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   Chapter 22 Confused

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I walked into the building after deciding to leave everything that happened with Caden at home alone.

I really wasn't aiming for that sentence but there was nothing that I could have done so quickly. I was running late in attending to work stuff. I need to deal with that man and I need to put things in order or the company might just lose a lot of money.

"Please sir, forgive me. I did it all for the betterment of this company. " Mr Jay Thakur begged with an Indian accent as he kneeled on the floor with both of his hands together.

" Who exactly I'm I Mr Thakur? " I purposely asked him.

" You're Mr Blayze Norman. The CEO and president of this company. "

" And you? Who are you in this company? "

" I...I'm just the foreign affairs manager."

" Good..." I told him before I stood up from where I leaned on my table in my office.

" You Mr Jay Thakur knew all that but yet you went ahead and planned a meeting without my consent." I told him as I walked around him.

Only I, he, James and two security guards that was in here.

" How much did Reling Enterprises pay you to salvatage everything?" I asked him as I stood in front of him with my hands in my pockets.

" sir..."

" Do you actually know that I can throw you in jail for all you've done? "

" Please sir, please don't do that sir...I...I collected...a million." He finally confessed in tears.

I squatted in front of him.

" If there's anything Mr Thakur that I hate most in the world...that is betrayal...Mr Jay have betrayed me and you must be punished...Instead of throwing you in jail, I've decided to throw you out of this company without a dime from me...afterall, you've collected much from my enemies...take him away. " I ordered the security guards.

He wept as he held my leg.

" Please sir, please sir have mercy...I have a wife and children to support. They won't be able to take in all that has happened and would I face them? Please sir forgive me..."

" Take him away! " I ordered the guards as I tried to draw my leg away from him. They struggled but finally caught hold of

ul and today her snoring sounded sort of peaceful to me. I couldn't help but squat in front of her as I stared at her face. As she breathed out, a small strand of her hair on her face moved as well. I saw myself stretching my hand towards her and I gently pushed the hair behind her ear and there...I could see her face clearly. Her petite but beautiful looking face. I gently stroke her cheek and she slowly flinched. As soon as she was about to open her eyes, I immediately stood up straight and looked away.

Slowly she woke up and took a look at me with sleepy eyes.

" What...what do you think you're doing sleeping on my sofa?" I purposely started.

"Do you have any idea how much this sofa cost..."

" Blayze please...I'm not in the mood to argue with you. " She said as she stood to her feet and I could notice from her face that she really wasn't the same challenging Caden that was there this morning.

"You want me to say it right? Fine, I'm sorry that a nobody like me slept on your very expensive sofa." She told me before turning to leave. As I watched her, I noticed something on her elbow...a wound and it was still bleeding.

I immediately stretched out my hand without thinking and took hold of her hand to make her turn.

" What happened to you!?" I asked her worriedly and she just stared at me with wide eyes.

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