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   Chapter 4 NO.4

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"Elsa I can't believe you didn't invite me to your engagement party." Kate said as the walked towards the balcony for some fresh air and away from the noise. Rita had left the two of them alone to talk.

"Oh it's not like that Kate...Of course I'll always invite you, you're my little sister...if you my family is not there then who else will be there for me...since mum and dad passed away, we've always had each other's back...I sent you a letter but I was told you travelled to Europe and I couldn't get in touch with you. I didn't have your new number nor the address you were staying at....anyway I'm happy to see you here...finally my night is complete." Elsa said excitedly and Kate laughed.

" is it still Derick?" Kate asked, Elsa playfully hit her on the arm.

"Of course it's still Derick...he's my one and only true love...when you love somebody, you don't just wake up one morning and change your mind about them." Elsa told her with a broad smile and all her sister could say was, "oh!" as she slowly shook her head and rolled her eyes to another direction as if trying to assimilate something.

"Come on Kate why do you look like that? Don't you like Derick for me? He's a nice guy, you'll know that if you try to know him." Elsa told her, Kate turned her eyes back to her sister.

"Well...are you sure he loves you?"

"Kate! Of course Derick loves me, that's the main reason why we're getting married. You know me Kate, I just wouldn't settle with just any man but someone who loves me...don't worry, I'm in safe hands." Elsa told her sister with a broad happy smile still plastered on her face. Her sister shrugged and then tried to smile.

"Fine...Fine if you say so...I'm happy for you big sister." Kate told her and Elsa hugged her tightly.

"Thank you for understanding." Elsa told her as they hugged and after that they went back to the party hall.

"Derick...I'm sorry please excuse me...Derick..." Elsa called her fiance as she struggled through the crowd of people with her sister behind her. Derick finally saw her and walked up to her.

"Derick you remember my sister Kate, right?" Elsa asked her and Derick hesitated before answering her back.

"Um...yeah...Kate...I remember her."

"Good...Well here she is." Elsa told him as she drew Kate all the way from behind her to in front of her. They both stood silently.

"Well...say hi Kate." Elsa told her, she nodded and turned to Derick and stretched out her hand towards him for a handshake.

"It's nice to see you again Derick." Kate told him, Derick answered her handshake with another handshake after hesitating for sometime.

"Um...Elsa...I...I have to get back to the guys...I'll see you later."

"But...but Derick..." She tried to talk to him but he just kissed her on her cheek and quickly walked away.

"Well...your fianc

e is rude." Kate said as she turned to Elsa.

"Oh don't mind him Kate...he's usually not like that...I don't know what's gotten into him." Elsa told her, "Whatever...I'm going to get myself some champagne." Kate said and walked away leaving her sister standing there alone. She wondered why Derick acted like that, she was going to have a talk with him after. Kate was going to be his future sister-in-law and he has to start getting used to her already because she was the only family she's got left.

"Excuse me everyone...Excuse me everyone..." Rita said through the microphone as she stood on the stage trying to get everyone's attention. She was holding a glass of champagne in her left hand. Derick and Elsa sat at their table and every other person sat quietly at their table.

"Well..." Rita started with her speech.

"Well we all know the main reason why we're all gathered here tonight...we're here to celebrate the engagement of my best friend Elsa to Derick...honestly I remembered three years ago when Elsa called me one night and told me, 'guess what Rita?' And I asked, 'what?' 'I've found the man of my dreams' Elsa told me happily over the phone. I playfully said 'really! Where did you find such man? In fairy land?' " the small guests in the room gave a light laugh.

"I honestly thought Elsa was kidding because...because my best friend here is so picky...I said she would never find someone who would suit her but I guess I was wrong when she showed up for dinner with him and ever since then...they've been really sweethearts...I was just so happy for Elsa when I heard Derick gave her a ring and decided to make everything official...please everyone let's all raise our glasses..." Rita told them as she raised hers and every other person did so as well.

"To Elsa and to Derick for the future they are going to have together...for a blissful love and most of all for their happiness together...toast." Rita said and the small guest chorused after her.

"TOAST" they said and started lightly clinging their glasses with each other even with the celebrants. Rita who had almost walk off the stage came back to make a quick announcement.

"And before I forget...I'll like to announce the fact that Elsa and Derick has decided on the date of the wedding...there's no rush...Umm in case some of you are friend is not pregnant...they just love each other so much..." the guests chuckled.

"Well it's officially set on the third of three months from now...Um...that's 3rd August...we'll let everyone know the venue soon enough...ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the night." Rita ended the announcement and everyone applauded as she got down from the stage. She went over to Elsa and Derick and gave them a warm congratulatory hug.

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