help but feel irritated with him at that single sentence. I turned my head to me.

" No, thanks. I'll take a cab." I told him angrily between closed teeth before I turned and walked away before he could say anything more.

I don't know who this guy is but he seems like he's interested in Caden and that seems like a good ticket to taking Blayze back. I love Blayze very much and I know I made a mistake in the past by not waiting a bit longer for him but now I'm ready and I'm ready to go to any extra length to get him back.

I don't really know how I'm going to do it but I really need to get Blayze attention back and very quick at that before destiny plays another cruel joke on me.

Blayze's P.O.V

I don't really know what I just did and why I reacted that way but I just had to do it. I didn't think for the first time but just reacted. I don't know why but I just couldn't let her follow that man. I don't know why he's doing this. Why is he pretending to be someone that he very well knows he's not? Why is he lying to Caden and trying to stick around her? What is in it for him? What could he possibly gain from all his lies? Who could have plot such a thing?

Urghh! This mystery is killing me and to top it all up...Caden believes that man! If I had let her...she...she was ready to follow a man that she completely knows nothing about.

I turned my head to take a look at her and she had her eyes fixed on the view outside the window.

" I can't believe you were really planning on following a total stranger. "

" He's not a total stranger." She replied while she still had her eyes fixed on the view.

"I've known him for two days now. " She said as she took one look at me and then back to the side view.

"Just two days...and you think that's enough to follow him! What of if he was a kidnapper or worst...a terrorist!?" I asked her angrily but the annoying part was that she seemed not to care.

"He's none of those. " She replied while she still had her eyes focused on the road.

The frustrating part is how she defends him! She defends a man she barely knows so much and what on earth does she keep staring at!?

Before I could open my mouth to ask her what she was staring at, she cut me in.

"Blayze stop!" She suddenly exclaimed at me as she turned to me.

I quickly parked at a corner worried that something might have happened to her. I turned my head to her after I parked.

She suddenly smiled at me.

" I really have to get something will just take a minute." She said, I can't believe this. Nothing is wrong with her!

" Get what?" I asked her as I decided to calm down. She looked from left to right.

I instantly knew she was about to lie or beat around the bush.

" Something. " She said and before I could come up with what to say to her. She opened the door and got down.

"Caden! " I called her to stop.

She bent to talk to me.

" If I take too long, just go home. I'll find my way home."

"Caden stop!" I called her but she just ignored me and shut the door. I quickly got down from the car and locked the car before I went aftet her.

I caught up with her and took hold of her arm to twirl her around to face me.

" Are you insane!? What makes you think you can disobey me!?" I asked her angrily.

" Everything Blayze, just the way, we're in public so calm down...if you don't want to wait for me then no can come with me." She said and tried to turn.

I drew her back.

" What do you mean by that? " I asked her, a bit confused by her new action.

"Geez Blayze, I'm not running away! I already made a vow to be your wife and I'm going to keep my word...all I really want to do is getting a delicacy that I really miss a lot a little bit shopping. "

" It's already dark so let's go." I clearly told her before I tried to drag her back with me but she refused.

" It's a night market. Blayze please just let me do this...okay fine, you come along with me."

She said as she gently took her arm away from my grip and put her right hand around my left arm.

I took a look at her hand around my left arm before I looked up at her smiling face.

Blayze...I won't hurt to go along least once. At least...I would know that she is safe...with me.

Fine...I went along with her through a narrow and a bit busy path. She seemed to know exactly where she was going as she walked happily straight ahead of me into the market. I was surprised to see that people were actually still selling while others were still buying. I guess it's not yet so late in the night.

She suddenly stopped in front of an Asian older woman while still smiling as she stared at the round brownish buns displayed in front of her as well as the ones still on fire. The woman raised her head once to her and suddenly smiled on seeing her.

" You're finally here my customer. It has been long since I last saw you. " She said to Caden even through the noisy bustling activities of the market. A few people were gathered in front of the woman's stall and staring at it just like Caden. No...I'm definitely sure that Caden's addiction is worst.

Caden smiled broader to her.

" I'm sorry. I've been a little busy." Caden explained to her. I couldn't help but feel a little bit disturbed by the noise and the constant quacking of the shoulders or arm.

" many do you want today or your usual?" The woman asked Caden and knowing Caden, she smiled broader.

" My usual. " Caden told her.

" Six it is then. "

Six!? She's actually going to buy six of these!? I can't believe she eats this much and funniest part is that she hasn't stopped smiling as she stared at the buns and kept breathing in its aroma.

I noticed a man walking up ahead to our direction and knowing that where we are was already tight and narrow as it is, he was obviously going to quack one of us. I noticed it was going to be Caden and if he does that, she could actually place her hands on the hot frying pan in front of her. She obviously wouldn't see this coming.

Without thinking any further, I took hold of her left arm and drew her closer to me and put that hand around her while using my right hand to hold her head closer and to protect her before the man finally passed and a few other several people.

I slowly let go of her head as I suddenly realised what I just did and in public at that. As I looked down to her, she just stared at me with wide surprised eyes. I swallowed hard. I strangely felt like staring into them for like...forever...and I'm guessing that's not a good thing for me to desire.

Someone cleared a throat and we came back to our senses as I slowly released her away from my arms which I inwardly really didn't want to do.

Blayze you have to fight your desires!

She gently turned back to the woman who was smiling and that's when I realised that she was the one who cleared her throat.

" Here you go Caden. I added you a special bonus on the house. " she told her and I couldn't help but take a look at the woman.

She already knows Caden's name?

Caden smiled broader on hearing bonus as she stretched her hand to collect the polythene bag containing the buns from her.

"Your boyfriend? " She asked her referring to me.

" Husband. " Caden replied her as she collected the bag from the woman.

I noticed the way she looked from Caden to me before a smile rose on her face.

"You two are a very cute couple. " She said which I absolutely found unnecessary.

" Thanks." Caden replied her with a smile and the woman nodded.

Caden turned her head to me with a smile. I furrowed my eyebrows at her when I realised that she was staring at me with raised eyebrows.

" What? " I finally asked her.

" Money." She told me almost in a whisper.

I can't believe this. She was the one who decided to buy something and yet she's penniless!

I put my hand in my pocket and brought out my wallet and gave her a hundred dollar note but before I could return my wallet back into my pocket, she raised her eyebrows at me again.

" What? " I asked her frustratedly again.

" Don't you have change or something, this is too much. " She told me.

"No I don't. " I told her through closed teeth to warn her that she was touching at the wrong tail.

" Don't worry dear, I do have change. " the woman suddenly said and Caden turned back to her with a smile as she thanked her.

* * * * * * *

After quite a while of shopping and following her around, we came back into the car and I started the car.

" Wasn't that fun Blayze? " She suddenly asked me. I took a look at her with furrowed eyebrows.

" You mean being fun taking money from me." I told her and her smile slowly faded but immediately bounced back on her face.

" Just you wait and see Blayze...all this is not going to be

as she gently tried to have her seat on the floor and I helped her before I sat down as well with our backs rested on the sofa.

There was an awkward silence.

Blayze...maybe this is the right time for you to get up and leave before something happens that you won't like.

I told my mind to get up but my body was being suddenly reluctant and lazy.

I noticed she slowly lied down.

Blayze get up and leave!

The next thing was that I saw myself lieing down on the floor beside her. We just laid like that staring at the ceiling.

" Blayze...can't you...ever talk to someone without inflicting fear in them?"


I raised my upper body up and turned it to her.

" Meaning? " I asked her to be clearer.

She turned her head to me and stared into my eyes.

" I'm trying to say that you''re always so mean to people just like earlier...the way you talked to just made him scared of tomorrow. "

I really can't believe I'm hearing her say this.

"Are you trying to say that I'm mean?" I wanted to get a clear answer out of her.

" Y-yes." She said after much hesitation.

I see.

She thinks of me as a wicked person.

"In this world...a person such as me has to be wicked especially in business or else...people will just ride on me. " I told her angrily but yet calmly before I tried to get up and leave.

I kind of felt hurt and disappointed by the way she thought.

"Blayze wait! " She suddenly said as she took hold of my right arm and instantly drew me back making me fall right on top of her.

I couldn't help but stare into her wide surprised eyes. heartbeat was doing it again and my eyes just exploring her face again.

I couldn't help but swallow hard when my eyes came down to her lips.

" I...I...I'm sorry if I...I might have hurt your feelings with what I said...I didn't mean to hurt..."

Oh for goodness sake!

I brought my lips crashing down on hers as I placed my hands on her waist.

It was wierd but it felt strangely good. Her lips were soft and warm and something in me really didn't want to ever let her go. My heartbeat increased in its pace for over ten times. It felt like they were pounding in my ears and my emotions were scattered. I couldn't seem to comprehend everything except the fact that for the first time...I was actually feeling different like... real emotions.

I slowly released my lips from hers as I slowly opened my eyes as well.


I slowly opened my eyes to meet his staring into mine. For the first time...I think I actually understood something in Blayze's eyes. For the first time, I was actually seeing a reflection of humanity in his eyes. There was a need for something in his eyes. He actually looked like he wanted this...and that he was feeling just the same way I was feeling right now.

For the first time...Blayze kissed me and unexpected at that. Now he has suddenly drawn away and staring at me. I couldn't help but wonder what he was thinking about.

Is he going to just get up and walk away and behave like nothing ever happened? Please Blayze don't do that...don't walk away just like in the pasts...

He suddenly brought his coarse but warm lips back on mine which gave me an immense happiness. I put my arms around his neck as I brought him closer and accepted him.

I really can't explain it and why exactly but I think...I've fallen in love with Blayze.

I don't know when, how and why but somehow... Blayze has managd to squeeze himself into my heart. I know...I know it might sound crazy like yes...stupidly fall for the man who ruined yours and your family's life but I can't help it.

I married Blayze with the vision of making his life terrible and make him regret ever messing with my family but all I see is my growing love for Blayze.

What is wrong with you Caden?

I really don't know. Call me stupid, crazy, idiot but that will not change the fact that I've fallen head over heels for my husband.

I love Blayze.

Wow...I never thought that I would ever say that and it feels so good to finally admit it.

Blayze suddenly and quickly pulled away just when it was getting a bit more intense and my whole body was desiring more and more of him. He quickly got up to his feet and instantly walked away before I could properly open my eyes. I could feel my whole body still quivering.

I don't know what on earth made me actually think that he'll stay...he won't actually walk away. I suddenly felt lonely as I turned on the floor and laid on the right side of my body. I slowly shut my eyes as I felt very bad within.

He just left me hanging and in just a minute...he has turned my world upside down.

Did my heart make a mistake?

I felt emotionally stupid and hurt as tears trickled down the corner of my eyes.

I suddenly felt an arm around me as I felt a hard surface behind my back. He held my small hand in his. I could feel his beating heart on my back.

I know...I know it's you Blayze.

I immediately turned to meet his chest. I looked up to his face to meet his closed eyes with his arms around me.

I couldn't help but smile...he came back...he actually came back and not leave me hanging. I put my arms around him as well as he drew me closer and with my eyes shut...I took in the moment.

I don't think that I ever want to lose this warmth that I'm feeling right now.

"Blayze. " I called him.

"Yes." He actually answered me.

" Do you think that we can ever be friends? " I asked him a question that has been ringing around the corner of my mind for some days now.

He was silent which got me a bit...scared that I might have offended him or said the wrong thing at the wrong time.

"Maybe...someday. " he answered after much hesitation.

Hearing that alone from him made me very happy. He was ready to start something...he was ready for a fresh start and maybe that's what we need. We need to become friends first, understand each other before anything else.

There was a good humanitarian sign in Blayze and I cannot be more than happy about that.

He drew me closer and closer to him and with his warm breath on my head and his arms wrapped around me as well as mine around him...I fell asleep happily while listening to the rythm of his heartbeat.

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