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   Chapter 7 Arrangements

Devil for a husband By Mercy kalu Characters: 10966

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Caden P.O.V

I rolled on the bed and covered myself properly with the duvet to keep myself warm. I was seriously tired from the whole chaos yesterday. I suddenly heard the door bell ring and I relaxed more since Lilian would see who it is but still I heard it ring again and again.

" Lilian! " I yelled her name from my room where I laid on the bed but there was no response.

"Lilian...Lilian. " I yelled again but no reply.

" God where on earth is this woman? " I whispered to myself as I forced myself to get up then down from the bed. I walked all the way downstairs without taking a look at myself in the mirror. There was still no sign of Lilian and dad has already gone to work. Jo has gone to school already and mum had stepped out to see someone so where is Lilian?

While still scratching my head and yawning from tiredness I opened the door only to meet Blayze's secretary standing right in front of me and another neatly dressed woman behind her. She rolled her eyes away from me and looked around instead. Something about her gesture told me that something was wrong...with me? She cleared her throat.

" Mr Norman sent me here." She said as she then decided to speak ahead.

"Really? What does Mr high and mighty want now?" I asked her nonchalantly as I folded my arms.

" This is Jennifer Alistair and she's here to help and direct you. Mr Blayze wants you to get ready you're going to spend the day with Jennifer. There's a lot to do today and the date is finally set for the on the twenty-fourth..."

" No way! That's in three days time! " I exclaimed in surprise as I unfold my hands.

" You better get your acts together...those were his words not mine...I have to run back to the office and I'm leaving Jennifer with you." I snorted after she said the part that those were Blayze's words then soon after Lisa left.

"I'm Caden Carter and I'm sorry that you're stuck with me." I appologised to Jennifer as I let her into the house and shut the door behind me.

" It's okay and besides it's my job." Jennifer told me in a sweet voice as I offered her a seat in the sitting room.

" So...what do I offer you? Soft drink, a cup of water or a cup of tea, coffee? " I asked her but she just shook her head.

" please I'm full but thank you for the offer." She said nicely with a smile.

" Are you sure? " I asked her once more and she nodded.

" Don't worry about me. I'm okay. " she told me.

" Oh...okay. please just give me some time and I'll go take my bathe and change into something better" I told her and she nodded and then I quickly went upstairs and changed.


We've already been to almost all the shops there is and my feets were killing me. I mean I don't get it! Why get so ready for a wedding you didn't even want in the first place? I've already pleaded to her for us to stop and continue tomorrow but she refuses...she's scared of Blayze and I understand she doesn't want to lose her job. Here I am, standing in a bridal shop and getting my measurements done.

" Are we done now? I really want to leave. " I told her as I sighed after being measured. Jennifer turned to me.

"Almost...we still have to head to the cake shop and...and we have to check out the hall and..."

" Are yo

lowed but she couldn't catch up to Blayze even I was having a hard time walking. Before I knew it, he opened the door to the passenger's seat in front and forced me to get in then shut the door and then walked all the way to the other and got in. He started the car and drove off.

" Stop this car this minute! You have no right to treat me like this! You have no right to drag me like better stop this car this minute Blayze!" I ranted on until he finally drove into a corner and parked then took off his seat belt and immediately turned to me. He leaned closer making me push my head backwards to rest between my seat and the window.

He stared at me hard and annoyingly as if he could borrow right into my soul. The worst part was that he was really close and I could feel my heart beating but I didn't know if it was because of fear or something else.

"You listen and listen very carefully to me...Caden...when I say you should do something then you should really do it...I sent Jennifer to you and you neglected my orders and walked away..."

" I...I just simply thought that there was no need in wasting time in planning a lie that will never last." I spoke back to him but I could feel that my voice wasn't as smooth as it was before. It sounded more coarse and out of place in my own Caden! You can't be weak in front of this man.

"You leave that decision to me...I will never let you go because you said so. I always get what I want and you, Caden Carter is going to become my wife and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it...always remember your father before you take any stupid move." He told me coldly and I found myself swallowing hot saliva. I suddenly felt so helpless and speechless after he mentioned dad. Blayze's eyes always told me a story of how mean he was and his every word had a hint of willingness. He turned back to the road and put on his seat belt then reared the gear and drove off.

How was this chapter? I hope it wasn't so boring...I just wanted to emphasise a little on their lives before marriage but please stay tuned and I'll try and heat things up a bit...please don't forget to vote and comment...thanks.?

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