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   Chapter 11 The fake honeymoon

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" I'm going to miss you so much Caden. " Mia said sadly as we hugged. I couldn't help but get teary as well as I hugged all my friends before coming to Joanna. She smiled at me with tears in her eyes. We were never really like most siblings who fought a lot. Jo was not only my sister but was also one of my best of friends and she always tried to cheer me up with a silly jokes. We stood outside the hall in front of a black Mercedes benz car and friends and well wishers came to wish us goodbye.

" Don't forget to call me regularly, okay? " Jo warned me in tears after we were done hugging and I nodded as I smiled and tried to control my tears.

" I will. " I replied to her before going to mum and hugging her. She had her own share of teary eyes. She hugged me so tightly that I thought I wouldn't be able to breath again.

" Please be well my daughter and don't hesitate to call us whenever you need to talk to someone. " mum told me comfortably after we released from the hug to make me feel better. I nodded to her in understanding.

Dad hugged me tightly before he let go.

" Please forgive me my daughter for all the wrong doings I've done...don't forget that you'll always have a place in our home and you'll always be my well." Dad told me and I nodded in tears before we hugged once more.

I felt a hand on my arm and I turned my head to meet Blayze standing beside me.

" We have to go now." He told us calmly but the Blayze I've come to know in this past few days is definitely not okay. If people were not around I'm sure he would have said something threatening.

" Blayze...please...take good care of my daughter. " dad told him and he nodded.

" I'll make sure to take...very good care of her." Blayze said as he stared at me. I had a deep feeling that he meant that sentence in another way.

He directed me towards the car and opened the door for me. I took one more look at my family before I got in. Blayze shut the door. As he went round to the other door, I could feel my eyes burning with more tears and I couldn't help but just ket it all down. I felt really bad. I wanted to get married someday but not leave m


There was a man standing behind Blayze. He was almost dressed like a steward.

" What are you waiting for? Get the bags from the trunk into the house! " He ordered the man before he quickly turned and headed into the cottage.

The man quickly said, "Yes sir." And ran to get our luggage. Blayze didn't even ask me in. He just went in ahead like that. I guess it's up to you Caden to show yourself in.

I took in a deep breath before I followed the same path he followed into the cottage. As soon as I got in I felt a bit warmer. One look at the cottage and it was obvious that a man with wealth had it beautifully decorated. I found myself standing in the sitting room in front of the fireplace admiring the whole cottage.

" Come this way!" I heard Blayze voice order from a little bit farther behind me. I turned only to see him standing in front of an entrance to the room. The door of the room was already open. We aren't really going to be sleeping together in a room, right? Please dear lord, let it not be so...I don't think I can live with this man talk less of sharing a room with him.

" I said come here!" He repeated again but this time around, firmer. I swallowed in the anger I felt when he ordered me. There's no reason to fight with him at this point. I then went forward to where he stood, he walked into the room with his hands in his pockets and I followed him in.

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