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   Chapter 4 The confrontation

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Caden P.O.V

" I'm sorry Miss but you really can't go in...Miss..." his secretary argued with me as I continously forced my way past her towards his office.

" Miss...." she tried to stop me but I was faster than her and I was determined to meet that jerk of a man that was hell bent on destroying me. I stormed into his office nonchalantly without giving a damn of what I was doing.

" Please stop Miss...Miss..." she still followed me in and finally came in front of me but it was too late. I was already in his office. I finally took my eyes away from her and down to the man behind her sitting comfortably in his seat.

Not bad.

Not bad at all with his looks.

Stop it Caden! You're here to yell at him and not to praise his looks. Get your acts together!

He was different from what I expected. He was handsome, neatly cut and brushed backward black hair. Slim broad nose and serious blue eyes. He wasn't the old, grouchy, pot bellied business man I had unknowingly pictured in my head while on my way here.

"If you're done admiring me Miss, I guess you can finally tell me why you barged into my office. " he demanded coldly which once again brought my senses back to reality and as to the reason I barged into this jerk's office in the first place

"I'm really sorry sir but I tried to stop her." His secretary appologised to him in a sorry tone like her everything depended on it and that irritated me to the core.

" It's okay Lisa. I'll take it from here." He waved her off and immediately she nodded and soon left the office. I turned to my right in front if his table, there sat an elderly looking man. His reaction seems like he's probably one of his employee's.

" What do you want Miss? " he asked me with still the same cold expression all over his face. How can someone keep such a straight expression without changing it? I took steps forward then dropped my handbag on his table. That probably irritated him because he took a look at my bag but still said nothing about that and neither did his facial expression change before he looked back up to me.

"I want you Mister to cancel whatsoever plan of wedding you're threatening my father about. " I told him between gritted teeth. He slowly raised an eyebrow at me. Oh now he gets who I am!

He stood up from his seat and walked up to me. He stood too close for comfort so I took a step backward. He stared right into my eyes like he was burrowing into my soul...what? What's he trying to do now? Finally I drew my eyes away from his mesmerising own. This was dangerous. He put his hands in his pockets.

" No." He suddenly spoke out coldly. Why on earth is this guy so inhuman? Does he have feelings at all?

"And exactly why? Why won't you cancel your plan? We don't even know each other for goodness sake! I'm not ready to get married...yet...and I'm probably not you ideal type. " I blurted out irritatedly to him.

"You are right." He admitted and a slight smile grew on my face.

" You're definitely not my ideal type..." My smile immediately dissappeared.

"...Very far from my type...I suggest you make an effort to get to know me. Check me up on internet or something " he said still with a straight face.

I snorted with a slight laughter.

"You really are full of yourself, aren't you?" I asked him as I shook my head at him.

He took a step closer.

" You have no idea."

"Look Mister, I suggest you change whatsoever wedding plans you're having cooked up in that little head of yours 'cause this girl...isn't getting married any moment from now!?" I told him the exact words I came all the way here to deliver.

" Oh you will when I have your family reports packed with lawsuits and your daddy's little company reduced down to the earth's crust...I'm very sure you'll come around. " he said in the coldest manner possible.

" You're insane! " I told him and sincerely to be frank.

" And you Miss..." he raised an eyebrow to me. What...oh!

" Caden. " I told him proudly with raised head and shoulders as I folded my arms.

" ... Caden is about to become Mrs insanity." This guy's really getting on my nerve. Hell no I'm I going to be tied down to this man!

"You can't force me to marry you! " I told him as firmly as I could, making sure there is no trace of fear in my voice but it was pretty much hard to read this guy's expression. He was as cold as ice itself. He took a step closer and looked right into my eyes.

"I know I

can. I always get what I want and I never lose. You're going to stand right by my side and smile for the world...Miss Carter...when I want something I make sure to have it at all costs and in this case...there's nothing you can do to change my mind. " he said firmly and something unreadable in his eyes told me that he was serious.

" I don't take orders from people especially from annoying rich jerks like you. " I told him still refusing to back down in this fight.

" Then I'll make sure to remember to add that to my agenda, to teach you to take orders. " he said still firmly and by this time I was mad. I could feel my hand slowly fold into a fist. I turned and quickly picked my handbag with the idea of leaving this place before I do something I might regret. Before I could take a step forward I felt a hand grab my arm. I immediately turned to see that it was...was...What's his name? Anyway before I properly turned back to him, he quickly took his hand away as if I was something he was probably allergic to but still his expression was the same.

"Now that you're here, you've saved me the trip of going all the way to your home...since your dad and I have talked and we're getting married...I think we should at least make...the fantasy between us look real the press and the world...James..." he stretched out his hand to the man sitting behind me. What's he trying to do now?

I furrowed my eyebrows at him.

The man behind me struggled till he brought out a small box from his pocket and handed it to him. He opened it and there laid a simple looking diamond engagement ring...oh no! Is this guy for real? Does he listen?

" Give me your hand!" He ordered me and I slowly shook my head to him still a bit speechless about this whole scenario.

" Are you deaf or what? I said I won't marry you..." my voice trailed off as he grabbed my left hand by force and before I knew it, he slid the ring down my left finger and surprisingly my finger suddenly shone. I couldn't help but stare at it.

What's going on? Why's everything happening to me in just a sparse of a day? How did I end up here with this lunatic who thinks he owns the world. How can in a day, I receive a news that I'm about to marry someone I totally do not know and on that same day I get engage and forcefully at that? Is there something wrong with my destiny or so? Does anyone actually get married in such a manner? I slowly looked up to him and he still had on that same annoying expression.

"Oh you're a real gentleman!" I said sarcastically as I faked a smile and acted a bit girly but..but he still had on the cold face.

" You're really crazy if you think I'm going to marry you!" I finally turned back to the real me as i then tried to get the ring off my finger but it was proving stubborn.

" Take that ring off and I'll ruin your father's life." He suddenly said coldly in the meanest voice. I stared at him and his eyes told me he meant it.

" You're unspeakable! " I told him in a give up voice as I stopped trying to remove the ring. I shook my head at this guy...he was really unspeakable and crazy. He really does think he owns the world.

"You know, I can have you reported to the police for harassment. " I told him with a sly smile. Yes, I should win this one.

"By all means be my guest. You'll really save me the trip of walking down the aisle with you and you can also help me open up the case against your dad. I will definitely claim your dad's company and make sure I render your family hopeless with the best lawyers in the country. Now...what do you say? The decision is really in your hands. The fate of your dad hangs on your shoulders. If I were you...I would choose wisely. " He clearly threatened with a stern face. Okay, maybe I didn't think of that. The fact that I'm helpless against this man is tormenting enough. I really can't do this right now. I turned and walked towards the door.

" And Miss Carter..." I stopped walking still with my back facing him.

"Make sure to be here by ten tomorrow morning...we have a lot to talk about. " he said in an irritative manner. I said no more words but hastened my pace as i walked on and left that stuffing office, away from that suffocating man. I suddenly felt like really crying. I was going to marry the worst man ever and I really have no say in it.

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