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   Chapter 43 A new entrance.

Devil for a husband By Mercy kalu Characters: 13761

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Writer's P.O.V

A young beautiful lady walked into the building making all eyes turn to her each time she walks past a path. She was putting on a black leggings which was stylishly torn on the knees and a black singlet on top. She wore an overall brown baggy coat on top. On her feet she wore a brown-creamy slingback heel. Her enormously wide leather handbag was black in colour. She wore a huge cylindrical designer's dark-brown sunshade glasses over her eyes. She had a long wavy blonde hair. She had an oval shaped face, slim long nose, well shaped dark brown eyebrows and a set of light blue eyes. On her thin lips, she had applied lightly a peach coloured lipstick.

As she walked on the tiled floor, her heels made sounds and her beauty and dressing kept attracting eyes and attentions. She walked past the receptionist and got into elevator.

After sometime, the elevator door opened and she emerged out of it catwalking gracefully and ignoring the attention and whispers she was getting at the moment.

She walked past a few desks making all of them get up to their feet especially the men as they followed her graceful body all the way to Lisa's desk.

Lisa slowly got up to her feet with widened surprised eyes on seeing her as she approached her.

" How have you been doing...Lisa? " the woman asked with a sly smile at the corner of her lips.

" I...uh...I...I've been okay. " Lisa managed to speak up as she tried hard to overcome her surprise.

" Good to hear...I assume Blayze is in already. I'll just go see him." She said as she then turned and decided to walk ahead but Lisa quickly came in front.

"Um...I'm sorry ma'm but...sir Blayze hasn't arrived yet." Lisa explained to her.

The young woman raised an eyebrow at her.

" Blayze? The same Blayze I know...hasn't arrived yet...he was never ever late to work. " she told Lisa and Lisa just shrugged.

" Nonetheless...I'll wait for him in his office. " The woman said and immediately walked past Lisa without giving her a chance to talk.

Lisa couldn't seem to stop her from walking into Blayze's office. She just stood there stranded.

* * * * * *

Blayze's P.O.V

I slowly and softly fluttered my eyes open as i furrowed my eyebrow only to quickly shut my eyes back as I realised the ray of sunlight had managed to penetrate through the curtains and hit my eyes. I raised my head up as I tried to move only to realise there was something heavy on my hand. I took a look and realised that it was Caden. She rested her head on my arm as she faced me. She seemed still deep in sleep and she looked peaceful. Her snore was sounding so peaceful and melodic to me. I couldn't help but smile as I slowly lay back my head on the pillow while I still stared at her face.

There was this strange joy in me at just looking at her face that I couldn't help but smile all the time. I remembered everything that happened last night. From the accident till we went to bed. I had actually intended on pushing her cares away. That was what I had set in mind before coming upstairs last night but when she actually came in front of me...I suddenly lost that will. I felt so weak last night that I decided to give into my desires for at least that one night. I had really hoped to be better the next morning so I can snap out of my fake dreams and come back to reality but right now even upon feeling better than last night. My desires and emotions are still the same. I still want her close to me just like I did last night. Nothing has changed which is wierd. I had actually thought that maybe an anaesthetic drug or something that was given to me at the hospital could have been what was responsible for my giddiness and desires but I'm beginning to think otherwise now.

I stretched out my left hand and lightly stroked her cheek and she didn't flinch much as she rested her head on my right arm.

Caden what are you doing to me? I'm sure I look like a fool right now?

I turned my head to the back as well as my left hand and picked up my cell phone from where I had kept it.

I slide the screen touch samsung phone to unlock.

I told him with a fake smile.

I then immediately began to put on my heels.

Sooner than later, we got to the company's building and as he got down, he handed the keys to a security guard to park properly. I wasn't still fully ready but managed to clumsily get down from the car and followed Blayze behind into the building. He was taking big steps bit yet calmly and I was barely managing to catch up with him.

He got into the elevator and I hurried up to get in too before the door shuts but soon the door began to shut.

" Wait!" I called out...probably to the door or everyone.

Blayze unexpectantly to me stretched out his hand to me and I took hold of his hand, he drew me quickly in before the door finally shut.

I sighed a sigh of relief on knowing I got in but what I realised next was what surprised me.

I was in Blayze's arms and as I slowly raised my head up to his face away from his chest, our eyes met. Apparently he had drew me into his arms while drawing me into the elevator. Our eyes locked in each other's that we barely remembered our environment until the elevator's door opened. Blayze immediately took his eyes away. I therefore turned and stood beside him. More people walked in making the elevator a little bit squashed and uncomfortable and that was when I noticed that Blayze was pushed towards me. I swallowed hard as I tried to calm my beating heart and drew my eyes away from Blayze. All I was really praying for was for us to get to the last floor quickly.

Alas! The door finally opened. To get out quickly before more get in going downstairs was a war. I suddenly felt a warm hand on mine before I was dragged along, only then did I realise that it was Blayze.

He succeeded in walking out of the elevator and getting me out as well. What brought smile to my face was the fact that he didn't let go of my hand even after we got out of the elevator. We walked hand in hand further more towards his office.

" Good morning sir. " Lisa greeted him as she quickly walked up to us.

" see...she...she is..." Lisa started but was interrupted.

" Blayze. " A young woman called him from where she stood behind Lisa in front of Blayze's office.

The expression on Blayze's face suddenly change to something else that I couldn't read. His eyes glued to the woman. What confused me more was that...he slowly let go of my hand on seeing the woman as his eyes remained glued to her. My hand suddenly felt dry and drab without his. I felt affected.

There were only two questions in my mind as I slowly looked from Blayze to the young woman...

Who is she? And...Why does she seem to affect Blayze this way?

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