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   Chapter 14 NO.14

Bridal Surprises By Mercy kalu Characters: 5612

Updated: 2018-01-02 13:56

John stood on the terrace of the building staring out into the sea and allowing the waves to slap his face each time the water came back and forthe that night. He just couldn't sleep so he decided to take a look out here, maybe...maybe he might finally start feeling sleepy. He decided to sit on a slouching couch out there as well. A lot of thoughts ran through his mind, a lot of problems that he had no idea of which way to start dealing with it. He wanted to start somewhere, to solve them but he just needed a signal or some go ahead sign.

"What are you doing here?" Elsa asked from where she stood at the doorway. She was putting on her pink nightgown and had her robe on as well. She wrapped her arms around herself because of the winds which brought cold with it. John looked up and saw her, she tried not to meet his eyes. He just shrugged his shoulders then turned back to stare at the view. She stood for a minute debating on whether she should just turn and walk away or she should approach him and thank him. Approach it is! She walked up to him and sat down at the other end of the same couch leaving a little gap between them. They sat silent for a while without turning to each other. Elsa took a deep breath and decided to start first. She turned to him.

"Let's not prolong this any further...I know you want to hear it from me and here it is...thank you...thank you for saving my life, my honour, my dignity...thank you." She told him all at once in one blunder. He was silent then he slowly turned to her with squeezed eyebrows. He shook his head as he snorted.

"I want to hear it from you!? You mean i've been waiting for you to thank me.......what exactl

As she walked down the stair back to the floor of her room, she quite couldn't forget everything. All of a sudden, in a twinkle if an eye, her views and the way in which she saw John was slowly changing. It was kind of strange, kind of happy strange. She forced herself to push such thoughts out of her head. She was just grateful her and John didn't get to kiss earlier, it would have been a whole kind of strange world with weird feeling and funny thoughts.

" stop it Elsa, it's over already and you have a very handsome fiance that you're about to get married to in no less than three love him very much and he loves you too so..." She whispered to herself as she walked to her room then she stopped immediately she stood in front of her room.

"So stop Elsa...You're getting married." Elsa told herself as all the excitement feeling of getting married came back to her and she giggled at the thought of it all. She opened the door and went back into her room shutting the door quietly behind her.

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