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   Chapter 5 NO.5

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Two months later.....

"Thank you for're very welcome." Elsa stood at the entrance of a resort welcoming her guests with Rita. Her wedding was in a week's time so she and Derick had decided the family come down here almost a week to the wedding to get to know each other and have fun before that time. She was having it in her hometown in Princeton.

"Rita I think that's all of them now...let's go in to help them settle down." Elsa told her but Rita seemed restless as she still was at a look out for something or something to emerge from the entrance. She kept dialling a phone number but it seemed that wasn't working as well.

"Rita are you alright? Who are you waiting for?" Elsa asked her as she came closer. Rita turned to her.

"Um...someone...a guest...I hope he hasn't lost his way...I specifically gave him the right instructions..."

"Wait...a guest...he! How come I didn't know about this...anyway I have to quickly go can introduce me to this your guest when he arrives."

"Okay...just go in." Rita said and they gave each other a light hug then Elsa turned and walked back into the resort.

Rita stood there for sometime before finally a station wagon pulled up into the driveway and a tall man with broad shoulders and a short brown hair emerged from the car. He was putting on a huge cylindrical glasses, a brown trouser and a black shirt with buttoned sleeves. He walked to the boot and pulled out an average looking duffel bag then shut the boot and turned only to meet Rita's face. She had her arms folded and was starring at him angrily. There was silence between them for like five seconds before he spoke.

" least I made it in one piece." He said in a bit less barringtoned voice. She smacked him hard on the arm that he groaned in pain as he soothe that part.

"Seriously John, how long does it take you to get it so hard to follow instructions?"

"I'm not late because of that...besides I'm here aren't I?" He said in a low tone as he walked passed her as he carried the duffel bag over his right shoulder and started to walk towards the resort entrance. Rita immediately followed beside him.

"What do you mean by that? John look at me." Rita forced John to stop walking and turn to her.

"This is by best friend Elsa's wedding...I invited you here because I know you need this like a vacation...clear your head and mind of some things..."

"You know I didn't want to come here...I...I...your friend doesn't even like me. We...we don't like each other I see no point in me being here." John told her then pushe

d the bridge of his glasses to rest properly on the bridge of his nose. Rita patted his arm lightly then she dressed his collar.

"You're going to go in there and wish her congratulations, make her day a nice one and we can all get along...big brother." She told him and then smilled. He gave a fake smile. She locked her arm with his and then walked him into the resort. Well at this point he had no choice.

"Elsa look who's here." Rita called out to Elsa who was talking to a guest. Elsa turned but immediately turned back to the guest she was talking to as soon as she got a glimpse of who was with Rita.

"See!?" John sighed referring to Elsa's behaviour and turned to leave but Rita held his arm firmly to stop him from leaving.

"Wait here..." Rita told him and walked away to Elsa, she dragged her backwardly all the way to where John stood. Rita then turned Elsa to face them. Elsa folded her arms as she looked blankly.

"Elsa...I know you remember my older brother least through your rude expression earlier...he's here to congratulate you on your forthe coming wedding." Rita told her friend who in return just raised an eyebrow and tilted her head a little to the left with folded arms. Rita smiled to her friend and they both waited for John to speak up but he didn't until Rita slightly hit him on the arm with her elbow. He finally looked up to Elsa.

"Con...congratulations on your engagement. Now can I go?" John said quickly and immediately turned to leave but Rita went after him. Elsa just shook her head and walked away.

"What the hell are you trying to do..." Rita asked him as soon as she caught up with him and stopped him.

"Look Rita I get it....I get the whole thing your''s a friend thing...You're trying to make her happy by giving her the best but...but...I...I just can't be here..."


"It''s...I...I can't really explain it."

"Oh so you're scared of my friend?"

"Scared!? No...never...I hope you know that I am a man and...and she doesn't scare me..."

"So prove it...stay till her wedding is least for me...can't you really try and get along...let's put behind us our childhood quarrels. We're all adults here." Rita told him and he just stood there silently. He ran his fingers through his hair and properly fixed his glasses to rest on the bridge of his nose.

"I'll take your silence as a defeat...come with me and I'll show you your room." Rita told him as she took his hand and dragged him along all the way up the stairs.

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