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   Chapter 3 The Request.

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She climbed the mountain with her hands and feets but she was still also saved from falling with the hook she hooked on the another hook around her waist. She had her straight long light brown hair packed into a pony tail. She was putting on protective goggles as well. She wore hand gloves and was also putting on a navy blue body tight singlet and a brown trouser. The sun was scorching and she was sweating but she still enjoyed climbing the mountain. Suddenly her phone rang in her pocket, she struggled but she finally picked it up.

"Hello. " her voice sounded a bit course and loss of breath from what she has been doing.

"Caden where are you?" A masculine voice asked her anticipatedly.

" I...I'm pretty busy now dad..."

" Just come home right away Caden! "

"Why? Is anything wrong with Joanna or mom? Are you okay dad?"

" I'll let you know when you get back this minute...come straight to my office. "

"But dad..." Before she could continue, he cut the call.

"He cut the call!? What on earth could possibly be wrong...Well I'll just have to find out." She talked to herself before she then quickly continued to climb.


Caden P.O.V

I walked into the company confidently putting on a blue jean trouser, a white long sleeved chiffon top and a pair of black stilletoe with a black handbag to go with it. My straight long hair was let down to my shoulders. I was putting on a crystal black dangling earring.

" Good morning miss Caden. "

" Morning Jenny. Please could you tell my father I'm here." I told Jenny who was dad's secretary. She was nice. She went into dad's office and came out later on.

" You can go in miss Caden. " she told me still with the nicest smile plastered on her face. See! That's what I like about Jenny.

" Thank you Jenny. " I told her as I gave her a light pat on the arm with a smile before walking on ahead into his office.

" Good morning dad. " I greeted him as I walked into his office. I gave him a tight warm welcoming hug at where he sat on his seat. I then took my own seat as well in front of his table.

"Caden I asked you to be here yesterday. "

" I'm sorry dad...I was too far away enjoying my vacation to come back right away...anyways, I'm here now so what's wrong? " I asked him as I crossed my legs smiling. I took a look at him and his facial expression suddenly changed to that of sadness. Something was definitely wrong.

"Dad...What's wrong? " I asked him a bit more calmly as I slowly became worried.

"Caden..." he called my name sadly before he stood up from his seat and walked up to me. He took his seat close to me and took my hands in his.

" Caden I hope you do know that I love you very much. "

"And I love you very much too dad." I told him as I cupped his face in my hands and before I took hold of his hands again. He took a deep breath and his face got duller. What on earth could be stressing my dear father this much?

" Caden...when you were still young girl, our company went through some financial problems. I took refuge and help from a good friend of mine who was the owner of Norman stores. Eventually our company never fully recovered enough to pay back Norman stores and now he passed away and his son to

ok over...unfortunately his son is not very nice and he's not understanding. He demands I pay back every single cent or he takes away our know how much your grandfather worked hard to build this company. You saw how much sweat and devotion I've put into this company over the years. I love this company very much and I can't betray your grandfather by giving it up..."

" You're right dad...we shouldn't give this company up in that manner. I know this company means a lot to you...I know how much sacrifice and devotion you had put in. Don't worry dad, something will work out for us. I'm always here to help. " I assured him as I gave him an assuring smile and squeezed his hand. He glared at me with a sad expression in his eyes. I knew something else was definitely still bothering him.

"Caden, my other to spare us this company and a lot of lawsuits he...he wants to make you his wife."


I stared at him blankly for a moment. Caden I'm sure you didn't hear well. I laughed out aloud as I pushed back my hair behind my ear with my hands.

" I'm sorry dad, I think heard wrongly...For a moment there, I thought I heard you say he wants to marry me instead of...of something else...I'm sorry what exactly did you say?" I asked him as I finally composed myself. He stared at me with still the same look. Caden it's not possible what you heard was right. He brought his hand and stroked my can't be serious! I slowly stood up from where I sat and took a step away from him. I paced to and fro for a moment before turning back to him. With one hand on my hip and the other on my forehead, I spoke.

" Let me get this want me to marry a man I've never personally seen before in other to save our company!?" I asked him in a wierdly calm tone. He sighed sadly before he slowly nodded. I stared at him blankly for a minute. could he do this? All I did was shake my head at everything. I walked up to where I sat before and picked up my handbag. I turned and headed towards the door. I have no words for now. I don't know what to say to dad that won't hurt him. I can see he's already feeling worse at this point. I...I'm confused and speechless. I just walked right out of his office with a lot of thoughts in my head then into the elevator and afterwards out of the building.

I sat in my car calmly as I recalled everything. Dad and I never had any problem. We were always best buds. We played tennis together, we went on vacations together. Dad and I never had any serious argument. We always understood each other. He was almost like my best friend. I know dad loves me very much. I know he wouldn't purposely want to hurt me if he wasn't so desperate. He has done so much for me. He's been the best father there is in this world and that's why I'm confused. I don't know which step to take that won't hurt him. I hate seeing him this way, sad and beaten. I swallowed down the lump of tears in my throat that threatened to trickle down my cheeks. I'm not that weak to let this guy beat me like this. I have to do something about this. I quickly gathered myself together and started the car then drove off.

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