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   Chapter 2 NO.2

Bridal Surprises By Mercy kalu Characters: 2018

Updated: 2018-01-02 13:50

''So what about the it here yet...oh this tastes delicious...'' a slim average height woman with brown shoulder length straightened hair said to a man in a chef's uniform in the kitchen. She put a small spoon of apple pie in her mouth and savoured the taste.

''I'll like this to be served as part of the desert tonight please.'' She told the man hasslely with a smile.

''No problem mam, we'll do our best to make tonight's party the best for you.'' The tall brown headed man said to her and she just nodded as she smiled.

''Elsa, Elsa...Elsa please come with me for a moment...I'm sorry I'll have to take her.'' A young woman of about the same height and looks came into the kitchen and took hold of the woman's hand then excused themselves from the chef.

''What is it Rita?" Elsa asked her.

''Look I just wanted to ask you this before carrying it I let them use the brown curtain or the red one?" Rita asked and Elsa stood staring at her with the 'what the' face as she pla

ced her both hands on her hips.

''Really Rita, just really....''

''What...look I'm just trying to play safe for your engagement party...I don't want to be the cause for your party ruining.''

''I told you several times already, we're going with the white curtains, the white one Rita...''

''Well next time be clearer....''

''I was, I yelled it at you for like eight times and you just nodded...''

''Okay, okay, I'm sowwy!'' She made a baby's voice as she gently walked away leaving Elsa staring at her as she shook her head.

First i want to thank all those who've read my books, 'Janelle and Giselle', 'I triple hate you more' and 'Beautiful even if imperfect.' i can't really point out each and everyone so I'm generally showing my appreciations...i promise to try and make BRIDAL SURPRISES better both in the literary work, spellings, sentences and grammars and i hope you continue to enjoy them...please continue to show your supports and votes till the end....a big...


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