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   Chapter 8 NO.8

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She came out of the bathroom putting on a bath robe and used a towel to properly clean her hair. She walked up to the side table beside her bed and there she saw a novel lying on it. She stared at it for sometime before picking it up with her hand as she observed it more. The door unlocked and immediately Rita came in, Elsa quickly hid the novel behind her back.

"Oh...Elsa you're here already...I'm sorry I didn't know that." Rita said as she shut the door back and took off her slippers then walked up to Elsa. She untied her hair that she had packed into a pony tail and as she did, she turned to Elsa who looked quite uncomfortable.

"Um...I...I have to take something in the bathroom..." Elsa said as she tried to walk past her friend with the intention that her friend knew nothing about this. As soon as Elsa almost crossed past her, she suddenly stretched out her hand and snatched the novel from Elsa's hand.

"What's this you're trying to hide?" Rita said as she tried to read the name of the novel and at the same time running round the room with Elsa chasing her behind.

"No's nothing...It's just a's nothing serious...just...just give it back." Elsa said as she finally stopped chasing after her friend.

"If it's nothing serious then relax and let me see it." Rita told her as she stood on top of the bed. Elsa gave up and covered her face with her palms as she stood there in front of Rita who was on the bed.

"Hmmm...THE MYSTERIOUS STRANGER..." She read out the title of the novel with squeezed eyebrows then she turned to the back cover only to gasp.

" A NOVEL BY...JOHN SEXTON...are you kidding me Elsa?" Rita asked half way surprised and half way into laughter.

"Okay look, it's not what you think..."

"Oh I'm sure it's exactly what I think..." Rita said as Elsa came on top of the bed and collected the novel from her hand then got down. Rita followed behind her.

"Look Rita yes...yes I'm reading your annoying brother's novel but so what...because I hate the author doesn't mean that I must hate the book...this novel is very interesting and I cannot stop reading it...I just can't okay." Elsa told her as soon as she turned and kept one hand on her waist. Rita stared at her quietly without saying a word.

"What...what now...why are you staring at me like that..."

"You like my brother..."

"No, no, no, no...eewww no...I do not like your brother...I...LIKE...HIS...BOOKS...Okay just the books and not the author's personality...can we just already stop talking about this...I'm already feeling irritated by you as it already is." Elsa said as she scratched her head annoyingly then turned and walked towards the bathroom then got in and shut the door.

"No matter what you say Elsa, I still know the real truth...someday you'll admit that my brother is an awesome person who writes great novels that you're in love with..."

"NEVER!" Elsa yelled from within the bathroom, Rita just giggled as she fell on the bed flat with her back which almost made a thud sound.


amily...I didn't do that during lunch or earlier because not everyone was here then..." Derick started and everyone paid utmost attention to me.

"My mother... I'll like to introduce you to my mother...she's been the best mother in the world and i...i wouldn't be standing here successfully as I am if not for her sacrifices." Derick as then pointed to his mother and she smiled to everyone and they all clapped.

"Also...also my favourite and only aunt is here...aunt Monica..." He said and pointed to an older looking woman who looked almost like Mrs McCain, she smiled and blew a kiss to Derick.

"And she's...she's also here with her two cousins Anna and Jacob." He said then pointed to a young woman who looks like she was in her early twenties with long brown hair a perfectly shaped head and then he pointed to the same man Elsa and Rita was talking about earlier which left Rita almost hanging with surprise.

"No way! He's Derick's cousin?" Rita whispered to Elsa who in turn gave her a surprised look.

"I didn't know's my first time of seeing him, I only know of his sister Anna." Elsa whispered back to her then they continued paying attention to Derick. Very soon he was done and the food was served, everyone dug in and started to enjoy the different dishes.

Soon after dinner was done and everyone started to disperse to different angle of the room. Elsa was standing by a corner with a glass of champagne waiting for Derick when she noticed Jacob walk up to Rita and they started to talk for what seem like five minute before they soon walked out together out of the room to the balcony. Elsa smiled when she saw that radiating smile and blush on her friend's face. It's been a long time since she saw that. After Rita caught her last boyfriend cheating on her in his house, she hadn't gone out again for the past one year. She was devastated by everything, she was even ready to marry him if he asked her to but she guessed he wasn't the one meant for her.

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