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   Chapter 26 Persuasion is the key 2

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After I was done dressing up, I took a look at my reflection in the mirror.

Love it. I really needed to wear something free and comfortable. I brushed my hair and let it fall on my shoulders before I quickly put on my stud earrings. I hate being guarded up and down but I miss my family and friends so much that I'm so happy to be going out even if I have to be drived around.

Finally, I stood in front of Mia's apartment. I knocked twice before she opened the door.

" Look who's here! The new bride of Blayze Norman. " she exclaimed happily before we hugged and then she let me in.

" When did you get back? " she asked as she handed me a cup of water.

"Yesterday. " I told her before I began to drink down some water.

"So am I expecting a godson very soon..."

I coughed almost choking on the water I was drinking.

" Are you okay? " Mia asked as she rubbed my back. When I finally got myself, I hit her hard on the arm that she yelled in pain.

" Sometimes you talk nonsense way too much..."

" What? What wrong did I say? Aren't you married? Then you went on a honeymoon. What I'm I suppose to say then?" I just remembered that Mia doesn't have any idea of the kind of marriage Blayze and I are in.

" Anyway forget it...let's just forget that whole have you been doing? "

"Well...same old story...I haven't found a replaceable job. Caden is Blayze really not going to release our work place? " she asked me worriedly. I could see how much she needs her work back even I want to work again. I didn't go to high school and college for nothing. My efforts can't be a waste just like that.

" He's proving stubborn but you don't worry...I just came up with a great plan on how to forcefully get what I want from him...they say that if you bring a horse to the stream but it still refuses to drink water then you wipe him really hard so he learns his lesson. " I told her as I thought out every step in my mind.

" Um...Caden...I'm pretty sure that nobody says what you just said. " Really Mia!? You had to spoil this mood.

I gave her a look.

"Okay...fine, I leave everything in your hands. " she told me.

" You don't worry. I promise to give you a job very soon. " I told her with a smile and she smiled back as I drank down the remaining water.


hook if they look at what she just did as an insult..."

" She is very funny. " he said and they all smiled while nodding.

" Yes...and she is very pretty."

Who? Caden?

The rest of the meeting weirdly went well and before I knew it, the deal was signed. As everyone left, I stayed back and personal shaked the Chinese investors one by one.

Caden surprisingly came back in and stood beside me with a huge smile on her face. What is she up to? Why is she behaving this way.

" ( thank you all for coming and I do hope you had a nice stay here in America. Please do have a nice trip back to China. ) " She surprisingly spoke Chinese to them and I was left staring at her.

The investors looked impressed as they laughed and spoke back to her in Chinese and she replied before they all laughed together. I was now looking like the third wheel party here.

" Mr Norman, your wife here speaks pretty good Chinese...she was just telling me that she knows of a good Chinese restaurant here in New York after I told her just how much I miss Chinese food. "


I am an African writing this story n I am just trying my best so if there is anyone offended by my way i write or feels that I'm sort of discriminating or being a racist then please I'm sorry. Forgive me because I never planned on doing that. I'm just trying here n don't forget to point out my mistake. If you are annoyed so much then just private message me about my fault n where it is.

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