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   Chapter 13 NO.13

Bridal Surprises By Mercy kalu Characters: 6328

Updated: 2018-01-02 13:55

" please don't...don't hurt me...please..." Elsa murmured in her sleep as she laid on the bed kind of lost in her trance.

"Elsa...Elsa it's're safe now..." Rita tried to tell her as she sat on the bed beside her and Derick sat at on the other side of the bed holding her hand. Kate stood as she watched them. Finally Elsa woke up startled and immediately Rita hugged her happily.

"Elsa I've been so are you feeling...are you okay?" Rita asked her as Elsa sat up slowly and placed her right hand on her head. She still felt a bit dizzy.

"Urgh....I feel like Zeus, the God of thunder is hitting my head." She managed to say, they all chuckled before Derick spoke.

"Elsa what exactly did John do to you...did he hurt you? Is he the one responsible for the cut on your lip?" Derick asked all at once and on frustration.

" kinda actually...actually saved me." Elsa managed to force herself to say as she inwardly stared out into space as they whole thing that happened flashed back in her mind.

"He did what!?" Derick asked surprised and somehow also angry.

"I said...He...He actually saved me...some thugs..some thugs almost raped me if not for...for John's intervention..."

"See!? I told you guys my brother wasn't a bad person...oh Elsa...I'm really happy that you're now okay and safe." Rita told her then gave her a brief warm hug. All Elsa could do was slowly nod without looking into each of them's eyes and still tried to give an assuring smile.

"How sure are you that he didn't plan the whole thing...for all we know he might just have been after the same thing as those guys..."

"Derick!" Elsa called him, surprised at what he was saying and his reaction. Derick just stood up from the bed.

"In the first place why did you go with him?"

"Because you said you were busy and no one else was

ick...Derick I'm not done talking to you!" Kate said to him in a whisper as she stood there angrily then followed right after him down the hallway. After John was sure they were away from closer to his door, he slowly opened the door then looked around. He stood there as he tried to retrieve everything that he's heard in his mind. Derick wasn't only cheating on Elsa with her sister right under her nose, he's also been lying to her and even got Kate pregnant. He's a lying cheat and Elsa was about to make the greatest mistake of her life and she didn't know it. He had finally confirmed his suspicions but what now...what was the next step to take in all this? Telling Elsa the truth? Is that a good idea? What of if she doesn't believe him? What of if she starts thinking of him as someone who's just about to destroy her whole wedding? What of if she takes his side and believes Derick instead? But he still needs to tell her...He still needs to let her know the real truth about her fake fairy tale life. He just has to find a way, a manner, a method, just somehow tell her the truth and let her see Derick as the real Devil he is.

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