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   Chapter 6 Storyline.

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Caden P.O.V

I walked into his company confidently putting on a navy blue long sleeve dress, a golden chain necklace with matching stud earrings and a golden coloured bangles. I was also putting on a golden coloured stilletoe heels and a navy blue handbag. As I approached Blayze's secretary...yes it's true, I finally know his name and his name suits his personality. As I approached his secretary and before I opened my mouth to say anything, she just told me right this way with a smile that I clearly know is not from her heart. She most probably despise me now because of the whole scenario yesterday.

"Brace yourself and make sure you look good. " she told me which I felt was strange. What was the need for that? She then turned the door knob and the door opened, as soon as I took a step in I felt a swarm of flash lights hit my eyes.

What's going on here? I wondered as I took a proper look. There were reporters everywhere taking pictures of me.

Could someone please tell me what's going on? As if someone read my mind, I felt a hand slide onto my waist. I turned my head only to see Blayze right by my side, holding me closer as if there was really something between us as he stared ahead to the press in front of us. I'm not going to stand for this. I struggled to get free but his grip was strong and he grew closer that I unknowingly felt my heartbeat increase.

" Stay put and look good if you want to save your father. " he whispered into my ear which slowly left me kind of paralysed. I just saw myself standing there beside him and smiling when it's not even from my heart.


We two sat in front of the press as we got ready to answer the questions they were ready to throw at us. The funny part is that my heart is refusing to step back into its usual beating rate. Was it because he was too close?

" When did you two first meet?

" In an elevator. "

" At a meeting. " Blayze and I spoke suddenly at the same time and ended up saying different things.

Blayze turned to me and gave me an annoying look...well I'm annoyed with you too if you do not know.

"We met in an elevator after having a meeting. " Blayze spoke and it was amazing how h


He pushed me to sit on the sofa in his office and finally let go of my hand. I saw myself panting a bit. He paced to and fro in front of me.

" What you did today is wrong? "

"Just shut up!" He snapped at me and continued pacing.

How dare he!? I just told the biggest lie in my life because of him! I gently stood up to my feet and left my hand bag on the sofa.

" What in the world is your problem? You made me put on all that charade in front of the press and now you're putting on another act in front of me...what exactly is your problem? " I asked him out of frustration. He stopped pacing and turned to me with his hand in his pockets.

" Be quiet." He told me in a suddenly cool manner but that didn't stop me from almost exploding in anger.

" Don't tell me what to do? " I warned him angrily. He took steps closer and I took one backward which made me fall back on the sofa.

" No matter what you do...I've set my mind on making you mine so don't forget that...ever." he told me coldly which left me in a confused state. What exactly did I do in front of the press that wasn't what he wanted? What's his problem? What's he scared of?

I picked up my handbag and stood up after he took a step backward.

"No matter what you do...I can never truly be yours. " I told him the sentimental truth then I walked away leaving him to his mystery thoughts.

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