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   Chapter 12 The fake honeymoon 2

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" This is where you'll be sleeping." He told me after I stared round the room. I'll be Wait! I turned back to him.

" And you? " I asked him with raised eyebrows.

Instead of just answering the question clear and understandable. He took a few steps closer to me still with his hands in his pockets. At this moment I wished I could read his mind but no, his face and expression was still as cold and unpenetrateable as ever.

"We're only married on paper and in the eyes of everyone but in truth...I don't know you and I don't want to get to know you. All you have to do is play your role as my wife in the eyes of everyone but in reality, don't ever try to come close to we can never share the same room...this honeymoon is just to make things look real and nothing more. Mind your business and I'll mind mine. Don't touch any of my stuff and you won't hear from me...understood!?" He asked and all I could do was gently nod as I began to realise there was a lot of bitter in this man. A man who just wants to isolate his life from the world and can be as heartless as to marry a woman he doesn't love just to please the world and increase his business profits. Suddenly all I had was pity for this man.

He soon turned and left the room without saying anymore words.

" Seriously all he had to say was 'no, I'll be sleeping in another hard is that? " I told myself as I imagined him using less threatening words and more relatable ones.

"Anyway whatever!" I said before I slumped on the bed and lay flat on my back.

" I'm just glad we're not sharing a room together and living like husband and wife...seriously I wouldn't be able to do it." I said to myself after I sighed.

My stomach grumbled. Everywhere was already so dark outside and I barely ate anything at the wedding. I was too upset and uptight to eat and now I'm deeply hungry.

" Caden can't you just hold it in?" I begged myself but my stomach made the answer 'no' clearly by grumbling more. Okay, I hear you!

I got up from the bed and made my way out of the room. The only problem here is that I don't know where the kitchen is. This is supposed to be a cabin but from within it looks almost like a mini mansion.

Before I could get lost, I saw an average looking woman carrying two shopping bags in her hands so I decided to follow her. She walked directly into the kitchen. I stood just right outside the kitchen watching her. Here is the kitchen but yet I'm having trouble walking into it, why? I don't know why.

Caden just go in, make friends, eat something since Mr Rude husband refused to ask you to then go and rest.

"Hello. " I said happily with a wide smile as I w

something on his table before he turned back to the shelf and his look was still as cold as ever. He was totally iced out and he looked busy...that's good. It will be easy to frustrate him.

I took in a deep breath before I walked in as courageously as possible.

"I must admit..."I started as I walked in and stopped in front of his table. I saw him react as he rose his head away from the book in his hands.

" You've got a nice place here. " I told him as I crossed my arms and the most annoying part was that I was right. This place was beautiful.

He immediately shut the book in his hands that it made a loud thud before he turned.

"What are you doing here? " he asked as coldly and hateful as he could be.

"I don't know...I ask myself that question every second I spend here...seeing your face..." I told him as I began to walk around taking a look at every corner.

" I couldn't really sleep since I do have a conscience so I decided to come and pay a visit to my so-called husband who left me to myself as soon as we got have you eaten? Will you take something? What will you have? Are you okay? Do you need more? You least act a little bit caring...anyway that's old talk...the truth is..."I told him as carefree as I could. I mean why shouldn't I be?

I gently laid on the sofa with my legs on top as well. I took a look at him and he still looked the same. No reaction. No expression.

Caden it's not working...try something else.

I yawned as I streched my hands above my head.

" I'm bored." I told him. He took steps forward and dropped the book in his hands on the table before walking towards me.

" Get up and leave!" He ordered as soon as he stood in front of me.

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