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I touched my head after I realised what Blayze said actually meant. Oh my goodness! I totally didn't even think of my appearance...I must have looked like a mad dog to him while I talked to him. No wonder he didn't take me serious.

What in the world just happened to me? Can't I really resist Blayze's power? It's as if he can dominate over me and I wouldn't be able to do shouldn't be so...Get your acts together Caden! Get your acts together.

I walked towards the gate after I had brushed my hair and put on my sports wear. I really needed to go for a jog and to clear my mind.

The security guard quickly came in front of me.

" Don't you worry. I'm not going anywhere outside this estate. I'm just going for a jog." I assured him and he nodded before opening the gate for me. Well, that was easier than I had thought. Thank God, Blayze didn't set any new rule.

I set out jogging all the way from Blayze's mansion up towards the security check of the estate. If there was one thing I noticed and it was the fact that the mansions in this estate were as quiet as Blayze's home. I don't really think I've seen any of our neighbours.

Finally, I got to the check point tiredly and then I turned to jog back home but an idea immediately flew into my mind. I can walk out right now and be free throughout the whole day without anyone watching me. I could finally have some Caden's time alone. I immediately turned back to the check point. I took in a deep breath and walked ahead. There were two security guards at they were both at opposite post of each other and a huge iron gate stood in between them. I walked up to the gate and just as I was about to open it, one of them called me.

" Excuse me Mrs Norman. " they know who I am...I don't like where this is going.

I slowly turned to him. He came out of his post and walked up to me.

" Are you trying to leave?"

"Um...yes, I just want to stroll around and I'll be back. " I told him with a nice smile.

" I'm sorry Mrs Norman but Mr Norman left specific order not to let you out of this estate on your own except with your your car." The smile on my face slowly died down...Really.

" Well played Blayze, well played and's my's high time we stop this win and lose game and of course with ne as the ultimate winner...just watch how I play you..." I said to myself after I walked away from the main gate. I brought out my mobile phone from my pocket and dialed a number from the contact list.

"...yes hello, this is Caden Norman..." I started cheerfully before I continued walking back home.

* * * * * *

I walked into the company's building and as usual, I headed straight to Blayze's office. On getting there, I realised Blayze's annoying secretary was nowhere to be found. entrance for me. I opened the door to Blayze office and walked in only to realise that even Blayze wasn't in his office. I gently shut the door behind me. I walked up to the sofa and had my seat before crossing my leg. Well...the fun is about to begin.

Blayze's P.O.V

" Make sure you complete that and have it sent to my office. " I told one of my employees as I was leaving the meeting room and with Lisa behind me, we headed back to my office.

" Lis

inch between us and each time I took a glance into her was as if she is feeling almost the exact same way that I am feeling right now and that we were somehow connecting...I don't really know what's going on with me but all I really and deeply want to do was kiss her cherry looking lips...

" Sir I got you..." Lisa's voice rang in my head as soon as she walked into my office as if bringing me back to my senses.

God! What I'm I doing?

I immediately pushed Caden away from me and she fell on the sofa she had earlier been sitting on.

" I...I'm sorry sir for interrupting..."

" No, no..."

" No sir, I can come back later. I can see that you're busy..."

" No, no, no...just...say what you're here for. " I told her almost feeling embarrassed myself.

" I...I just wanted to give you...the cup of black coffee you had asked me to get." She said as she walked up to me and handed me the cup.

" Um...thanks. " I told her before she nodded, slightly took one look at Caden before quickly turning and walking out.

This is so embarrassing!

I felt the phone that I had just collected from Caden being snatched from my hand. I turned only to meet Caden holding it in her hands with furrowed eyebrows at me. She looked...angry. We both couldn't seem to look straight into each other's eyes.

She picked up her handbag before walking past me and towards the door. Something in me wanted to stop her and drag her back into my arms...that's not a good thought.

She stopped when she was in front of the door.

" By the way...I'm going to make Mia my assistant. " she said without turning to me and I gave the fastest reply that I could think of.

"Whatever. " I told her before she then opened the door and left my office. Suddenly...I began to feel deserted and empty after she left.

What the heck is going on with me!? I've never felt this way before and not...not towards Caden! Whatever that's's not healthy for me at all.

" What is wrong with you Blayze? " I asked myself in a low voice before I drank a sip from my coffee.

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