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   Chapter 30 Take it easy.

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I was in his car and it felt wierder than earlier today. The ride home was quiet as I stared out through the window until the car bumped sending us kind of hopping on our seat before the ride continued.

I saw Blayze's hand on the other side of my seat and I couldn't help relaxing a bit backwards as I stared at him in surprise. My heart beat suddenly increased. He was actually drawing the seat belt to buckle it up for me and this surprised me. My heartbeat wasn't letting me think straight. Our hands sort of brushed which sent fireworks shooting up my body. This was really getting dangerous. After he was done with buckling me up, he said something totally confusing.

" We wouldn't like people to keep asking questions as to what happened to did you get hurt, would we?" He said without looking into my eyes before he withdrew.

What is wrong with me? Any time he's very close, I suddenly lose my power of concentration and speech. I start to feel like a remoted puppet. Someone who can't utter a word up to him...this is strange. Caden get your acts together!

" You...really didn't have to...just let me answer their questions." I told him proudly without turning to him in order to show him that he hasn't won me yet.

He didn't reply so I guess the conversation for tonight is over.

I came out of the bathroom all freshened up and dressed in my pyjamas. I turned only to find out that Blayze was nowhere in the room. Anyway...better for me. There was a knock on the door and I went to get it.

A maid stood in front of me in her usual uniform.

" Yes?" I asked her.

" I am here to tell you that the table has been set...please come down for dinner. " she said nicely and I nodded to her.

" And Blayze? Have you told him? " I asked her as she was about to turn and leave.

" Yes ma, I have but he said he's not eating and I should go ahead and tell you instead. "

" Really? " I asked her and she nodded.

" So...where's he?" I asked her.

"He's in his study room. " she answered, I bit my lower lip as an idea came into my head.

" will have to do something for me. " I told her as I gestured to her to come closer so I can tell her what it is.

"Knock knock." I said as I opened the door and knocked as well. Blayze raised his eyes to me. As usual, he was seated in front of his table with his eyes glued to the screen and several papers in his left hand.

He didn't say a thing except stare at me.

to help you...."

" I don't need any of your help. I never needed one before and I never stick to your own business and help need it more than anyone else. " he told me coldly that I couldn't help but stare at me. There was a sudden nudge of sadness and anger behind my head but I decided to bite it in. My motto in this house and this marriage is to make sure that I do not let anything Blayze does get to me.

" Maybe I'm not as stinking rich as you are but I know my place and I am not stupid...don't take me for granted. " I told him the honest truth in the easiest way I could explain it to him.

" Really? " He asked me with raised eyebrows.

" Yes...really. " I told him with a smile on my face before I tried again to get on the bed but he blocked me with his leg.

" I mean it Caden. " he told me with a serious look in his eyes. Something told me he meant it and I better succumb now but way will I succumb to Blayze...I am not his puppet but no problem...there are special ways to deal with Blayze.

" really want to sleep on this big bed alone while I sleep on a crampy sofa...fine...fine...that's no problem..." I told him as I picked up the pillow from the floor and walked up to the sofa.

"...but remember this Blayze...what you did just now will surely cost you dearly...mark my words." I told him with a smile before I layed down on the sofa. It wasn't even long enough to contain the entire lenght of my body but no problem...Caden never gives up and she shall exact her revenge.

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