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   Chapter 25 Persuasion is the key

Devil for a husband By Mercy kalu Characters: 6159

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I slowly fluttered my eyes open. I took a look around with sleepy eyes before I realised it was still dark. It wasn't day break yet. I wonder what just happened that made my nose itch me. I rubbed the tip of my nose again and that's when I realised my leg had actually crossed the boundary.

I quickly drew it back to my side and took a look at Blayze. I sighed a sigh of relief when I realised that he was asleep. I gently put my head back on the pillow. I couldn't help but stare at his face.

I stretched my hand and put it in front of his lips.

" Oh look at me, I'm Blayze, everyone must obey me, blah blah blah. " I said in a whisper as I tried to mimic him talking. I laughed at my own stupid joke as I covered my mouth with my hands.

Afterwards, I gently drew closer till my face was just an inch away from mine. I rose my head up and rested my body's upper weight on my left hand's elbow. I saw myself sniffing his hair.

"Even his hair smells so good." I said in a whisper mischievously to myself before I brought my other hand and actually touched his black hair, sort of strand by strand. I have to be careful before he wakes up.

I brought my hand to his eyebrows.

" This eyebrows...this eyebrows that got me embarrassed..." I took a look at the time and saw that it was after one in the morning.

"....yesterday're lucky you still look so good but your owner is very can change him for me, can't you? Of course you can...I'll leave it all in your hands..." What is wrong with me?

" Oh my goodness, I'm talking to an eyebrow. " I told myself in a whisper on realisation of what I was doing. I better stop now before I go insane.

I softly swiped his eyebrows before I laid my head on the pillow still close to him so I can stare at his face...I don't have any answer right now..

lled him as I quickly ran to his front and placed both of my hands on his chest to stop him from moving any further. I wasn't going to bark down without a good fight.

He looked down at my hands on his chest and then back to me. I get that look. I gave a fake smile as I slowly withdrew my hands.

" Blayze..." i started as i tried to say something but then remembered we weren't alone.

"...Blayze my dear husband maybe...maybe you could...could reconsider your decision a little...right? My dear husband...sometimes...sometimes I might need to do a little jogging around...exercises are good so please...please reconsider. " I begged him as I smoothed his suit with my hands. He took hold of both of my hands then put them down.

" can let her out when she wants to jog." He told the gate man before leaving.

" Thank you Mr husband. " I told him with a smile as I stood by the door and waved him goodbye even as he got into the car.

I turned happily. I've pulled one over him.

I put the brush into my mouth. I noticed some of the maids were staring at me. I get it, I look a mess. I smiled to them before running upstairs.

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