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   Chapter 34 Moving on

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I used my hand to fan myself after I came out of his office and with not less of a pride, I walked past Lisa ignoring her stares.

I stood at a corner fanning myself seriously with my hand. I don't get it, there is a full air condition on in every corner of this building and yet I'm feeling so hot...or is it nervousness...why I'm I nervous? I don't understand what is going on with me!

I can't begin to imagine what could have happened if Lisa hadn't walked in...maybe Blayze and I would have...would, no, no...I shouldn't be thinking of such things. If not for one thing, I would really go over to Lisa and give her a very good handshake. For once, her constant interruption finally made stopped me from stepping into something I'm afraid that I might not ever get out of again...I can't afford feel anything for Blayze...everyone can testify that would be unwise of me. You definitely can't afford to feel anything for a man that can't even feel for himself...look at me! What on earth I'm I talking about!? Why am I talking about feelings? There only one truth sane thought here and that is I'm okay...I definitely don't have any kind of feelings towards Blayze. do a more busy and sane thing.

I dialed Mia's number from the callers log in my phone and put it close to my ear.

" Hello Caden." Mia's voice came through.

"Guess what great news I have for you. " I told her with a smile and a happy voice.

"'re pregnant..."

" No! What is wrong with you!? Why are you always going on about that!?" I asked her frustratedly.

" I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I just don't know what greater news there is than that..."

" Well there is something much more better and please next time...think outside the box..."

" Okay, okay sowwy." She appologised in a baby's voice which made me smile.

" Sometimes you sound like you don't want to be a mother. Don't you want to have a family with Blayze..."

" Okayyy! You're doing it again with the questions and the suggestions...anyway, the great news I have for you is that we got jobs again baby."

" Ahhhhh!" Mia screamed over the ph

up my brain. " Mia said with one hand on her waist and the other on her temple.

Well. Good enough for me.

" Good. Keep that up 'cause we'll need it in this company. " I told her before turning back to continue my tour.

" Mia...from now on, I want you to look at this company as a war zone. We and those helping us are the good soldiers and those against us are the bad ones. Blayze is like the harsh General or chief-in-command so we really have to be alert or we will get shot...understood? " I asked her after I was done as soon as we were about to leave the room.

She nodded then shook her head then nodded again.

Geez girl!

" I don't really get the whole thing...aren't we supposed to be at work? What are we doing on a battle field? Why is your husband the harsh see, I'm really confused. "

" Blayze might be my husband but he doesn't want me to work so he will do everything in his power to weaken us and I mean...anything. " I explained once more.

" Ohhh!" She exclaimed while nodding her head and I nodded also while smiling.

She gets it.

" What are we again? "

Geez girl!

"Don't worry Mia, just keep working on cracking your brain." I told her as I walked out of the room and she followed behind me.

" But explain some more. " she told me from behind.

"Later. " I told her as I walked on ahead.

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