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   Chapter 16 Mistake!

Devil for a husband By Mercy kalu Characters: 5946

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" Oh my goodness! " Gloria exclaimed as soon as she walked into my room and saw me in the state of leaning on the wall upside down with my head resting on the pillow which was on the bare floor and my legs upwards.

" What you doing dear?" Gloria asked in a nice soft caring tone as she helped me turn back to my usual normal position.

"What's wrong?" She asked as she saw my expression. I guess it was evident that I wasn't okay.

" Gloria I...I feel really restless...I feel bad."

" And that's why you stay in that position? " She asked me she straightened my hair with her fingers.

I nodded.

" makes me feel better and think clearly than in my normal state...Gloria I feel so bad. I really can't explain it but...I think I might have said something hurtful to Blayze that triggered a very hurtful past memory...I didn't even feel this way when he told me I was going to marry him whe..." I looked up to her and remembered she didn't know anything. She was so nice and motherly and I really wanted to confide in her but I just couldn't.

" What I mean is that I'm not okay...I don't know what to do that would make everything better." I told her.

" Appologise. "

" Sorry what?"

"Sorry...say sorry to him. Tell him how much you love him and how much he means to you. " Gloria finished with a smile.

" O-k-a-y...I guess...anyway thanks for paying attention to my un understandable problem. " I thanked her.

" You're welcome child anytime. "

* * * * * * *

I peeped through the door of his study room. He sat on his chair staring at a paper in his hand. He didn't look like he was much interested in the content of the paper. If i have to become restful again then I'll have to appologise and see whether it works. I took in a deep breath

g for something.

'Caden turn right now and pretend you never saw anything!' My subconscious mind ordered me but I couldn't.

My eyes were wide open in surprise. I've never seen Blayze shirtless before. He was always putting on a suit or shirt but to my surprise he has a very great body. One of a model. I'm pretty sure any of his women fans would be really happy to see this. I really didn't expect him to have a terrible body neither did I expect it to be this good. It looks like he really works out. He turned his head towards my direction once and turned back before he turned back to me again.

'I'm dead'

He walked towards me showing off his six packs. I was definitely going to get it from him. I should just run like any normal human being, right? But no, I remained glued to my position for some wierd reason. He was getting closer and as I waited for his abuses, the next thing I saw was the slam of the door on my face. He actually slammed the door on my face. I slowly turned away.

" Oh my goodness I married a hunk!"

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