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He walked into the meeting room with a woman and a man behind him. Everyone was dressed officially for work and everyone wore a serious look. The people already in the wide luxurious looking room stood up as a sign of acknowledging his presence. He took one look at all of them before he took his seat. It served like some kind of sign before everyone else took their seat. No one dared to speak yet. He opened the file in front of him right away and looked through before he gave a go ahead signal to a young man standing right in front of the table ready to present his work.

"... We're going to construct a new store that sells shoes at lower price so that the customers who..."

" Are you saying that we should become a cheap company?" He asked coldly as he rolled his eyes from the file in front of him to the man presenting.

"I'm not necessarily saying..."

" We don't sell in cheap amounts...I think you're not cut out for this company. My father didn't start this company to sell out to cheap're fired! " Everyone sort of gasped but didn't let it become so obvious.

" But...but..." Before the man could say anything more. He had already gotten up and walked out of the room without any emotion on his face. The same people that followed him in, followed him out as well. There was tension in the room. No one dared to speak up on the harsh justice melted out.

The man who just got fired snorted in anger after his boss just left.

"Who in the world does he think he is?" He asked in a calm but frustrated tone as everyone stood up and left the room one by one. A secretary who stood by and saw the whole scene quickly sneaked towards him.

"That's Blayze Norman. The CEO and president of one of the world's top department stores. He owns this company as well." The red headed woman whispered to him. He slowly turned his head to her.

" I work for him and now I'm jobless again." He said irritatedly and picked up his files and walked out angrily.

* * * * * *

He sat in his comfy seat in his large office going through some files when two men came in.

"So what you're saying is that we have a new competitor?" Blayze asked them with a straight face when he finally looked up to them. They both took a look at themselves before turning back to Blayze.

" Y-yes sir. "

" And what have you done about that?" Blayze asked once again in a harsh and cold tone. The two men where silent for a second before one of them finally spoke out.

" We're trying our best to beat them and still remain top." The man said in a shaky while yet trying to be firm voice.

Blayze stood up from his seat and walked all the way to stand in front of them as he leaned on his desk and put both of his hands in his pocket.

"So...what you two are telling me is that at the end of every month, you two go home with heavy pockets and all you could say is you've been doing us your best? " Blayze asked them still with not a single trace of expression on his face. Both men couldn't answer because they knew they were already in trouble.

Blayze brought his hands out of his pockets and picked up the file that was on his table. He flipped to a page and then turned it to them.

" According to this graph, our sales have gone done by twenty percent while our competitors went higher...why is that so?" Blayze asked and as usual none of the men were able to speak out for fear of losing their job.

"Where's all the money gone to? Why is there no improvement in constructing new store and why does all of a sudden the budget seems too expensive for this company? Who owes us? Explain everything to me this minute. " he asked them which probably sent cold shivers down their back.

" Well...The truth sir is..." the other man started. Blayze raised his eyebrows expectantly.

"About t-ten million is missing from the company's account. The truth is that when your father was still alive, he was a good friend of the owner of Carter stores so when Carter almost went bankrupt from a failed project...your father lent them five million to get back on their feet on the promise to slowly pay it back but along the line they kept asking for more till Mr Norman died." The man finished, Blayze was silent for a while before he spoke up.

" So you're saying Carter stores owns this company about ten million and over the years they haven't been able to pay back even a father was too lenient with people...Mr James have a briefed review of this case written into a file and hand it over to me...I'll like to know where to start with this case. " he told the man as he went back and took his seat.

"Yes sir I'll do so." Mr James answered him. He was older than Blayze. While Blayze was in his late twenties, Mr James was probably in his early forties. He was average in height and had a lenient body. His eyes were brown, his hair had some stripes of grey and the corner of his eyes showed wrinkles. They both turned to take their leave.

" Mr James. " Blayze called him and he turned to him while the other man left the office.

"You've been working in this company for the last ten years so you probably know about what went on while my father was still alive...I'll like you to also quickly come up with an idea on how to deal with this case as you hand over the file." Blayze told him and Mr James nodded a yes before he left.

He busied himself with his work till there was a knock on the door.

" Come in." He ordered the person and then the door opened and in walked a young woman of about in her late twenties. She had a straight short brown hair. She was fair in complexion and was dressed in a black pencil skirt, a sky blue chiffon top and a pair of black stilletoe to go with. She walked up to him with a small device in her hand.

"I'm sorry to disturb you sir but you have a function to attend this evening and you have to get going. "

" Okay. Tell the driver to get the car ready. " he told her and she answered with also a nod before she left the office. Soon after he left for his home to change into something suiting for the occasion.

Well? I'm sorry if this chapter seemed a bit boring. I just wanted to give a brief view of Blayze's kind of life. I'll tell you from here on that I promise to make this story as interesting as possible so please bare with me on mistakes regarding typical error or wrong English. Please do feel free to vote and comment...thanks.?

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