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   Chapter 23 What is going on

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"What happened to you? " Blayze asked to my surprise. It wasn't his question that really surprised me but the look in his eyes and sound in his voice. It was as if he really...really cared. No...that can't be. I drew my hand away from him.

"It's none of your business! It's not like you'll ever care even if I was to faint right away so leave me alone. " I told him tiredly before I turned again to leave but instead he grabbed my hand again to twirl round to face him. He dragged me towards the sofa and had me sit down.

" Just stay quiet." He told me wierdly before he went away.

What was his problem? He was really acting strangely.

He came back in with a first aid box in his hand.

" Let me see." He told me after he took his seat as well and poured some spirit into a piece of cotton wool.

" I don't need your pity Blayze. I can very well take care of myself..."

" It's not pity. It's trying to clear my name. I wouldn't want people outside to see your elbow like that and think her husband doesn't care."

" Well isn't it true? You don't care..."

" Ahhh! Easy!" I exclaimed at him after he turned my arm to rub the cotton on the wound without my permission.

It was really beginning to pepper and hurt very much that I had to blow on it with my other hand and mouth. He pushed my hand away and came closer as he surprisingly started to blow at it with his mouth.

I stared at him with wide eyes as he blew. Slowly, I stopped blowing as I stared at him. Blayze...was helping me!? The more he blew, the more it felt cold. It was as if the air from him was magic. I couldn't help staring at him and wondering what was going on?

He raised his eyes to meet mine while he still blew. At this moment, there was something definitely different about him. Slowly he stopped blowing and drew his eyes away from mine. After he was done cleaning it up, he put on a plaster neatly. I stared at it as I rubbed on it. He packed everything up and stood up to leave.

" Thank you. " I quickly told him, he stopped for a second before he quickly left.

Whatever it may be that anyone could say to me...from now on, I believe there is some good in Blayze. I think he does care afterall. My normal self was back again as I smiled and stared at the brown plaster on my elbow.

* * * * *

I walked towards the dinning table after being told that food was ready. I met Blayze already seated and I took my seat beside him.

" Wow! Are two of us the only ones really going to eat all this food?" I asked in surprise as I saw so much food that was in display.

" It's better you stop talking and eat." Blayze told me rudely as he was already eating. Okay, I get it, he was back to himself.

"That's bad manners Blayze. " I told him and he raised his eyes to glare at me. I really don't care about his glares anymore.

" You very well know that I'm going

" Don't worry...I'm not so wicked as to play with your hunger." She told me before she turned and walked out of the study room and in a second, she came back with another tray and placed it on the table after removing the other one.

"This...this is the original one..." she told me but I couldn't help glaring at her. She just made me look like a fool.

" Okay, fine..." she uncovered the plate and indeed food was in it. The aroma of the food hit my nostrils.

" See...I'm telling the truth this time around...I did all that because I wanted to check if you really are hungry and so I don't embarass myself..."

" Leave and take everything you brought in here with you. " I told her and slowly her smile varnished but then it came back again and this time around, broader.

" Okay, I'll leave and leave this food right here with you. Goodnight for real. " She said in a wierd manner before she carried the other tray and left.

I can't believe she did this! I wanted to ignore the food and work but the aroma of the food suddenly smelt really nice and so good. It was beginning to make my mouth water and my stomach grumble. I really haven't eaten all day. I took another look at the door and no sign of her so I picked up the spoon and gently uncovered the food. I scooped some with the spoon and into my mouth.

" Got you!" Caden's voice suddenly rang close to the door as she opened it wider. I immediately dropped the spoon to pretend but it was too late. She laughed hilariously.

" Oh're really a funny person. " she said while laughing before she turned and left closing the door behind her.

What's gotten into her today? Why was she playing so much and using me as her play toy? Remembering her laughter sort of raised a smile at the corner of my lips before I continued eating.

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