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   Chapter 15 NO.15

Bridal Surprises By Mercy kalu Characters: 10444

Updated: 2018-01-02 13:56

"Can I talk to you man?" John asked Derick as they crossed each other's path in the lobby. Derick stood staring and observing him from head to toes.

"What do you want...or let me want to apologise for trying to steal my bride-to-be." Derick told him as he put his hands in his pockets. John snorted at his comment.

"I'm sorry...I can't apologised for something that I didn't do...but I'm here to talk to you" John said trying to maintain his confidence and go ahead with his plan of talking to Derick.

"Are you for real...don't you have anything to do rather than to..."

"I know about your infidelity towards Elsa...I know that you're cheating on her...with her sister." John told him and immediately Derick went silent as he stared at John, surprised at what he knew.

"I know you're surprised right now and tons of questions are going through your mind asking how in the world does this guy know.. how I found out doesn't matter...what matters to me is the fact that you're hurting Elsa...She might not know now but when she finds out, she's going to feel really hurt because you didn't only betray her but also did it with her own sister...Elsa deserves much more than what you're indirectly giving her. She's a nice lady who's ready to render her whole life to you in your forthcoming marriage...She loves you and she's really great...She might be arrogant, pretentiously tough...amazing, kind of caring, pretty but....look don't hurt her with what you're doing...if you tell her the truth on your own, if you confess everything then that might lessen the hurt that she will feel when she finds out on her have to do the right thing." John told him all that he needed to. Derick just stood staring and observing him then he finally spoke.

"Are you in love with...Elsa?" He asked all of a sudden from nowhere.

"W-w-what?" John stuttered at the sudden question.

"What I'm I doing are in love with Elsa. The way you talk about her, the way your eyes twinkle while you admire her and the way you stare out into space while thinking of care so much about whether she could get hurt or not...dude you're in love with my dare you talk to me about betray when you are the one doing that here...You're betraying everyone's trust with those can't prove that I'm cheating on Elsa"

"S-stop denying it...stop deviating from what we're talking about...I know that Kate is pregnant and you're responsible..."

"I don't know what you're talking about besides Elsa will never believe you...She loves me and you...I don't even know how she feels about you but I do know, you irritate her...who would she trust between the both of us...her fiance or...the other man." Derick said confidently then turned and walked away leaving John to his thoughts. He was angry at the reaction of Derick.

First, he was right about the part where he said he had no evidence. Secondly, he was proving stubborn, it's not like he had expected things to go smoothly but this...this reaction was worst than he thoug have to believe me Rita, I've tried really hard not to feel this way...I guess over the years of being neighbours with her, my feelings kind of grew even if she wouldn't talk to me till you guys went off to college....honestly I thought that I was over her but then you forced me to come here and for the past few feelings have been kind of slowly returning...I know it bad like really, really bad to feel this way towards her...she's about to get married to some other guy and she loves him that's it." John told her then pushed the bridge of his glasses to properly rest on his nose bridge. His sister just stood quietly trying to assimilate everything he just told her. She sat down on the bed beside him.

"Trust me...Elsa has not even a tiny clue that you feel this way...if she did...she'll be as speechless as I am now...why did you make it look like you hated her, like you hated her guts, her mere existence?"

"I didn't make it look that way...she made it look that way to herself...she despised me so much that she assumed I felt the same way as well so sometimes I had no choice than to pretend like I hate her...when she argues with me was the only time she ever talked to me if not...Elsa would never sat anything to me." John told her then Rita put on her thinking face.

"Actually now I think about it...You're right...she only talks to you when she's arguing with you...Oh John! I didn't know you were hurting this much...if I had known, I wouldn't have forced you to come see the woman you love walk down the aisle to another man." Rita said apologetic as she took hold of her brother's hand.

"It's not your fault...I guess it's better this least I can tell myself once and for all that it's over...she belongs to another man...It's over...maybe then I can move on even if it would hurt so much." John told her as he tried to give a fake smile saying 'i'm okay'. Rita knew he was trying hard, she felt sorry for her poor brother. She never knew he was going through so much, Thais explains a lot why he was at times cranky.

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