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   Chapter 42 How she crept in.

Devil for a husband By Mercy kalu Characters: 13300

Updated: 2018-01-02 15:26

For those that's okay to point out my grammatical errors but not to say it in a harsh manner. For some of you, you might think this story is going at a slow pace but that's not so. I don't want to rush everything because I want to realistically point out the steps it takes to truly fall in love. Love doesn't just happen overnight. It doesn't happen because you kissed the person or had some other intimacy together. True love is something that takes its time to build a place for themselves in each other's heart so I hope you bare with me and assume this story to be a little realistic than your imaginations. Please don't pursuade me so much to update, I promise you that I'll try my best to update as soon as I can. As we all know, I obviously have a life outside wattpad.

I hope you don't mind me asking but can anyone suggest to me through my message board, the kind of song with the musician's name that could suit this story? I can't seem to come up with one... Any form of language is acceptable as long as the tune and lyrics matches with the whole background of this story.

I'll be waiting eagerly for your replies.

Happy reading!

Blayze's P.O.V

After we got down from the bus, we walked down to where I had parked my car earlier which was just a stone throw from where we were.

We got into the car without saying a word to each other. I started the car and turned on the gear. I could feel a stinging pain in my elbow but I bit it in to avoid her noticing anything and gladly, she didn't.

Very soon, we were on the road. I could see her through the corner of my eyes staring at me and to be honest that was quite irritating. It was as if she was trying to find out something by doing that.

I really hope she believed everything that I had told her on the bus. I hope she doesn't think too much about everything. I just want us to remain the way we are. It's's better.

Earlier when I had seen her almost being hit by the truck. My heart beat so fast and the only thing that I could think of at the moment was to save her. Save her at all cost even if it means I'll lose my life. I don't know where that thought came from but that was all that was in my mind at the moment.

I'm no fool...I know that something different, something wierd is happening to me. For once in my life, I'm beginning to think about someone else other than myself. The strange part is this feeling, this force to sort of please her all the time. This feeling to make her happy. When she's happy...I find myself smiling too but this can't be.

I can't let what is happening to me to continue...I can't fall in love with Caden...I can't claim her with my heart like the way I should. I can't do that...I lost every belief in relationship the day my mother left the house and my dad kept me in school dormitory all my life. I don't trust anyone and I definitely don't believe in relationships...for all I know...Caden might just be like the rest...she might not really her...she just wants to be free from this monster that she's tied to.

The best way to save my heart, my self is to push her away...further and further away from me even if I have to make her hate me over and over again. She just has to stay away.

" Starring at me won't change a thing. " I told her without taking a look at her.

" I know. " she gave me a surprised reply.

"I know that nothing will break the superb Blayze. Nothing hurts you, right?"


" Even here doesn't hurt, right? " she asked as she suddenly hit me on my right arm with her fist.

That hurts!

I swallowed down the pain and pretended like I was okay.

" Even here." She said as she then continuously hit me on my arm. It's supposed to be playful but I know what she was doing. She was purposely hitting me to break.

I kept sucking in the pain until I could no longer take it.

" Stop it!" I ordered her as I pushed her hand away and took a look at her.

She had that sl

e bed with the duvet on and his eyes shut.

That's right...sleep Blayze. I'm sure tomorrow, you'll feel much better.

I walked towards the sofa where I usually sleep after switching off the light.

"Caden. " I heard his coarse voice call my name. I stopped then turned to him.

" You can sleep on the bed. " He suddenly told me the unexpected. I widened my eyes at him in surprise.

" It's okay Blayze. I'll sleep he...."

" Please. " he said another surprising word.

For the first time, Blayze said one humble word to me and that was all it took to melt my heart. From the look in his eyes, I knew he meant it.

I picked up my pillow from on top of the sofa that I had kept it. I turned and walked up to the bed. I kept the pillow in front of the headboard and gently lied down on the bed resting my head on the pillow. I had turned with my back facing Blayze.

I couldn't help but stare at the darkness of the room as everything that happened today flashed back to my mind. How could so much happen in just a sparse of a day?

I sighed before slowly shutting my eyes. All of a sudden, I felt the bed move and then a hand on me. I immediately slowly opened my eyes.

I definitely know that Blayze was the one that moved but could this hand on me also be him. was definitely his. I could feel his rapid breath on my ear and his fast beating heart behind my back. He definitely held me closer like I was his toy that he didn't want to lose.

I myself wasn't feeling okay. This was strange and a first. My heart was seriously pounding like madness. I couldn't comprehend my emotions. I like this but at the same time...I'm feeling scared.

Blayze constant rapid breath seemed a bit abnormal so I decided to turn and check. I placed a hand on his forehead and I was right. His temperature was high.

"Blayze I think you have a fever." I told him as I placed my hand on his forehead. With sleepy eyes, he managed to take hold of my hand and bring it down.

"I'm fine. Your treatment will work miracles...I'll be fine by tomorrow morning. " he told me with assurance.

I had no option but to return back to my former position. I was in Blayze arms for the first time and it felt good. It felt safe. My emotions were everywhere but there was one thing I know. I definitely belong here.

He drew me closer and closer till there definitely was no distance between us. He slowly locked my hand with his and with the rythm of his heartbeat on my back and his soft breath in my ear, we remained in that position until we both fell asleep.

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