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   Chapter 19 Oops!

Devil for a husband By Mercy kalu Characters: 6725

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I stretched and yawned as I gently woke up. I shut my eyes at the bright light for the first time before i managed to open it again. The day was bright and clear. The rain had passed. I tried to seat up and that's when I noticed a suit on me. I didn't bring any coat or whatsoever. My sweater was wet and I had to even take it off so whose is this? I turned to Blayze who was still asleep with his arms folded and resting on his chest.

Will it really kill him if he just relaxes? I sniffed the suit and it smelled just like Blayze's perfume...of course its his but...but how did it get on me? I didn't take it and Blayze...Blayze couldn't have possibly put it on me on purpose...or could he? Why? Does he actually care about me? Really!? I'm confused but yet...strangely happy about it.

I saw myself sniffing the suit once more before I smiled to myself. You do have a soft side to you Blayze afterall.

I drew my face closer to his. I wanted to observe every feature on his face for no real reason at all and again...I know that was strange. Anyway, better do it now than when he wakes up and get all cold and icy again. I just wouldn't want to take a look at his face.

I stared at his face starting from his forehead.

" How can someone keep such a straight face even while asleep? " I wondered to myself in a whisper. His eyebrows looked a little bit scattered. It won't hurt to adjust them.

I stretched my hand and slowly brought it towards his eyebrow...he immediately opened his eyes. I felt frozen at the moment with wide eyes. How would this look like to him? My face is just four inches away from his and my inch away from his left eyebrow! Oh this is so embarrassing! There was silence as if time had frozen between us for about a second before I quickly drew my hand away and turned my head away from him to finally look straight.

Oh dear lord! I bit my lower lip in regret to my action. I have to change the topic or just say something to lighten the awakward mood.

I turned

and scooped quite a handful of mud into my hands.

" What are you doing? " He asked with furrowed eyebrows.

" ...With you!" I completed my sentence as I threw the mud at his sky blue shirt.

It was a huge mess. Oh yea! Strike one for Caden.

He gasped with wide eyes and seeing the huge stain on his shirt.

" Caden! " He yelled my name angrily.

" What...oh wait I'm sorry. Let me get that for you. " I told him with a fake sorry face as I got closer and rubbed my hands on his shirt.

" Oh yes...that sure feels good, doesn't it? " I told him as kept rubbing my muddy hands on his shirt.

" Stop! " he ordered as he took hold of my arm. I actually stopped but stared at him loathely in the eyes. He was angry. I know he is. He bent and scooped mud into his hand and poured on my head.

Okay, that's it! I immediately used all of my might and pushed him. He would have survived but he lost his balance and fell right ob th mud with his back flat. I gasped as I laughed. I wasn't really planning for him to get so much mud on but now he actually has it on...its fun and funny.

He quickly sat up and drew my arm making me fall right into the mud as well. Well...this was going to be a mud fight or should I say...mud bath.

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