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   Chapter 46 Is this possible

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We all sat still in the office staring at each other wierdly. I...I can't believe this! Finally, I got to meet my admirer but why do I feel like there is something odd about this guy sitting in front of me. Obviously, it definitely wasn't his appearance but something else...something I couldn't quite put my finger on. I have always wanted to meet my admirer ever since I found out that I have one. Now that he's right here in front of me...I don't know what I feel about this anymore.

I took a look at Mia who sat on her seat beside me. She raised her eyebrows at me.

I slowly turned back to the man. He smiled a bit and I had to smile back.

"Look...I get that you're confused about a lot of things so...let me enlighten you...Actually my name is Jacob Ivan. I'm an artist and I saw you for the first time in front of an art gallery and you were talking to somebody and smiling...I know it's wrong of me at this point to say this but I instantly liked you...I wanted to be your friend but didn't know how to approach you so I decided to start by sending your flowers to make you happy. I followed up a bit about you and that's when I got to know about a few things like your project. " he explained and I just stared at him with wide eyes.

I...I actually don't know what to say. I wasn't expecting this at all but Caden...what exactly were you expecting?

"" I started as I scratched above my left eyebrow.

"...I actually don't know what to say. Everything seems a bit...bit different to me but...I'm glad that I finally got to meet you. I'm not the type who likes mystery let's start over as friends." I told him with a smile on my face.

Yes...I was determined to bring in every positivity into my life and chase away the negative vibes so why not start with making good friends that actually care about my happiness.

I stretched my hand to him for a handshake.

" My name is Caden Norman. " I told him and with a smile, he accepted the handshake.

" Jacob Ivan and it's nice meeting you Caden. " he told me, I smiled broader before I drew my hand back.

" Um...this my best friend Mia Potter." I introduced Mia to him and she smiled to him before accepting his handshake.

" Nice meeting you Mia." Jacob told her as they shook hands.

There was silence between three of us as we just smiled before I decided to break the silence.

" Jacob I hope you don't mind but I'm just curious about one thing...why did you suddenly decided to present yourself to me now? " I asked him.

" Uhh...we...I actually thought about this mystery stuff and I know that this obviously can't go on forever so I decided to set everything that could hinder me from seeing you apart, took up the courage I am. " he explained and all I could do was slowly nod.

Anyways, it's nice to meet a new friend and it's nice to finally find out about who this caring person that sends me flowers and sometimes chocolates.

* * * *

"Weeelll?" Mia asked me with raised eyebrows after Jacob had left.

I stared at her with furrowed eyebrows.

" What? " I asked her.

She brought her chair closer to mine.

"What happened? Someone told me that she saw you leaving the building earlier with Leslie so...what happened? " Mia asked jogging my memory back to everything that Leslie and I had talked about.

"She...she knows everything about...about my marriage with Blayze. "

" What? Who...who told her? How did she find out? I mean how? " She asked in surprise and confusion all at once.

" I...I don't know...I don't think Blayze would do that...he strictly told me not to let anyone know so I...I doubt that he would tell someone else but...I...I guess Leslie is not a stranger to him." I said almost as if I was talking to myself.

" you say that? " Mia asked with furrowed eyebrows.

" Leslie...she's in love with Blayze. "

" What? " Mia asked with widened eyes.

" Actually...Blayze was in love with her...she somehow found out

eslie interrupted from behind us as she stood at the top of the staircase. I noticed that she took a look at Caden as soon as the both of ud turned our heads to her.

There was silence for a while before the sound of Leslie's heels were heard as she walked down the stairscase approaching us.

" Caden...I didn't know you were still around." She asked Caden as she turned her head to her.


As soon as I heard that question from her...I couldn't help but feel like it was a sort of reference to what we had talked about earlier.

I bit my lower lip.

" Um...I was waiting for Blayze. " I told her and she slowly nodded with a smile that I couldn't quite point out what it means.

"Oh...I see. " she said before she turned her head back to Blayze.

"My driver left earlier today with the car to the mechanic so could you please drop me home?" She asked which surprised me.

" Caden. " We all turned to the voice behind me.

I widened my eyes in surprise on seeing Jacob. He smiled before he walked up to me.

" Jacob...what...what are you doing here?" I asked him while still surprise.

" I found out earlier from Mia that you were still back at the office so I decided to pick you up. " He said another surprising sentence.

I couldn't help but turn back to Blayze who stared at me with furrowed eyebrows. I get it...he doesn't like it when I disobey him.

I took a look at Leslie and she had her eyes fixed on me and something told me that she was warning me to take the right step that would be just to her.

" Blayze...why don't you take Leslie home and I'll go with Jacob." I asked him in sort of a request.

" Here is the car key sir. " the security guard suddenly said as he stretched his hand with the key towards Blayze.

He quickly collected the key from the man and unexpectantly to him, took hold of my right hand.

"We're going home together...take her home. " He told me the first sentence before refering the second sentence to Jacob asking him to take Leslie home.

Before I could say anything, he drew me along with him towards the car. He opened the front door to the front seat and made me get in before shutting the door. I couldn't bring myself to take a look at Leslie's face through the mirror. I'm sure she's not happy about this.

I wasn't keeping my promise to give her a chance with Blayze and to help her get back together with him. He got into the car and without taking a look at me or anyone else...he started the car and immediately drove off.

Why is Blayze doing this? Why is he making everything seem difficult?

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