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   Chapter 17 NO.17

Bridal Surprises By Mercy kalu Characters: 4579

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She refused to believe, to accept that anything John said was true. Her fiance was more than that, he would never cheat on her and especially with her own sister. No, John was definitely making all this up just to get back at her for all the hurts and quarrels they had in the past.

"John let go of me! I don't want to listen to anymore of your lies...let go of me!" Elsa kept struggling, "I know it's hard to accept but Elsa you have to believe me..." immediately the kitchen door opened and Derick stood there.

"Let go of her!" Derick raised his voice angrily as he took a step closer and threw a punch at John's face making John fall to the ground. He took hold of Elsa's hand and took a look at her. She looked quite shocked at the whole scene. Derick went ahead and raised John up by holding his shirt collar.

"You never listen, do you?" Derick said then threw another punch at John on the face, making him fall directly on the floor outside the kitchen which drew everyone passing attention.

"Derick...Derick that's enough..." Elsa tried to stop him from creating further more scene but Derick just ignored her and walked up to John and tried to pick him up just like before hut this time, John threw a several punches at Derick in the stomach which made Derick fall to the floor. John went on top of him and started to punch him.

"Stop it John...Stop i

by Elsa several times could she blew me off like's her choice, it's her life. I've played my's all up to her now." And with that he immediately left the room, ignoring his sister's call to come back. She followed him all the way down the stairs. When he was about to leave through the main door, he stopped and turned to where Elsa stood with Derick. He took one last look at her but she just drew her eyes away and looked in another direction. He immediately turned back ahead and walked off. Rita stood staring as he walked away. He walked to the parking lot then opened the boot of his car, angrily threw his bag in there, shut it and walked to the front. He got in and drove off angrily, taking one last look at the resort throw the rear mirror. might be a short chapter but more is coming in the next...keep on voting and commenting to show your supports...thanx.

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