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   Chapter 18 NO.18

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"Elsa...Elsa, Elsa..." Rita called her name as she walked into their room and looked around only for Elsa to end up coming out of the bathroom.

"There you are! Now tell me why you had to treat my brother like that...I mean you didn't really had to ask him to leave...a small talk to calm him would have done the trick." Rita scolded Elsa who just looked down at the ground wearily then she slowly raised her face and that's when Rita realized her friend had been crying.

"Elsa...Elsa look I'm so sorry if I hurt you with my words but I have to defend my brother here." Rita told her which even made her burst into tears. Rita tried to calm her down but she just wept.

"Elsa tell me...What's really wrong?"

"That's the problem Rita...I don't know what's wrong...all I know is that I feel horrible and I feel like just crying for hours." Elsa said in tears, "But...but there's always a reason for every you feel hurt as to what you did to John?" Rita asked her as she patted her back.

"I don't really know...maybe yes, I'm not sure...John saved my life, my dignity and I shouldn't have just thrown him out like that but...but he said some very untrue things which hurt me and then he fights with was all too much for me so I had to finally send him away for some peace." Elsa said then wiped her face and stood erect.

"This is seriously stupid...I shouldn't feel guilty, John should be the one to feel guilty for all he had said." Elsa told her friend, "Elsa...don't get me wrong or assume I'm supporting my's just that, it's unlike John to just come up and say such thing...what of if there's a truth in what he said? What of if he was telling the truth...then what?" Rita asked her friend with a confused expression on her face. Elsa slowly properly wiped her face to clear and trait of tears then she faced Rita, her expression changed.

"He cannot be write...Kate will never betray me and Derick would never become an animal." Els

now it all, can you?" Kate tried to defend herself.

"I guess you're right...well let's just quickly finish up with this before more of the side effects shows." Elsa said as she soothe her dress and picked up another plate containing another slice of cake. Kate managed to fake quick smile.

"'re right." Kate replied as she picked up another plate herself. She knew that it was becoming a bit hard for her to hide her pregnancy symptoms. The other day Elsa caught her vomiting but she had to quickly come up with some stupid execuse. She had told Derick several times as to how hard it was for her to keep this up but Derick didn't seem to care. She loved Derick very much and would prefer to keep him to herself but there was her sister who had no idea whatsoever about what was going on. She wanted to let her sister know the truth and then leave Derick for her but for some reason, she can't seem to bring herself to break her sister's heart. Fate had to be so cruel as to have the both of them fall in love with the same man and to be put in such awkward situation. She had no idea whatsoever how this story of theirs was going to end. Who was going to come out victorious...her or Elsa?

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