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Bridal Surprises By Mercy kalu Characters: 11163

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One year and some months later....

Elsa walked into the train station and then took a look around but saw no sign of the person she was looking for. She took some steps closer to the end terminak but still no sign. She stood waiting and looked around as she did.

"Elsa! Elsa....hey Elsa..." She heard a familiar voice then she turned to that direction, a slow and happy smile grew on her face as the person even walked faster up to her then the hugged.

"Oh my God're looking great." Elsa said happily as she just couldn't stop smiling. Rita smiled back as well.

"And you're looking greater and...even rounder..." Rita said as she patted Elsa's protruded tummy.

"How's my unborn cousin doing?" Rita asked still smiling, Elsa nodded as she answered.

"Great...just great...we're going to be seeing him anytime from now in the next two months." Elsa told her and all Rita could do was let out a little 'yeah!' Sound. Elsa stood just smiling and staring into space.

"Elsa what's wrong?" Rita who noticed quickly asked, "It's just that...that a lot have happened...two years ago, I would have never imagined I'll end up becoming Mrs Sexton and not Mrs McCain...those times were too hectic for me...I don't know what i would have done without your brother."

"Elsa when something is over, it's because it's opening a new beginning for greater things to happen...the great the sorrow, the greater the end time just take all that has happened as a blessing."

"Oh John coming into my life is a blessing alright...he's been the sweetest husband any woman could ask for...ever since I got pregnant, he doesn't let me stress myself or do the chores...your brother is a darling." Elsa finished the last part with a broad smile.

"Woah! Someone is deeply in love!" Rita kind of sang it out as she patted Elsa on the arm. Elsa covered her cheeks to stop Rita from seeing how much she was blushing.

"Let's go...John is excited to see you...on the way, you can tell me all about you and Jacob since you came back from your honeymoon." Elsa said as she dragged Rita along and they continued to chat till they got into a cab.

"So...Jacob has been great?"

"Yup...the guy's a keeper...I feel so lucky anytime I look at him."

"I'm so happy for you...hugs!" Elsa told her and then the hugged.

"I've also got something that I would love to tell both you and John." Rita said as she looked down at her fingers.

"Well why can't you tell me first...we're best friends right?"

"It's just that it's something I would love the both of you to here's about Jacob and I...also Jacob told me that if he finally gets the promotion he's been waiting for then we could move down here to Chicago and we can all be together."

"That's great! Wait till John hears this." Elsa said as she patted her friend's hand and they smiled to each other.

"Rita! It's great to see you again." John said as he stepped into his apartment and met Rita in already. Elsa helped take his briefcase into the room while John and Rita greeted each other.

"How's Jacob...he didn't come with you?" John asked as they took their seats in the living room and Elsa came and join them by sitting beside John.

"No...he's got something he needed to round up but he promises to visit when he gets the chance and bes

N'T EVER COME BACK!" Kate yelled to them as soon as they were out of her house then she shut the door with a bang on their face. Elsa stood panting at what had just happened. She never knew that side of her sister ever existed. Why can't she just admit that she was wrong and apologised? Why was she acting like a lunatic?

"Are you okay?" John asked her as soon they got into the car and he noticed her uncomfortable position. He soothed her hands together. She turned her head to his direction and tried to fake a smile.

"I'm okay...just a little cramps...It's just...just that my little sister...she's different now and I'm scared for her." Elsa told John as tears gathered her eyes. John comforted her by giving her a hug.

"Don't worry...everything is going to be fine...someday Kate is going to realise her bad and she's going to come around and apologised...I promise you that everything's going to be fine." John said as he wiped her tears with his hand and Elsa nodded as she tried to control her tears.

"Now...let's go home." He told her with a smile and she nodded as she properly wiped her face. John turned and started the car, he took hold of her left hand with his right hand then he took one last look at her with a smile then drove off as the sun started to set.

This was just another typical story of people trying to find the right path and the right people, like...Elsa, John, Rita and Jacob finally did while Kate and Derick deserved what they bargained for as they lost track of the right path. That only proves doing the wrong thing always gets you nowhere and the right thing, the truth will always stand triumphant in the end even if it takes one, two or even twenty years for it to be accomplished. This was just another story of a bride accepting the SURPRISES of life. Sometimes we should look at ourselves as a bride and find the right way to deal with our problems which are our surprises and maybe we might finally get that beautiful new beginning that we've always been waiting for in our lives.


Sincere thanks to all my readers and please give your one last vote and comment about this story to show your supports...thank you very much and have a nice day all the time.

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