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   Chapter 9 NO.9

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He rolled on the bed where he laid. He wanted to ignore the growling sound on his stomach but he just couldn't no matter how much he tried. He obviously didn't want to mingle with everyone earlier and his sister was being stubborn so he once again had no choice but to snap at her. He knew he hurt her and deep down, he was sorry for that. It might seem like he repeatedly does the same thing again and again and then apologised but it's not like that. He loves her but sometimes he just can't take it and he has to snap for her to be quiet.

Finally he got up from the bed and then switched on the bedside lamp. He took a look at the clock hanging on the brown wooden and well polished wall. It was past one in the morning and everywhere was still dark, everyone was already asleep so no one would see him if he goes down to the kitchen to get something to eat. He got down from the bed and stood up. He was putting on his pyjama trouser and a plain white T-shirt. He put on his slippers and walked to the door. He gently opened it to avoid the door from making any squeaking sound, since everywhere was so quiet, anyone could hear the sound. Finally he slowly shut the door then quickly walked past his sister's room.

As soon as he was out of the hallway down the stairs, Elsa came out of her room. She brushed her hair with her left hand fingers then properly tied her nightgown's robe before strolling down the hallway with the jug in her right hand and then down the stairs. She was already asleep but then she started to cough, she stood up to pour herself a glass of water from the jug on her side table only to discover that the water was all gone and finish. She picked up the jug and decided to go downstairs and fill up the jug again.

She opened the door of the kitchen and seeing that it was dark, she searched for the switch with her hands on the wall. She tried to walk slowly so as not to bump into anything and finally she felt her hand meet the switch. She switched on the light and immediately she turned, she jerked backward with fear.

"Oh my goodness!" She exclaimed in a short yell as she put her right hand on

then that she realised it wasn't just an ordinary water but some kind of dirty stained water. She knew he did that on purpose. It was one of his stupid tricks again and she hated it. She couldn't even wait one more minute for him to say anything, she quickly turned and ran out of that house. She couldn't go to the prom anymore since her dress was ruined. She hated him for that ever since that very day. Up until this very day, it seems she had developed utmost hatred towards him. He irritated her in every single way possible and she doesn't even want to know if he's okay.

He walked up the stairs and then down the hallway, he was almost close to his room when he noticed Elsa's fiance standing close to a room door. John hid behind a corner to at least find out what he was doing there. He thought maybe that could be his room but then again no because he was clearly talking to someone in a whisper and kept looking around to see if anyone was watching. Then he saw some female fingers run up his sleeves seductively. He knew they were a female's because of the polished nails. The hand drew him in quickly before he could say a word. He didn't get to see the woman's face and that bothered him. The one curious question that went through his mind immediately is...

'Was Elsa's fiance...cheating on her?'

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