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   Chapter 20 NO.20

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"Do you Elsa Simpson take Derick McCain to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and to cherish till death do you path?" The priest then asked Elsa, she stood frozen while still assessing everything. There was a light whisper of confusion among the audience. The priest then decided to ask once more.

"Do you Elsa Sim...."

"I don't!"

Now, chapter Nineteen:

The audience gasped all at once and the expression on everyone's face changed to that of confusion.

"Elsa what are you doing...just stop this last minute breakdown." Derick whispered to her between his gritted teeth as he came closer and tap her arm lightly. Elsa slowly turned to face him.

"Last minute breakdown!? This is no last minute breakdown..." She turned to the audience and angrily unveiled herself.

"Everyone...from here, where I'm standing...I declare that I...shall and will not marry Derick McCain." Elsa said as she painted, as everyone whispered among themselves in the audience and everyone became confused as to what was happe, tears gathered Elsa's eyes. She turned to Derick.

"Please...just tell me the truth...was John telling the truth when he told me you were unfaithful to me?" Elsa said as the tears rolled down her cheeks and she quickly wiped it off her face. Derick took a look around as everyone became quiet, waiting to hear his side.

"Elsa..." he came closer and tried to take her hand.

"What are you talking about..I...I..I would never hurt you...I love you..."

"You love yourself Derick...and not me...if you won't tell me the truth...w

remembers how stupid and foolish she must have looked to both her sister and Derick, it makes her start to cry all over again. She raise her head and immediately she saw John walking from a distance. She immediately stood up, she's been hoping to find him again but even Rita said she doesn't know where he was. She started to go after him but then it came to a point she became confused, has she lost him again? She stood there helpless and confused and then as she slowly turned to return, he stood in front of her and their distances apart was quite small. They stood frozen staring at each other in silence, although so many people walked around them but it felt like they were the only ones there then slowly they started to walk up to each other then slowly increased their pace. As soon as they stood in front of each other panting, all that came out of Elsa's mouth was, "I'm sorry." She said in a kind of whisper and a slow but happy smile grew on his lips.

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