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He finished having his bathe then he put on a grey coloured trouser and a light blue T-shirt. He put on his shoes then he stood in front of the small mirror with his comb. He stared at his reflection in the mirror for a long time. He never really knew what he was looking for each time he stared at his reflection in the mirror. He properly set his glasses to fix in front of his eyes.

"This is it...You're have to compose can do it...Yes John, you can do it." He said to himself in a whisper before he slowly started to comb his hair. After he was done and sure that he looked okay. He walked back to the side of his table and picked up his wrist watch then put it on then he picked up a small book from the bed which he had brought out earlier from his bag. He walked up to the door, opened it and shut it back behind him before locking it. He walked down the hall and then down the stairs to the busy lobby. His sister said she would be waiting for him here but he saw no sign of her. Well, it was up to him to make his own day. He walked up to a nearby couch in the lobby. No one was sitting there so he sat down, opened his book and started reading. It wasn't a novel or an ordinary book, it was one of those books that taught something about self esteem, hope or it could even be courage.

"Hi." He heard a lady's voice behind his book which he used to shield his face. He slowly lowered his book to see the person behind that voice. He saw a blonde headed woman with deep blue eyes and a sly smile. She was holding a glass of wine in her left hand. She somewhat seemed like she was in her late twenties. She looked pretty and okay but her dressing said otherwise about her personality. She looked like one of those women that dress like halots and are after men and their money.

"Hi." He managed to reply back.

"So...what is a good looking man like you doing sitting all alone at an afternoon like this?" She asked him before taking a sip of her wine.

"I...I like it like that." He told her and tended to look back down into his book.

"The name is Amie and yours?" She asked him still insisting of starting a conversation between them even if she can see the signs that he doesn't want to talk with her.

"John...John Sexton." He told her, she smiled

"Wow...Hi John..." She said between about to take a sip of her wine and smiling. He just nodded and looked back to his book.

Rita stood at a corner watching her brother and the woman beside him. She's been observing their talk and it upset her that her brother wasn't budging.

"So...who are you spying on now?" Elsa asked Rita from behind her.

"John of course." Rita said without looking back at her friend. Elsa leaned closer to have a look at what Rita was looking at.

"Wow! I'm surprised a woman would even approach him." Elsa said as she stared, Rita slowly turned to Elsa.

"Excuse me but my brother is not a he-devil...He might be slow in a lot of things which include getting a girlfriend but he's normal..."

"Okay, okay, stop with the defending brother talk...if you really want to help him then just walk up to them and help him get a date with her."

"It's not that one likes it when someone else gets a date for tarnishes the self-esteem feeling besides I know John is going to get a date...I think." She said the last part unsure.

"Great! Just great, both brother and sister are weird...things couldn't be that bad with him. It's not like it's been three or fours now since he last had a date." Elsa said as she shrugged her shoulder. Rita slowly turned to her, "Actually it's been five years since he last went on a date..."


peed and torture. He just kept on pushing it into his mouth and trying to chew.

"Um...John are you okay...Did anybody make you mad? Who are you angry with?" She asked him, he slowly raised his eyes to meet her face then looked back down.

"Me? one..."

"Come on John I know only eat like that when you're angry or frustrated then you grit your teeth together when you're what's wrong?" She asked him, he took one look at her then shook his head. He gathered five more cupcakes into his hands then quickly walked away ignoring his sister's calls. He climbed all the way up the stairs quickly, down the hall and then stood in front of his room. He struggled with trying to bring the key out of his pocket.

"Oh you're so naughty you've got me all wet." Elsa said as she walked down the hall with Derick towards her room. She hasn't gotten quite right in front of the door when she noticed John struggling with his keys and a hand full of cupcakes. She knew he was always weird but not this weird. John saw her too which made him struggle more to get the right let. Alas! He found it and quickly unlocked the door then got in and locked it back properly.

"Who is that?" Derick asked surprised and confused, "That...that is the confused older brother of Rita." Elsa answered him, "Rita has a brother...I didn't know about that."

"Honey, there are many thing you do not know about Rita and you shouldn't know 'cause it doesn't concern you." She told him as she unlocked her door then got it and stood in front of Derick.

"Can't I come in and have a bathe with you?" Derick asked half playing and half serious.

"I'm sorry honey but you remember our agreement right...we're going to wait till we're married and in front of the whole world it's safe for the both of us..."

"I don't get you Elsa...we're going to be married in six days time...there's nothing wrong if we sleep together."

"There's a lot of things wrong Derick and remember I told you that I want to remain a virgin till after I'm's my dream and besides Rita and I share this room so it's kinda love me, right Derick? Please just bear with've done so for three years now...only six days left, okay." Elsa told him and tried to assure him with a smile.

"Okay whatever." He said and walked away angrily. She gave a brief smile then shut the door.

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