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   Chapter 2 Finding a solution.

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"Yes Mr James. I'm sure you've gotten everything sorted out." Blayze asked him as they both stood in his office in the afternoon of the next day.

"Yes sir. " James answered as he handed over to him the file.

" That's good to hear. It's good to know you take your work serious...and about a solution? What did you come up with?" Blayze asked him as he flipped through the pages.

"I...well...I went through Carter ratings recently and I...I don't think they'll be able to pay back the ten million in full."

" Are you saying we're at loss here Mr James?" Blayze asked coldly with a raised eyebrow.

" Um not exactly...well I...I do have an idea on how we can trade with Carter and still be at the top even without them paying back. "

"And what might that be? " he asked with folded arms as he suddenly became more interested.

"Mr Carter has two daughters. One is already an adult while the other is still a teenager...we all know that business marriages are common these days so...please don't get mad sir but I...I suggest get married to the eldest daughter. She's also pretty much famous with the press. She seems to attract their attention...if you do make her your wife our company's ratings could go high and we'll get more customers and we'll also get back the company's money slowly with interest." Mr James finally ended but he could feel the goosebumps on his skin aftet he was done. He had no idea if he was still going to keep his job after all he just said. Blayze's expression on his face was quite hard to read. It was just blank.

" So you're saying that getting married to the Carter's first daughter would make the company more popular if the news about merging companies is leaked out to the press. Sales would also go high in the stores since there'll be more customers."

" Y-yes sir."

Blayze thought for some time before finally speaking.

" I personally don't believe in this marriage stuff but...I'm a business man and I'm also greedy...get me the contract papers my father had with Carter's. I'm sure there're some rules in there we could use against them and...Mr James set an appointment with Mr Carter. I'll like to personally talk to him on this." Blayze told him and Mr James smiled as he responded an 'okay'. He was a bit happy he was finally least for now.


"I know you probably know what this meeting is all about Mr Carter, right?" Blayze asked the average heightened man who looks like he's in his late forties. He had a bit of grey hair at the sides of his hair. His face was oval in shape. His nose was slim and a bit long. His eyes were hazel green. His lips thick and peach coloured. He also had a moustache. They sat in the meeting room in which only the both of them and Mr James was present.

"I'm not really sure what you mean Mr Norman." Mr Carter fained oblivious. Blayze was no fool at this point. Blayze pushed forward towards Mr Carter a file. Mr Carter pic

ked it up.

" In there is the contract you had with my father years ago as he lent you the never paid back a single cent but kept asking for more till my father passed away. Unfortunately for you, I'm not like my father so...I insist you pay back all the ten million you owe this company and with interest. " Blayze told him coldly with not even a single smile or expression on his face. Mr Carter dropped the file back on the table.

"I don't have that kind of amount to give now. My company is still in a critical state."

" I understand we're all greedy business men here so I'll go straight to the point. If you can't pay back the money then I have the right to claim your company as mine. "

" You can't do that! " Mr Carter said angrily as he stood to his feet.

"You've read the contract, right? It's clearly stated in there. That was the agreement you had with him."

"I agreed to that years ago because I know your father was a good friend of mine and he was understanding. He knew I was desperate then and he wanted to help..."

" So you decided to take advantage of him...well Mr Carter, I've decided to take advantage of this situation as well." Blayze told him still with the same cold eyes.

"What do you mean by that?" Mr Carter suddenly asked a bit calmer. Blayze was silent, the air in the room became suddenly suffocating. Their eyes met and stared at each other inquisitively.

" I want your eldest daughter's hand in marriage. " Blayze blurted out. Mr Carter's eyes widened in surprise, his face turned red as if he would explode in anger.

"No way! No way I'm I going to put the life of my little girl in the hands of a cold and self centered man like you! " Mr Carter spat out.

" Don't flatter yourself Mr Carter! I didn't take a personal interest in your fact I don't know how she looks like but I'm staking myself...Mr Carter, this cold and self centered man like me is giving you an opportunity to redeem yourself and to save your company...Mr Carter it's either you hand over your company to me or you hand over your daughter to me in marriage..." Blayze said coldly then stood to his feet.

"It's your choice Mr Carter. The deadline for your decision is tomorrow...I don't like working slowly. " Blayze told him then walked over to him and stretched his hand to him for a handshake.

" It was nice meeting you Mr Carter and I expect to see you sooner than you think. " Blayze said still with his hand stretched out for a handshake. Mr Carter just took a look at his hand blankly but then turned his head to another direction.

"Very well Mr Carter. " Blayze said coldly then turned and left the room with James following behind him.

Mr Carter stood staring blankly into space. His world just suddenly turned upside down. He loved both his company and his daughter very much. He didn't want to give any of them up to the devil himself. He didn't want to.

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