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   Chapter 19 NO.19

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Elsa felt strange, she just kind of noticed the things she never really noticed between Derick and Kate. One time she saw both of them sneak away from a get together and she tried to follow them but they managed to kind of outsmart her so she couldn't find them anymore. She felt in her heart that something was wrong but what? 'Could John have been telling the truth?' She kept asking herself once or twice all the time. Her mind wasn't into the wedding arrangement talks anymore. The way they stared at each other, kind of using their eyes to speak during dinner...She just found it weird and she just couldn't point her finger at exactly what was going on.

Wedding Bells...

She stood in front a huge mirror in her room getting dressed, her bridesmaids were as well getting dressed so everyone was scattered around busy trying to get themselves ready. As a stylist helped get her into her dress while she stared at her reflection. She suddenly saw something different about her...She wasn't smiling...why? This is her wedding day, the day she's been looked forward to all her life, since the day she met and fell in love with Derick...what in the world was wrong now? She should be excited, her blood pressure should be high, her happy hormones should be everywhere, she should be chatting happily with her bridesmaids who are her friends, she should find their attires cute, they should act all funny, she should be nervous, scared, desperate to get it over with, happy, mixed feelings but...but that wasn't the case anymore. She saw a kind of unhappy lady about to get married and if you asked her what the exact problem was, she wouldn't be able to tell you what was wrong...all she knew was that she felt sad and it's not supposed to be because this is her wedding day...Her wedding day for heaven's sake!

"Oh my God! Elsa you look beautiful." Rita who was her maid of honour told her. She was already dressed and was helping others out. Elsa turned to her, the stylist was all done both with her hair and makeup including fixing her veil.

"You think so?"

leaned closer and whispered to her, "you look beautiful". He told her and she managed to smile at his comment. As soon as they stood in front of the altar, the pastor began with the sermon. Elsa still had a lot going on in her mind, her heart was beating faster. She started to recall all that has happened in this past five days, the good time and the bad times. She remembered what John told her 'he's cheating on you with your sister'. She started to put the whole puzzle together in her mind. They secret meetings, the exercises, the way Kate acted strangely, everything and finally she hit a point. The pastor had now started on them.

"Do you Derick McCain take Elsa Simpson to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and to cherish till death do you path?" The priest asked through the microphone then Derick turned his head to her direction and with a smile he answered, "Yes I do." There was a light cheer in the the audience.

"Do you Elsa Simpson take Derick McCain to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and to cherish till death do you path?" The priest then asked Elsa, she stood frozen while still assessing everything. There was a light whisper of confusion among the audience. The priest then decided to ask once more.

"Do you Elsa Sim..."

"I don't."

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