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   Chapter 15 A step

Devil for a husband By Mercy kalu Characters: 7107

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Caden P.O.V

I yawned as I rose up my head and also opened my eyes. I felt a really stinging pain in my neck. I cringed as I rubbed my neck. I looked around and realised I was still in his study.

"Well done Caden. " I whispered to myself as I noticed I had kept my word on staying here. I looked up and saw Blayze standing about some meters away in front of me going through a book he picked up from the shelf. I noticed that he was really engrossed in it. I managed to get up even as I felt the cramp in my legs and the cringing pain in my neck. I kept rubbing the back of my neck as I walked up to him. I stood beside him.

" I'm sure by now you must have changed your mind. " I told him with all assurance as I kept rubbing the back of my neck. He ignored me. Well, I'm too far in to stop now. He walked away to another shelf. I followed him.

" You can really make this easy Blayze by just saying the words, 'release her building'. That's really all you have to say. " I told him as I now stood in front of him. He ignored me again and walked up to another shelf where he picked up another book and kept the other one.

"Really Blayze you don't want to release my workplace? You know this can go on and go on. I don't mind the pain. I'll just bite it through just to frustrate you and so long as you refuse to release my workplace. I will continue to stick around you like super glue and I know you'll definitely not like that, right? " I told him and immediately he shut the book with a thud. I could finally see it, the flames, the anger surrounding him. He slowly looked up to me and I could have sworn I literally saw fire. It was clear evidence that he was angry. Most people will throw tantrums when they're angry but not Blayze Norman. He was the only man that I've seen with so much anger in him and yet he still manages to remain his cool.

"Are you done!?" He spoke out by literally picking the words one after the other which surprised me. That was definitely not the reply I was looking forward to. He walked away back to his table. He stood there sorting some papers in his hands.

" Normally a perso

look at yourself Blayze...take a look at your life...You are already a monster...what normal human being would do the things you do. For more wealth and power, you married a woman you know absolutely nothing about, you mistreat people...what of if I was a murderer or even worst a serial killer then what? You don't care about anyone's feelings and you do whatsoever you feel like doing...You are a monster Blayze. " I told him before I walked past him and left the office.

" Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! " I exclaimed as I rested on a wall with my hands on my chest to calm my beating heart. I was literally scared out of my wits.

" I can't believe I just spoke to Blayze Norman like that and he didn't say reply, no threats, no beating...just a blank expression...What's that supppse to mean...was I too harsh in calling him a monster but that's how he behaves...he started this first. All he had to do was release my workplace...there was something definitely up about his eyes." I spoke to myself in a whisper. I decided to take a look at him. I gently opened the door and to my surprise, I saw him sitting on the sofa with his head in his hands. He...looked...miserable.

My heart started to beat faster than usual and the wierd thing was that I wasn't scared anymore so why beat this way.

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