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   Chapter 3 NO.3

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Elsa took in a deep breath as she stood in a hall way in front of a huge door which was painted peach coloured.

"Oh Lord please let it be that Rita did the correct thing and I don't have to correct her by starting all over again...because my engagement party is really tonight." She whispered to herself then she opened the door and walked in only to gasp at the beauty behold in front of her. The furniture were beautiful and her friend really listened to her when she told her she wanted to see only white and blue colours in the arrangement. Everything was set. Each table had five seat just like what she wanted and there was also a use of ribbons for the decorations and in the middle of each table is a small glass vase with a red rose each in it.

"Ehhh...hunch how do you see it...and you said I couldn't do it." Rita said proudly feeling great that she was putting her friend wrong. Elsa faked a cry as well as a smile as she nodded.

"I'm so proud of how you've grown Rita....really thank you for everything. Now I can freely smile in front of my guests tonight...You are the best friend friend hug!" She told her friend who kept giggling with joy at her hard work and then they hugged each other.

"Of course you know Elsa that'll do everything for let's go and get you ready for tonight." Rita said and dragged her towards the door. Elsa loosened her grip.

"Wait...first let me call Derick and tell him all about everything." Elsa said and brought out her Samsung mobile phone from her handbag as she excuse herself away from her friend.

"Hi honey." Elsa said as soon as Derick picked up his phone.

"Hi." He replied over the phone.

"So...guess who just finalised our engagement party?" She asked all bubbly and smile as she turned to her friend who made a gesture pointing to herself.

"Let me guess...the love of my life?"

"Ha...very funny...of course I did but we owe it all to Rita. Our party is officially going to be the best tonight...I can't think of anything that would ruin it for us tonight. You're going to be blown away when you see the hall tonight...and don't forget to collect your tusk from the dry cleaner's, okay?"

"Yes ma...I won't." He said in a military tone which made her laugh over the phone and he joined in with her.

"Love you...I'll see you tonight." She told him

"I can't wait to see you too...Love you." He told her and they cut the call. She turned to her friend with a wide smile on her face.

"Awww...look at you...You're all red like a tomato...You really love Derick, don't you?" Rita asked her as she came closer and Elsa sighed.

"Of course I do...if I didn't, would I be marrying him? Marriage is a serious thing to think about and I've decided to spend the rest of my life together with Derick because he's the one whom I love." Elsa told her friend, "I'm so happy for you Elsa...ever since we were young we've always played about our wedding day but now yours is slowly and finally coming true." Rita told her as tears gathered the both of them's eyes and they hugged.

"Oh let's stop this drama of's not even the wedding day yet and we're crying." Elsa said as she

laughed and wiped her face.

"Yeah you're right...I'm going to save my tears for that day." Rita said as she wiped hers as well. The both laughed at their childish behaviour then they locked arms together and left the hall.


By seven that evening, the hall was already filled with guests. Relatives, friends, well wishers, co-workers etc. Elsa was with her fiance Derick who was tall, handsome with cheekbones and blue eyes. He had dark brown hair and broad shoulders. In fact he was the ideal guy any girl would want when it came to physical look. They were both very busy with guests who kept coming to congratulate her and tell her of how much lucky she was to be with Derick and in turn she would tell them that she knew that. There was a lot to eat and drink. There were waiters who put on black skirt or trouser and a milk coloured shirt and a bow tie going around serving drinks and food. Derick and Elsa were not stinking rich or anything of that sort but gratefully they were both settled well in life with Derick as a managing director in a bank while Elsa was a peditrician so they were okay.

Elsa could remember how they met three years ago. He almost ran over a child but luckily the child only got a scratch so he brought the child to the hospital and there they met. It was kind of love for her at first sight. Derick was kind hearted and helpful enough to have brought the child to the hospital for treatment. He asked her out on a date in a smooth move and she let herself fall for that. After their first date then second, she realized there was something definitely special about Derick. Ever since then they've been going out for three years until he finally proposed a month ago and she gladly accepted it because secretly she's been wishing for him to propose.

While her and Derick danced to a slow song on the dance floor with some other people, she felt like she was on top of the world. She felt like the time to just stand still and they could be like this forever.

"Excuse me Derick...I'll like to borrow the celebrant for a minute." Rita cut them in and Derick nodded.

"Just make sure to bring her back still pretty." Derick told her and she nodded and dragged Elsa with her away from the dance floor as Derick turned away to talk to some other guest.

"What's wrong Rita?" Elsa asked her as they walked towards the door.

"I have a surprise for you." Rita told her as they walked out of the hall to passage. They both stood in front of an average height woman with blonde long wavy hair and a black knee-lenght gown with a golden coloured stiletto shoes. She had her back face to them.

"You can turn now." Rita told her and Elsa looked from Rita to the woman as the woman slowly turned. Elsa gasped as her eyes lit up with joy. The woman in front of her smiled as she opened her arms wide for a hug.

"Oh my God Kate!" Elsa said and threw her arms around the young woman as they embraced in a hug and Rita stood behind with all smiles, happy for them.

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