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"So Derick...are your parents here yet?" Elsa asked Derick as soon as she walked up to him by the side of the swimming pool having a drink. There was a lot of bustling and activities going on at the moment in the resort. The pool section itself was filled with lots of people trying to have a great time.

"Not yet...I've called them and they said they'll soon be here." Derick told her and she nodded.

"Oh!" She said as she nodded and ran her hand through her hair as she looked around. Derick noticed something different in her, mood change.

"Are you okay look a bit tensed...or I'll say annoyed." Derick asked her after he sipped a bit from his cocktail. She turned to him and tried to shake her head but then she scratched her head annoyingly and gritted her teeth together.

"Why does he have to be here...he always finds a way to ruin everything. He just spoilt my mood and my day, and the days to come and then...Oh not my wedding day!" Elsa said to herself, Derick held her hand and finally she remembered that her fiance was still here with her. She tried to give him a fake and yet it's okay smile.

"It's nothing Derick...I just met an annoying guest."

"Why don't you ask the person to leave..."

"You know I can't do that...I can't just send anyone away besides...besides you won't really understand because it's a pretty fight." Elsa told him as she soothe his arm and shot him her best smile.

"Hello sis!" Elsa immediately turned to the direction of that voice and met her sister walking up to her all jolly. She was putting on a pink swim suit with a transparent veil wrapped around her waist to a one side knot. she wore a dark round sun shades for glasses, and a blue sun hat. Not to forget her large blue beach bag and a beautifully patterned flip-flops on her foot. She looked happy and conquerous as she walked up to her sister. Elsa slowly gasped as she saw her sister's appearance. Kate slowly took off her glasses as soon as she stood in front of both Elsa and Derick who just stared silently.

"Oh my God Kate! You look awesome but still I'm angry with you for coming late...I expected you to be the first to get here but now you're kind of the last." Elsa told her, "I'm sorry sis...I just had to make sure that I'm...all...prepared...You wouldn't want me coming here and then going back to get something, right...Derick." Kate suddenly directed the question to Derick. Derick who was about to sip his cocktail stopped as a result of the sudden question. There was an awkward silent for a while before Elsa spoke.

"Well come along now Kate...I'll show you round the resort." Elsa said as she dragged Kate's hand towards the door away from the swimming area.

"You won't believe the view of the beach from the balcony of my room...I'll show you the beach." Elsa told her as they walked out. Derick finished up his cocktail in one gulp and then sighed.

"Why don't you want to accept Derick...Kate I'm going to marry him in a week's time. Whether you like it or not, he's going to be part of our family..."

"Why him?"

"Excuse me?" Elsa asked Kate confusingly as they stood in front of the large ocean. Elsa scratched her head annoyingly.

"I don't get you here?" Elsa said trying to figure out what her sister's problem was. Kate slowly shook her head as she lowered her head and eyes.

"Nothing...Nothing...I...I guess it's because...because I know that I'm going to miss you...I mean...I mean you're my only sister, the only family that I've got...I don't want to lose you." Kate started with tears in her eyes.

"Awwww...I'm going to miss you too but look...Derick and I are not going to move away from Chicago after we're married...we would always still see each other...please promise me that you'll try and get along with Derick...please promise me Kate." Elsa told her as she took hold of her sister's hands. Kate took one long look at Elsa then slowly nodded. Elsa smiled before now giving her a tight hug.


"So here's your room and...a very nice view of the beach." Rita told John as soon as she brought him into his room. She then opened the wooden door leading to the small spaced balcony to receive a nice view of the beach and a breathe of fresh air. John stood speechless staring around before he finally brought his attention back to his sister. He was grateful to her for finding a copy and nice room that fit just perfectly his taste. The floor was made of well polished wood. The bed cozy and not too big or too small. Everything was just perfect.

"Look John...I know you don't like the whole idea about being here...mostly because you and Elsa were never on the same side so it seems kind of w

eird for you to just show up at her wedding."

Rita said as she walked up to him and took his left hand in hers.

"You think!?" He asked sarcastically, she sighed.

"Okay just forget it...You're already here. Next time I promise never to invite you to such a thing again...just promise me that'll you'll be okay here and you'll try and blend in." Rita told him, he stared at her hard and long before speaking.

"You promise?" He asked her in a low tone, she nodded.

"Yes I you have your bathe and change into something that soothes the atmosphere." She told him as she turned and walked slowly towards the door with her back.

"Sometimes I get confused between the both of us who seniors act like my mother sometimes." John told her and she smiled with a shrug.

"What can I say? I am meant to do all least you have someone to keep you on the right track." She told him and when she finally stood in front of the door and held the door knob, she turned to him.

"And if it helps you feel any better, my room's just next to yours...Elsa and I are sharing a room together...kind of last girls time I'm saying is that I'm going to keep an eye on you and I'm not far away from you...change quickly and meet me in the lobby downstairs." Rita told him and then gave him a cute wave with her fingers before she shut the door. He stood there silently, trying to let in everything. After what seemed like ten minutes later, he spoke.

"Elsa is just in the room next door!?"


"There you are! I've been looking all over for you...we need to talk." Elsa told Rita as she saw her getting down the stairs to the lobby. Elsa reached out to her and grab her arm. She pulled her all the way to a quiet small room where no one was. As soon as they were in with door shut, Elsa paced to and fro silently and angrily as she rubbed her forehead and temple with the tips of her finger.

"Okay you're making me dizzy! Come right out and say it...scream your lungs out Elsa." Rita who had taken her seat on a white sofa told her. Elsa finally stopped pacing and turned to her.

"Oh where do I start...I don't know maybe first with the question that says WHY THE HELL DID YOU INVITE YOUR BROTHER?" Elsa asked panting with anger, "Wow cool off Elsa...Why do you hate my brother so much?" Rita asked her as she stood up.

"Correction Rita, I don't hate him. I despise him...he's annoying, he's cranky, he's...he's know what I'm talking about but you probably ignore it because he's your brother." Elsa told her, Rita stared at her before folding her arms.

"In case you do not know...I love my brother just the way he is...he might be kind of Geek or...Sometimes an annoying jerk who have us lots of problems when we were younger but that's what makes him, him...that's what makes him special...Look Elsa I'm not asking you to get married to my brother....."

"Eeeeewww! That'll be so gross...and kind of weird..." Elsa exclaimed before taking her seat on the sofa. Rita cleared her throat to bring back her attention.

"As I was saying....please just learn to play along with him...come on You're getting married, what more have you got to loose if you and John patch things up." Rita told her, Elsa just sat there staring at her with bulgy yes.

"Why do you hate him so much anyway?" Rita asked her as she took her seat close to her friend. Elsa rubbed her forehead then shrugged her shoulders.

"I...I don't really know...all I know is that my blood boils at the sight of him, no offence oh!"

"Don't worry, none taken."

"I...I just remember how horrible he was to us when we were still children and I...he's just a jerk and that's all I know." Elsa spat out as she raised her voice out of frustration.

"We were just kids....okay, okay fine if you can't patch things up with him but can you at least pretend. I can't send him back's too late." Rita told her, Elsa scratched her head annoyingly and irritated. She stood up and walked to the wall, she gave a silent scream then took a deep breathe. She turned and walked back to her friend with a creepy forced smile.

"Okay, let's do this so long as you promise me that I will walk down the aisle with all my body parts and a happy woman." Elsa told her and Rita stood up and patted her arm.

"I promise...John is not a child...he's my older brother."

"Whatever...just keep him away from me...and my nerve." She told Rita as she stood by the door already. She opened it and walked out. Rita slumped back into the sofa.

"Geez...Why so much promises and anger between these two?" Rita asked herself as she shook her head.

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