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   Chapter 11 NO.11

Bridal Surprises By Mercy kalu Characters: 5756

Updated: 2018-01-02 13:54

"No...Rita I say no...I..I mean couldn't you have searched for anyone else..."

"Elsa I'll have you know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my you have no choice but to accept a ride with him or walk all the way into's your decision." Rita told her, Elsa just stood angrily and quiet for sometime before she turned and walked up to the door. Everyone thought she had decided to trek instead until she stopped and then turned.

"Well what are you waiting for...let's go." She told John, he slowly lifted his head and met hers. He took a look at his sister who just signalled him to go ahead and ignore Elsa's rudeness.

Soon enough they were on their way into town. The breeze from the fields along the way was calm and nice. But unfortunately it wasn't cool enough to cool down Elsa's radiating anger within the car. They were both silent and she couldn't help but still annoying glances at him, she thought about the guts he had.

"You know I can see would be better if you just take a knife and stab me." John told her without turning to take a look at her.

"Is that possible?" She asked him with a sudden happiness in her voice. He turned his head and took a look at her then turned his head back to the direction on the road.

"I didn't want this, you know...I didn't want to take you either..."

"I get it...I get that you're trying to speak up so you don't feel like the one rejected here but you know what...that's all a are a messed up person." Immediately she said that, John drove into a corner and stopped the car. She ignored his reaction, he turned to her.

"You think you're so think you're the little Elsa who has everything and

ter she walked, the faster they walked closer. Soon she tried to run but they've already caught up with her. One held her right hand and the other her left hand.

"Now what could a beautiful woman like you doing out here by this time and...all alone." The one that seemed to be their leader asked as he stroked her cheek. He blood froze. She was scared to death. Was this it for her? Was this how Elsa Simpson story was going to be told? She felt like she couldn't breathe, she couldn't blink. Her blood pounded in her ears.

"P-p-p-please don't hurt me...I promise not to say a thing to the police if you let go of me." She managed to come up with. They all laughed.

"Whoa...look at this chick guys...she's got guts...we're really going to have fun tonight with her...bring her..."

"Please no...let go of me...please stop I'm begging you..." Elsa pleaded as they dragged her off but she kept trying to get away from their grip.

"Please stop...I'm begging you..." She cried but one of them punched her in the stomach and then slapped her hard on the face which she was sure would leave a mark. The corner of her lips started to bleed.

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