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   Chapter 39 What it takes.

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Updated: 2018-01-02 15:24

Wow! I love and appreciate all the nice comments I've been having about my book so far.

I've finally finished the first set of my exams. The second set is in a few weeks time so till then, I'll be able to update as much as I can. Okay, I know that this chapter might not be so long but here goes nothing. I hope you enjoy this chapter.


So...mayyyybe I'm not really reacting the way I should but that's me. I can't let one tiny little thing break me down permanently. If Blayze wants another one then so be it...I will make another one and stop weeping about the last one...I'll just assume that my boss scolded me and asked for a redo afterall the boss knows best. I will just give Blayze the exact dose he wants. Afterall, the best way to get under a person's skin is to totally do the opposite of what he wants. I'm sure Blayze expected me to cry for like...enternity but unfortunately for him...he barked at the wrong door. I'm going to prove to him that he is the one in the wrong here and I'm going to get back my dignity.

* * * * * *

I walked into my office after I went to get myself a cup of coffee. I stopped as soon as I saw a box of chocolates and the same type of flowers I have been receiving everyday for the past few days on my table. As soon as I stood in front of the table, I picked up the card from the flowers and read out.

"Don't lose hope and courage. I always beleive in you. You'll come up with something better."

Yours truly, An admirer.

My admirer!?

I smiled.

Every day is a new supportive quote.

I looked right and left to see if anyone suspicious was hanging around. I'm really becoming curious as to who my so called admirer is but there is one thing that makes me feel better. The fact that someone is supporting me somewhere.

As I took in the breath of the fresh lilies, I smiled. The nice smell always manages to bring a smile to my face. I opened the rectangular shaped box of chocolates to reveal different shapes of moulded chocolates.

I love chocolates!

It's like this person knows me or something.

I chewed happily after I put one into my mouth and the melting taste of the caramel flavour was exquisite.

" ou chocolates! " Mia exclaimed happily as soon as she came in and saw the box of chocolate in my hand. She quickly picked one and put in her mouth.

" me guess...your secret admirer again. " She said and I nodded to her.

" Wow he's really interested in you! I hope he knows that you're already a married woman before he starts weaving dreams about you..."

" Of course he's strange but I feel like he seems to know me a's like this person is just very close to me. You know what I mean, that feeling that something is right there but you can't point it out. You know there is somethi

I saw her earlier this morning but..."

" Just yes or no will do!" I reminded her to cut short her story.

"So...Caden lied...why...what were you doing that made her tell you such a lie?" I directed the question to Jeremy.

" Well I was taking a few dressed up mannequins to the photo shoot room...she asked me to let her handle it while I go and answer to you and that was exactly what I did." Jeremy explained.

What could Caden be up to this time around? What would she need a dressed up mannequin for? Why would she.......wait a minute...dressed up....she wants to dress up differently but for the surpass the security!? No...she wouldn't be so stupid as to dare and disobey me...would she? Blayze come're talking about Caden here...she always manages one way or the other to test my patience.

" You two can go now and not a word spread to anyone, do you understand? " I warned them both and they nodded before they left.

" Lisa call up the security guards at the entrance and ask them if they've seen Caden. Also ask the other guards to check around the building for her." I ordered her as soon as I walked out of my office and turned to her desk.

"Excuse me sir but none of them has seen her."

Damn it Caden!

Why are you so stubborn!?


Oh my goodness! I can't believe I pulled it off...good one Caden!

I thought to myself as I pulled off the blonde wavy wig from my head and large cylindrical dark sunglasses from my eyes as I sat at the backseat in a taxi.

My heart was seriously beating fast. I just did exactly what Blayze told me not to do. When I get home later this evening...I'm really going to hear it from him but for is mine.

By the time they realise that I'm gone, I will already be far away and Blayze will never catch me.

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