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   Chapter 5 Him.

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Caden P.O.V

I stepped down from my car and locked it afterwards with the remote. I headed straight to the door of my home. I pressed the bell and soon after the door opened.

" Welcome ma." Lilian our one and only maid servant greeted me and offered to carry my handbag but I just shook my head at her.

" Thank you but I'll do it myself. " I told her then walked past her and headed for the stairs. All I want to do now is just lie on my bed and for a single minute at least forget everything that has just happened to me today.

"Sis." I heard Joanna call me and I turned my head to the direction of her voice. My seventeen year old sis was in her last year in high school. She was the same height with me. The same colour of hair except she made hers into wavy. People said we looked much alike and I agree with them except I was the older version of her and she took after dad's eyes. I had hazel green eyes. She was standing close to the sitting room and was putting on a sweat shirt, a bum short and tied her hair up into a messy pony tail...huh teenagers. I was once like that.

"Caden..." mum called me as she came out of the sitting room and the expression on her face looked different from her cheerful face. Her eyes suddenly told a tale of sadness. She looked at me with...with pity. Dad suddenly emerged from the sitting room as well and they all stood staring at me with the same look...oh now I get it! Dad must have told them everything.

"Caden honey are you okay? " mum asked as she walked up to me and took my hands in hers and Joanna and dad followed behind her. I hate this look they're all giving me.

" Don't worry Caden. If you don't want to marry him then you don't have to..."

" please think about this very carefully Caden..." dad cut her in, mum then turned to him.

" How can you dare say that to her John? You want her to marry a man we totally know nothing about him..."

" It's not that I want's just. ..we have to save everything we can at this point and..."

" You want to sell my daughter to keep your riches!" Mum suddenly sounded mad. I don't like where this is going. They've never had a serious argument and they can't have one because of me.

" I'm not selling my daughter...I don't know what else to do to save all of us. He's threatening to do a lot of harmful things to our family. "

" I'll like to see him just try!"

" Georgia why can't you just stop being so un understanding? You of all people should know how I feel about all this. You know how much sacrifice I've put in for this company..."

" I know nothing John when it comes to selling my daughter..."

" I'll marry him!" I finally yelled in the middle of their argument.

Everyone became silent. They stared at me with the same look and it was killing me. I just felt like crying but I'm tougher than being a cry baby. I promised myself a long time ago never to be a cry baby. I can't let that man defeat my self esteem at this point.

I sighed.

" I'll marry him because I love you all and I don't want to ruin our lives...I don't want to live for the rest of my life with the fact that I had a chance to save us but I declined because of my own self...besides I have no boyfriend nor fiancé. I'm neither in love with anyone so it's cool...don't worry about me everyone I'll just look at this situation as a challenge. " I told them and tried to smile and assure them that I was okay. They stared at me blankly.

"I'm tired...I'll just retire to my room. " I told them then slowly turned still somehow expecting them to say something but they didn't and that was good so I took off to my room.

I finished having my bath then changed into my pyjamas. I sat on my so

ft bed and stared around my room. My room wasn't actually the fantasy room you'll picture of a princess. It was comfy and special for me. The floor was made of brown shiny tiles, the wall and ceiling were painted white and the view through the glass window was audacious.

There was a knock on the door and I yelled come in. The door gently opened and Joanna stood there starring at me.

"I'm allowed to come in right?" Joanna asked in a cute manner with her hands behind her back.

"I already told you so and besides you're already in." I told her tiredly as I rested my back on the headboard.

She smiled then walked right in then sat on the bed beside me.

" I came to tell you something that I think will make you feel better." Joanna told me with a smile and I managed to smile back. She then brought out a magazine she was hiding in her hands behind her back.

She rose it up to me.

"Here...take a look..." she told me and I looked at the magazine. That good for nothing jerk who wants to ruin my life was in the cover page of AND MEN magazine. He was dressed in a royal blue suit, white shirt and black tie. His black hair was in a nice and kind of sexy mess and as usual he wasn't smiling nor smirking either. He looked focus and the annoying part is that he still managed to look so good.

"He's Blaze Norman, one of the youngest richest business men in the world...he's your husband to be." She told me then giggled and raised her eyebrows at me.

" What? " I asked her not exactly understanding what she wants.

" Oh come on sis! Are you telling me that you're not at least getting turned on by his looks? The guy's damn handsome. Many women would give anything to be in your place. " she told me wide eyed.

" And that's suppose to make me feel better? Jo you have no idea what his personality is matter what you tell me about him...I'm never going to feel good about marrying him...all he has is his money and his looks, besides that he's nothing. " I told her the honest truth. She stared at me blankly without saying a word.

"'ve got some serious issues..."

" I know what we could do...let's switch so you marry him instead of me since you like him so much..."

" No thanks sis." She said as she got down from the bed.

"Anyway remember sis that I'm your one and only chief bridesmaid, okay?" She told me and all I could do was slowly shook my head to her at her oblivious. She had no idea at what exactly I was going through.

"Goodnight Jo." I told her then she smiled and headed to the door.

" I left the magazine so you can at least drool for him" What?

" No. Take your magazine with you!" I yelled to her but she had giggled and quickly gone out and shut the door leaving me back to my thoughts.

I slowly looked down at the magazine on the bed beside me. I picked it up.

" What? What are you staring at huh?" I saw myself talking to the magazine.

"This feels strange...why does he look like he's staring at me?"

" What? You think can manipulate people all the time? Where on earth is my scissors? " I wondered as I searched through the bedside drawer and finally I found it.

" Well...let's see how strong you are...just try and stop me let me see!" I spoke to his image again then immediately I used the scissors and began to cut up the cover of the magazine. I finally dropped the scissors and used mu hands to shred the page instead to little bits. It was pretty difficult but I'm loving it. At least I'm getting rid of my anger. By the time I was done, I was panting and I felt a bit better. If only I can do that to him in person.

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