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   Chapter 40 Having my way.

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Okay, I seem to have a long list of things that I want to do. First is walk down to the central park and breath in some fresh air. Spread out my arms and enjoy my freedom. Secondly, visit a few fun places, my family and stroll around. What can I say? I have to enjoy it while it lasts. I'm sorry Blayze but rules are meant to be broken and right now, I have to be myself.

I sat on a bench in the central park just breathing in fresh air and enjoying the view. I couldn't help but notice a couple sitting on the grass right under the tree. They were all lovey-dovey and just couldn't stop smiling at each other. Something about them made them look so cute and happy. You could see the love the man has for the woman in his eyes. He just couldn't take his eyes off her......I wonder how that feels like...having someone stare at you so lovingly like you mean the world to him.

I sighed.

"I wonder if Blayze looks at me that way..." I immediately gasped as I covered my mouth with both of my hands.

What did I just say? I couldn't have possibly said that...Caden what are you could you say such a thing about Blayze!?

Blayze doesn't know how to love or care for anyone else except himself...I doubt he even cares about himself so...just stop every silly thought. Living in the same house with him for more than a month now is not enough to start any strange thought or feelings......or is it?

Urghh! Stop it Caden! It's not like he cares about you! He's probably waiting for the next opportunity to hurt me so delete every silly thought now...just stop came out here to be yourself, to have fun and not to think about Blayze.

I got up and decided to leave to my next destination. Time to shake off every negative vibes and invite in the positive ones.

* * * * *

I buckled up myself properly before a woman approached me to aid me buckle up tightly. I was at a place where I could climb. Even if I couldn't go find a mountain right now but at least I could do it one way or the other. Okay maybe this wasn't the real mountain but I'll still have my fun one way or the other.

" Wait...are...are you not...Blayze Norman's wife?"

I'm sorry what?

The woman who was supposed to just help me buckle suddenly asked me with a surprised look and smile in her eyes.

What do I do now?

" Um...I...I don't think so." I quickly told her before I turned to start climbing.

"'m pretty sure you are...I saw your wedding pictures in one of the magazines I read...I don't easily forget faces especially celebrities I like. Oh my gosh! I'm obsessed with Blayze Norman! I love his bad boy attitude and I love the fact that he totally doesn't care..."

Really? Then why didn't you just marry him instead!?

" Um...that's nice but I came here for something so...could you please let me continue? " I asked her before turning back to the wall.

"Sure but I could let you go as many times as you want only of you take a picture with me." She sort of said in a whisper between her teeth.

I stopped on hearing that.

As many times as I...want!?

I immediately turned to her.

" You mean like" I asked her to be sure that I heard rightly.

She nodded with a smile.

" I know you're Blayze Norman's wife and that you can afford as many times as you want to go. You can even call your husband..."

rows as she walked.


Wait...why does it seem like I can hear Blayze's voice? Oh come on Caden! You aren't that scared of what Blayze will do to you when he catches you that you can now hear his voice in your head...

" Caden. " I heard my name again and immediately I turned to that voice. My eyes widened in surprise before I quickly turned back to my front and bit my lower lip regretfully.

Geez! How on earth did Blayze find me? Isn't this city big enough to escape from him for just a day.

"Caden get into the car right now! " he ordered as he still slow drive while following.

" Uh...who...who are you stranger that I don't know? " I asked him pretentiously and before I turned my head away from him, I saw him furrow his eyebrows angrily.

I decided to hasten my pace. I'll come home alright but not now and definitely not with Blayze.

"Caden I'm not joking. Get into the car!" He ordered once more and I was beginning to feel scared and confused.

What step should I take next? Honestly I didn't even know that I'll reach this far today. Gosh, I don't want to go with Blayze...he won't let me off the hook so easily and I'm sure he'll severely punish me in which ever way he can.

"Go away! " I exclaimed at him before I immediately started running.

"Caden! " I heard his voice behind me as he quickly got out from his car and ran after.

"Caden stop!" He ordered as he ran after me behind.

I don't know why but the closer he got, the more scared I feel so I increased my pace even if the popcorn in my hand were beginning to drop on the floor. I just can't stop now. Everyone was probably staring at us but what the heck, they have no idea what I'll go through if this man catches up with me.

" Caden...wait...stop!" He still yelled behind.

I immediately decided to cross the road without even thinking so as soon as I ran into the road, suddenly I heard a loud honk. I turned only to see a truck heading very fast and directly towards me. Its bright headlights shone so much directly at my face that I stood frozen with wide eyes just staring at the fast approaching truck.

Is this how it's going to be the end of you Caden?

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