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   Chapter 8 Tying the knot!

Devil for a husband By Mercy kalu Characters: 5829

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I stood in my room in front of the huge mirror staring at my reflection. The day had finally reached. The day that I've hoped to someday be the best for me has actually turned out to be my worst nightmare. I looked pretty alright especially because everyone including mum kept telling me that and through my long veil, I could see tears at the corner of her eyes which makes me want to cry as well.

I was dressed in a long body fitted wedding dress. The lower part was almost like a fish tail and the veil was long especially the back side more than the front and it had a little embroidery at its tips. My hair was packed into a long pony tail and the jewellery I had on was only a beautiful golden stud earrings. The bunch of flowers in my hands were white.

" So...ready sis?" Jo asked me as she came and stood beside me. As she wanted, she was my maid of honour and Mia and two of my friends were my bridesmaids. She was smiling but at the same time seemed teary. I took in a deep breath as I felt a sudden cold of fear wash over as I turned to her. I nodded to her.

" Caden. " dad called me from behind and I turned to him. He just stared at me with....with sympathy in his eyes. He looked sad and I just wanted to hug him and tell him that everything would be alright. Marrying Blayze Norman isn't the end of the world for me. I know that someday I'll rise above this situation.

" Everyone...could...could you please wait for me downstairs...please give us a minute. " I told all of them in my room and within two minutes, the room was left with only dad and I. I smiled to him even if my eyes were filled with tears ready to trickle down. Dad smiled back as he came closer and took hold of my hands in his.

" I'm...I'm really so

It hurt me to see the opposite of my dreams.

Blayze on the other hand still had on the same look. How does a person manage to keep the same expression every single day? Come what may...this is my wedding day and I have to at least smile even if I really don't want to.

We stood in front of the priest and as he talked before saying the sermon, my mind wandered away. I kept on thinking what my life would be like after I do say 'I do'. Will I really later become happy or will I forever remain unhappy? Will I eventually get over everything or would...Blayze someday, miraculously win my heart? Are we ever going to live like husband and wife...nahhh! I doubt it. I'll just try my best and play my part in all this. If I really can't handle everything and Blayze doesn't change...I might as well get a divorce...what is wrong with me? I've not even yet said I do and I'm already thinking and planning about divorce but seriously who wouldn't...when you're marrying the devil himself that you might as well become a monster as well.

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