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   Chapter 44 Definitely not the 'J' word

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Above is an image of what Caden wore to work.


" Hello's been quite a long time since I last saw you still look the same. " The woman said as soon as she walked up to us after she took off her sunglasses. She had a sly smile on her face.

Now that she's a bit closer, I could read her features. Well...she is pretty...nice hair texture...probably an inch taller than me.

She suddenly turned her eyes to me as Blayze didn't reply her.

" And you...You must be Caden... Blayze's wife..." She said with a quiet smile that...I'm not sure that I was comfortable with.

"...My name is Leslie old friend of Blayze. " she said as she stretched her hand to me for a handshake. I hesitated a bit before I accepted her handshake with a smile that didn't come from my heart.

"Nice...nice meeting you. " old...friend?

From what I know of Blayze...I don't think he has any personal friends. I don't even think that he's capable of keeping friends so...what kind of friends exactly are they?

" I...I didn't know that...Blayze has any friend. " I said as I kind of wanted to get the word out of her.

She smiled.

" I said...I'm an old friend of his...we haven't years two just got married about...a month ago...right?" She said with still that annoying smile that I really, really wanted to wipe off.

I managed to smile back to her so she doesn't think that she has won one over me.

" What are you doing here? " Blayze suddenly asked her as he looked directly into her eyes after he put his hands in his pockets.

Leslie turned her head back to him.

" Business Blayze...why don't we talk in a more...secured place? " She asked him as she slowly turned her eyes left and right.

I took a look around and understood what she meant. Everyone was literally staring at us one way or the other but still...secured place? Just...just the two of them...

" Let's talk in my office. " Blayze suddenly spoke out without turning left or right.

I couldn't help but stare at him in surprise. I was inwardly pleading for him not not that I exactly know what's going on but...but my spirit just doesn't trust that woman.

He immediately walked on ahead into his office without turning and taking at least one look at me. It felt as if he just forgot me and everything that has earlier on transpired between the both of us.

Leslie turned and followed him in and before I knew it...the door was shut and I was left standing there, stranded like I just lost my aim.

" Hey Caden. " I heard Mia's voice call me from right behind me as she tapped me once on the shoulder. I quickly swallowed down any lump of tears threatening to surface as I blinked several times trying to dry my eyes.

She then came in front of me.

" Caden this is really wierd...I never knew Blayze and...and the Leslie Banks were, no...are friends! " Mia said with a hint of surprise and excitement in her eyes.

I looked up to her.

" Why are you referring to her like you know her?" I asked her and she immediately widened her eyes at me.

" don't know who Leslie Banks is?" Mia asked me in surprise. I furrowed my eyebrows at her.

" Seriously Caden, you really don't know who Leslie Banks is!?" Sara one of the employees who I've gotten a little bit acquainted with asked me in surprise as she immediately joined us.

I furrowed my eyebrows at the both of them as I shook my head.

I'm already pissed off and irritated right now so you two better talk!

They took a look at each in surprise before turning back to me.

" Seriously Caden are you in this world or what!?" Mia asked me a more irritating question.

"Would you just tell me who the hell that woman is! " I raised my voice a bit irritatedly.

Caden calm down. You're in the midst of people.

I looked around and saw that everyone was staring at me and whispering.

" Well? Just go back to work! " I told them all and which they did while still whispering.

" Ouuu...somebody seems to be swimming in the 'J' word. " Mia told me with a smile and teasing face.

" What? I'm not Jealous..."

" I never said you were. I just said 'J' word. 'J' here could mean anything. See?"

"Mia just stop and tell me who she is or if you're not going to say anything then I'll just leave. " I told her as I tried to turn but she stopped me.

" Okay, okay...Geez. why do you seem so serious all of a sudden? Anyways...she's a celebrity. You've probably heard of Banks Lumber enterprises..."

Um...maybe a few times.

"Well...she owns that multimillionaire company. Actually her fa

n a chair in front of his table.

" Okay. I get that you're back to yourself again Blayze. Actually, I don't care if you want to spend the rest of the night or even the week here but what about me...I can't sleep here, no...I do not want to spend the night here so Blayze, you have to take me home and since it's already a bit late well...why don't you take me to a good restaurant and let's eat. I've barely eaten anything today. " I told him with a smile as I eagerly waited for his reply.

He raised his eyes to me.

" Are you asking me out on a date?"

What? When? No?

" Why...why...why would I do that? I simply want to eat out Blayze and..."

" I think I made a mistake by not clearing things up a bit between the both of us. " Blayze interrupted me before he stood up to his feet.

He walked out of his seat up to where I sat down. I couldn't help but stare at him with wide surprised eyes. With his hands in his pockets and as he stood directly in front of me, he bent his back a bit and leaned forward towards so that his eyes were staring directly into mine.

Why do I feel as if...Blayze wants to say something hurtful to me? Don't worry Caden...he...he won't do that, right Blayze?

" Nothing has changed. Because we interacted a bit and I let you have your way last night does not mean we're okay...I was clearly under the influence of some kind of anaesthetic drug that was given at that hospital. My mind was messed up. I couldn't see happened to be there and I needed comfort...Make sure to get it into your head that we can never be like a normal couple because you definitely...are not my type. " I swallowed hard any tears was threatening to come up.

I can't believe you're speaking to me this way Blayze. I can't believe you're doing this. I thought we were okay. I thought we could start at least like friends. Please don't do this Blayze.

" Is that so Blayze? Well...I most definitely...wasn't looking forward to anything. I simply helped you last night because...I pitied you. " I lied to him while trying to control myself.

"If I didn't help you then who would? No one. You know why...because you're all alone in this world...if you didn't want to eat out with me or take me home, all you had to do was say so and not try to make me look like an idiot. "

Control your tears Caden. Just hold it in for a few more seconds at least.

"I'll take a taxi home. " I told him before I pushed the chair backwards and got up to my feet, turned and walked directly towards the door without taking a look back.

Don't cry Caden! Hold it in for goodness sake!

I argued and struggled with my tears. As soon as I got out of the building, the driver Blayze had kept for me suddenly walked up to me.

I thought he was...anyways just leave this place Caden first. I accepted and allowed him open the car's door for me.

As soon as we were on the road. I burst out into tears when I could no longer hold it in as I face palmed myself.

Why Blayze? Why?

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