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   Chapter 16 NO.16

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Elsa stood in front of the mirror trying on her wedding gown. She looked so elegant in it and somehow her eyes managed to get a little bit teary. She immediately wiped it off before her friends could see that.

"Oh my gosh! Elsa you're looking really gorgeous and it's not even yet the wedding day...two more days to go and you'll be walking down the aisle in that gorgeous wedding gown." Rita told her as she giggled to herself and the rest of the girls giggled as well. Elsa turned to them.

"You think I look pretty...I'm okay?" Elsa asked kind of nervous, "Pretty!? Elsa look great, gorgeous...I tell you girl on that day, you are going to rock that aisle...Trust me, you look like a princess that fell from the heavens and you're going to look even prettier on that day." Rita told her as she stood up and patted her arm with a smile on her face. Elsa chuckled, "You're just pulling my leg with that last part." Elsa told her, "No she's look okay, now don't ask anymore if you do or doubt if not next time we'll say you look ugly." Penney, one of Elsa's friend who was in the room as well told her which made Elsa smile.


John stood that afternoon in front of his room door waiting for someone to pass by. Kate came walking down the hallway towards her room then she almost passed John's room but John called her attention and stopped her.

"Please...please can I have a moment with you." John asked as he approached her. Kate folded her arms as she stood.

"Not you again! What do you want now?" Kate asked rudely as she shook her head.

"Well...I know that you probably know what this is all about...Derick must have told you about my knowledge about the truth...I want you to save your sister." John told her, she turned her head to John.

"Save my sister? Do you even know you know the problem, the situation that I'm in?"

"I know that you're pregnant..."

"Oh would you shut up! You think I'm a bad person? You think I intentionally put myself in this situation? You don't get don't know anything...Elsa is nice, she's sweet but she's the cause of all this." Kate started as she had this anger in her eyes and voice.

"What exactly d

?" Elsa asked, "Um...look...I know this will hurt but I've really got to tell you the truth...Elsa...Derick is not exactly what he seems to be..he's...he's been cheating on you with your sister." He spilled out all at once without looking her in the eyes and when he finally managed to look at her after he didn't hear a word from her, her expression on her face was blank. Suddenly she burst out into a great laughter then she looked up to John who stood confused at her reaction.

" totally funny! How couldn't you have gotten a girlfriend yet!" Elsa said then turned to leave the kitchen but John held her arms and turned her back to face him.

"Elsa...Elsa snap out of it!" He said as he snapped his right hand index and thumb finger together several times.

"I know you know that I'm not joking...I don't joke like that...I'm telling you the truth...their relationship has been going on for quite sometime now...I don't really know how long but what I know is that your sister is pregnant with Derick's child...I'm telling you the truth so you don't get hurt..." John told her as he still held her arms, she kept shaking her head and without looking into his eyes, she kept struggling to get free.

"John...John you're insane...Derick would never do that to me little sister Kate is better than who you described her to be...let go of me.." Elsa kept struggling to get free from John's grip.

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