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   Chapter 13 Dealing with the devil

Devil for a husband By Mercy kalu Characters: 6403

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" And if I refuse?" I saw myself challenging him. Me Caden, challenging Blayze Norman! I might have a little bit petite but I'm not one to be kicked around as football.

" Get up..." he grabbed my wrist to raise me up forcefully.

" Don't do that! " I warned him as I struggled to get his hand off my wrist.

" I thought you said you wouldn't touch me...well are you taking advantage of this situation? " I blurted out. He stopped for a second and stared at me in a way that if only looks could kill then I would have been dead by now. He slowly let go of my wrist and took a step backward. He put his hands in his pockets. I rubbed my poor wrist and gently lay back down.

" I wonder how your father would feel if he found out tomorrow that his company would be mine...."

" Seriously Blayze!? Please don't play with my father's sweat...okay let's do it this way...why don't I just lay here for sometime till I'm sleepy then I'll leave. It's lonely and boring in my room..."

" No! I'm very busy and I don't need any distraction..."

" So you do admit that I'm attractive. I'm so attractive that you wouldn't be able to focus if I'm here." Caden keep going!

" No!"

"No? Prove it...prove that I'm not attractive to you in anyway by letting me stay here. " I told him without even being sure that this tactic would work. He was silent for a while giving me death glares. The worst part was that he never left his cool zone.

He suddenly took a step closer and bent a bit as he drew closer and closer.

" W-what are you doing? " I had to ask him.

" Have your fun now 'cause very soon...I'll be the one having fun in watching your family suffer. " he told me in a whisper that I could almost feel his hot breath on my face which sent strange shivers down my spine. He gently drew away before he turned and walked back to his table. He took his seat and continued his work.

I won!? I seriously w

ack to work. He did not eat anything last night and now nothing again. That poor man, nobody to talk to. " Gloria said sadly before she picked up the cup.

" No one to talk to? What about his family? Father, mother, siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, nephews? "

" They not around. " Gloria said before she turned towards the kitchen. I suddenly became very curious. I immediately stood up and followed her.

" What do you mean by...they're not around? " I asked her as she dropped the cup and saucer on the table in the kitchen. She looked up to me.

" You don't know anything? Master Blayze told you nothing upon you be his wife?"

" course he did. I think I just forgot...okay I'll go to my room. " I told her with an unjust smile. I was doing it again. I was lying to her and it's frustrating. I just hope my effect doesn't come very soon.

" You hungry?" Gloria asked me before I could leave the kitchen. I turned to her with a smile.

" It's like you know me very well. " I told her as I happily walked up to her and took my seat. She set all Blayze's untouched food in front of me and I immediately dug in. I must admit that I have a large appetite. I'm always ready to eat.

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